How the Right’s Building a ‘Poll Watcher’ Network for November

True the Vote began as a small outfit in Houston three years ago. Brentin Mock reports on the group’s agenda to intimidate voters across the country.

[Infographic] An interactive map of how one tea party group is moving the voter fraud meme inside far right and Republican Party politics.

Richard Aoki, the FBI, and the Long (Ongoing) Saga of State Spying

A damning new report alleges that the late Black Panther Richard Aoki may have worked as an FBI informant. Jamilah King reports.

Follow ongoing updates on the allegations of Richard Aoki’s FBI relationship at

Get Ready to Debate Obama’s American Identity, Again

Sally Kohn reports on how in the run-up to the GOP convention, the Romney camp is reviving one of the most offensive themes in American politics.

Basketball Coaches and Starbucks Push For Affirmative Action Without affirmative action the only black and Latino faces on college campuses could be those of student athletes, and that’s unacceptable, college basketball coaches warn.

Court Cases Continue to Decide Future of Voting Rights A weekly digest on early voting, voter ID, and the power of marginalized voters.

What’s Ahead in the ‘Voting Wars’? Certainly Not Peace. A conversation with election law expert Richard Hasen on the true scope of voter fraud, the power of the ACORN myth and John Roberts’ scary interest in the Voting Rights Act.

Obama Leads Romney Among Black Voters 94-0% (Yeah, as in Zero Percent)President Barack Obama has a 4-point lead in the race for the White House, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. But when it comes to black voters he’s thriving.

Richard Aoki Documentary Directors Blast FBI Allegations In response to a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Seth Rosenfeld this week, the two filmmakers have released a sharp statement criticizing the allegations.

Driver’s Licenses for DREAMers? California Says It’s Not Out of the Question As young people lacking permanent status in the U.S. begin to apply to the Obama administration’s deferred action program questions about who’s eligible to drive are being raised.

Immigrants Make Up Same Share of U.S. Population Today as They Did a Century Ago [Infographic] Take a look at two new infographics that illustrate how immigrants make up roughly the same share of the U.S. population today as they did a century ago.

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