You Got a Problem? Well, Now You Do

Trayvon Martin was just 17, and maybe he hadn’t yet put together his strategy for dealing with life as the object of America’s nightmares. So he improvised and got killed. “But he had it coming; he was born black and male in the U.S.,” says Kai Wright.

Thousands of Young Black Men Die in Gun Crimes Every Year

INFOGRAPHIC] Gun homicide is the number one cause of death for black teens. Below, Hatty Lee paints the grim picture.

Also: As Millions Fight for Trayvon Martin, Kill at Will Laws Flourish

How Scholarships Leave Student-Athletes Powerless in the NCAA Game

While March Madness kicks into full swing, it highlights college athletes who are simultaneously the most visible and vulnerable students in the country. Jamilah King explains.

Texas Has to Chill With War on Voting Rights Act The same “chill effect” that Texas attorney general Greg Abbot is concerned about is the same chill that protectors of voting rights are concerned about when it comes to photo voter ID law, especially in Texas.

Howard University Men in Hoodies School You on Racial Profiling [Video] The Howard University men that are part of the Howard Students For Justice group created the video which asks viewers to check their biases about black men.

Black Masculinity, Personal Loss and the Crazy-Making Tragedy of Trayvon Martin It is sad how this country continues to sweat black men. And in the past month, the one thing I can’t shake is a deep fear and dread for the black men in my own life, writes Akiba Solomon.

California Senate Moves to Protect Immigrant Families in Deportation Nearly a quarter of the U.S. citizen children that found stuck in foster care as parents moved through detention and deportation are in California. The state Senate is moving forward with a bill that would keep their families together.

Worried About NYPD Spying? Go FOIL Yourself! In response to the slew of stories of NYPD spying on Muslims, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund has launched a mass Freedom of Information Law campaign—GO FOIL YOURSELF—to help individuals find out if they have their own NYPD file.

Anti-Gay Marriage Group Looked to Divide Gays, Latinos and Blacks Confidential documents show one of the nation’s leading anti-gay groups planned to defeat campaigns for gay marriage across the country by “fanning the hostility” between black voters and gay voters.

People of Color Tell Their ‘I Could Be Trayvon’ Stories on Tumblr asks visitors to share stories and pictures about their personal experiences with racial profiling.

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