What Fires Young Progressives’ Activism? A New Study Asks Them


In one of the first studies involving Occupy participants, the Applied Research Center gathered young activists from multiple movements in focus groups to ask, What propels you to the political frontline?

What Started a Mississippi Prison Riot? Depends on Who You Ask

A facility holding non-citizen inmates went on lockdown after a weekend riot. Seth Freed Wessler reports on what some inmates say sparked the unrest.

Explaining White Privilege: Life’s ‘Lowest Difficulty Setting’

Channing Kennedy talks to John Scalzi about holding other straight white dudes accountable on social justice issues.

‘Minorities’? It’s Not Even Accurate. Try ‘People of Color’ “People of color” is now commonly used far beyond political circles, as “minority” fades into the category of things that used to be true. It is past time for the media and the general public to embrace the phrase.

The Growing Debate Over the Voting Rights Act Section 5 is the ankle bracelet for certain jurisdictions on house arrest for repeated voting rights violations. Those districts say its time they be set free

As the Court Decides Health Reform, East Oakland Fights for the Basics Once home to good manufacturing jobs, East Oakland today is a microcosm of the structural components of racial health disparities. One community-led health project could be a model for the future.

At San Francisco’s Latino Comics Expo, Artists Create Their Own Heroes Confessionals about family and tattoos? A Mesoamerican answer to Game of Thrones? E.T. in a sombrero? These comic artists are doing it all, and doing it for themselves.

Poll: People of Color More Likely to Support Gay Marriage Than WhitesA new poll found people of color are more likely to support gay marriage than whites with black support at record high.

Pixar is Jumping on Boat to Capture Latino Audience with New Día de los Muertos Movie Last month Pixar announced the filmmaking team behind the Academy Award-winning “Toy Story 3” is working on a film that delves into the Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos.

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