The Dark Cloud the Supreme Court Just Cast Over Affirmative Action

The Roberts court is uniquely hostile to affirmative action. And now that it has agreed to review a challenge to the University of Texas’s admissions program, all bets may be off. Victor Goode explains.

The Asian American Basketball Leagues That Helped Create Linsanity

In Southern California alone, roughly 14,000 Japanese Americans play in regular club tournaments. Some teams have been around for more than 50 years. Jamilah King reports.

5 Things Too $hort, XXL and All of Hip Hop Can Learn About Sexual Violence

Akiba Solomon explores how hip hop can regroup and do better after the debacle of Too $hort’s scary, rape-celebrating video.

An Artist’s Rare, Intimate Conversation About Black Masculinity A new video installation paints an engaging portrait of black masculinity by doing something revolutionary: asking questions. Jamilah King talks with artist Chris Johnson.

What America Hasn’t Learned 70 Years After Japanese Internment Feb. 19 marked the 70th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, which led to the forced internment of more than 120,000 Japanese Americans.

How Economists Tally Unemployment—and Its Affect on the Black Jobless Rate January saw a remarkable three-point drop in black joblessness. Economists are skeptical it’s real. But why? Put on your data nerd hat, because we’ve got the explanation.

Court Slows Deported Dad’s Case as 20K Sign Petition to Reunite Him With KidsAfter’s investigation, a national campaign calls on Allegheny County, N.C., to ensure that Felipe Montes’s family is reunified.

Oakland Police Shoot Oscar Grant’s CousinMeanwhile, police decline to file charges in yet another shooting of a homeless man.

Easy Ways to Have Tough Talks With Kids About Race We may think that we’re protecting kids by not talking to them about race. But silence does more harm than good.

MSNBC’s ‘Up With Chris Hayes’ Features Kai Wright and ‘Shattered Families’ Editorial Director Kai Wright joined MSNBC’s Saturday morning news panel last weekend. The show delved into our ongoing investigation into children stuck in foster care as their parents are deported or detained.

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