What’s Next for Arizona and ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Laws?

The legal wrangling is not nearly done. The Supreme Court let the law stand based on the administration’s colorblind challenge, but justices invited a future debate over racial profiling. Seth Freed Wessler reports.

Also: What the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling Means for Racial Justice

The People of Arizona Won’t Comply With Hate

Mónica Novoa says lost in the legal back-and-forth of this week’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 is a simple fact: immigrants are human beings, and this fight is deeply personal.

‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’ Shouldn’t Embarrass Black and Brown Women

Instead of focusing on the misdeeds of individual cast members, Akiba Solomon says we need to take a look at the exploitative industry that shapes their fate.

Eric Holder’s New Role as Right Wing Boogeyman What does Holder’s defense of voting rights have to do with a House committee move to hold him in contempt? Everything.

El Salvador’s Historic Gang Truce May Show Pathway to Peace in the U.S. Activists in the United States are watching closely as El Salvador works to address the root causes of gang violence.

Indy Rapper Brother Ali’s #Occupation in Black Minneapolis Brother Ali hasn’t always seen his work as political commentary. But just ahead of his third studio album, all of that changed when he got arrested while occupying a foreclosed home in his old neighborhood.

Junot Diaz Talks About Why He Writes About Race Paula M. L. Moya, says she’s always been struck by how interviewers avoid asking Dominican-American fiction author Junot Diaz about race, even though he writes about race.

Groundbreaking ‘Today’ Co-Host Ann Curry Bids Emotional Farewell When Ann Curry first appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” 15 years ago, there weren’t many faces like hers on morning television.

Katy Perry Wants to Skin Japanese People and ‘Wear Them Like Versace’ Pop singer Katy Perry was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Monday night and made some controversial statements.

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