Florida’s Felonious Voting Trap

When it comes to determining who can and cannot vote, misinformation reigns. The tea party movement is eager to exploit that fact.’s Voting Rights reporter Brentin Mock explains.

Hollywood Takes Up School Reform’s Latest Agenda in ‘Won’t Back Down’

Julianne Hing looks at how the new film “Won’t Back Down,” made with the help of billionaire school reform backers, could alter the national dialgoue on school reform.

The Ballot and the Bible: How Voting Can Be a Sacred Act

Aura Bogado looks at how people across the country are organizing their religious communities ahead of this year’s presidential election.

Decision on Deported Dad’s Parental Rights Will Have to Wait The protracted case over Felipe Montes’ parental rights will continue another day.

We Can’t Afford to Participate in a ‘Justice for Some’ Culture Coverage of the case of Michelle Kosilek, the Massachusetts prisoner who will receive state-funded gender reassignment surgery, has sparked lots of vicious, vengeful, anti-trans comments. Here’s why that’s dangerous for everyone.

How the Mayweather-Pacquiao Saga Reminds Us of the Voter ID Game In both boxing and voting, the strategy is the same: keep the opponent away.

Samuel L. Jackson Debuts F-Bomb-Laced Pro-Obama Ad [NSFW] The actor has a message for Democrats who supported President Barack Obama in 2008 but aren’t enthusiastic this time around: “Wake the f—- up!”

Families Urge the FCC to Lower Price of Prison Phone CallsEarlier this week FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn heard from friends and relatives of people who are in prison urging him to help lower the cost of calls from U.S. prisons.

Dolce & Gabbana Send Racist Mammy Collection Down the Catwalk The models on the runway wore fruit cornucopias — and burlap dresses and earrings that include romanticized images of black women living happy slave plantation lives.

Cherokee Nation Demands Scott Brown Apologize For ‘Downright Racist’ Behavior The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation issued a strongly worded statement Wednesday denouncing the actions of Sen. Scott Brown’s staffers and supporters at a campaign rally earlier this week.

New Yorkers Tag Racist ‘Savage’ Jihad Subway Ads Hours after the ads went up a street artist tagged them with “racist” and “hate speech” labels.

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