Romney’s Campaign Wedge: Taxpayers vs. Welfare Queens

Romney doesn’t have enough white support to win. But economic justice blogger Imara Jones says Romney knows exactly how to get it.

The Real Reason Big Brother’s Still Spying on New York City’s Muslims

A program that was meant to make New York City “safer” from would-be terrorists has proven to be an abysmal failure. Seth Freed Wessler reports. More on NYPD Spying at

Brooklyn’s Afro-Punk Festival Reveals Black Culture’s Dirty Little Secret

Urban politics and youth culture reporter Jamilah King visits the two-day festival to talk to black skaters, artists, hip-hop heads, and self-described nerds.

An Open Letter to Rep. Todd Akin From Women of Color Activists Rep. Akin, I and a few women of color activists have some information for you about the nature of rape and legitimacy. Since you draft laws that affect our bodies, we ask that you read every word.

Ohio’s Jon Husted, the New Bad Boy on the Voting Rights Block In a state already plagued by voting problems, the secretary of state is working hard to close, rather than open access to the polls.

Why We Need More Songs Like Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Bad B@#ch’ Lupe Fiasco’s sonic and visual exploration of the bad b@#ch phenomenon has sparked lots of critique. I’m too busy celebrating it to split ideological hairs.

Texas’ Voter ID Law Officially Blocked By Federal Court A federal court has ruled against a law in Texas that would require voters in that state to present photo identification before being allowed to cast a ballot in November.

Black CNN Camerawoman Says She’s ‘Not Surprised’ by Peanut-Throwing at RNCPatricia Carroll, the CNN camerawoman who was assaulted with peanuts at the Republican National Convention earlier this week says: “I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all.”

Herman Cain: Romney’s Black Supporters Too Busy Working to Take Polls Cain was referencing a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that found Obama continues to lead among key parts of his political base, including blacks (94 percent to 0 percent.)

Humanae: A Portrait Series That Classifies Human Skin Tones as Pantone Colors [ART] Artist Angelica Dass’ ongoing portrait series “Humanae” classifies skin color using Pantones’ color scheme.

Undocumented Immigrants in New Orleans Fear Isaac and Deportation Since Katrina, the Latino population of New Orleans has risen from 15,000, or 3.3 percent of the pre-storm population, to 50,000, 15.2 percent of the current population.

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