Why the Voter ID Faceoff in Pennsylvania Is Crucial

Brentin Mock reports on ten voters who will attempt to show in court that the law has a clear and racially biased impact on Pennsylvanians’ right to vote.

Life, Love and Risk: A Moment at the International AIDS Conference

Jamilah King went searching for answers to why we all take such risks in pursuit of connection. She didn’t find them, but she kept bumping up against love.

Harlem’s Hue-Man Hopes the Past Is Prologue for Black Booksellers

Jasmine Johnson talks to the owner of one of the nation’s most well-known black bookstores about her next steps.

Food Stamps, Poor-Shaming and the Very Scary 2012 Farm Bill Why we can’t afford to have moralistic debates about the choices desperate parents make as they try to feed their families.

I’m Here: Showing Support for Immigrant Women and Their Human Rights A new Tumblr campaign urges allies to show their support for migrant women. And you can join. Here’s how.

Why Our Vision of America’s Future Must Count People of Color’s Needs It would be best to build an agenda for the country based on who and what we want to be, rather than on who and what we fear.

Welcome to’s New Commenting SystemWe’ve made a few changes which will make the experience more rich, encouraging respectful debate and making it easier to share your thoughts with your broader networks. So chime in!

Progress on Condom Use Among Youth Slows, Drops Among Black TeensAfter a decade of squabbling over sex ed and access to condoms, a federal health study shows a trend line suddenly inching in the wrong direction.

Study Links ‘Racial Resentment’ and Voter ID SupportRace and racism continue to determine your attitudes towards voter ID—and whether you can even get one.

Barbara Walters Flew to Zimmerman but Declined to Interview Him Due to His Demands Barbara Walters reveals she rejected demands made by Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman in exchange for an interview.

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