Whitney Houston’s Gift to the World


Akiba Solomon says Ms. Houston showed us how to marry real singing with pop melodies without losing an inch of soul.

Also: Whitney Houston’s Twin Legacies: Beauty and Pain

A Group of Parents in the Calif. Desert May Be the Future of School Reform

Julianne Hing reports from Adelanto, Calif., where parents are no longer content to let politicians and policy makers lead the debate.

Deported Dad Begs North Carolina To Give Him Back His Children

Nobody argues whether Felipe Montes is a great dad. But the state doesn’t want to send his U.S. citizen kids to Mexico, so he may lose them forever. Seth Freed Wessler reports.

The Street Corner Wisdom of Foreclosure Fraud: It Wasn’t Me The San Francisco County assessor released an audit suggesting that many more demonstrable crimes were committed during the foreclosure bust than we once thought. That’s not a quirk. It’s rampant lawlessness. And it’s by design.

Against All Odds, States Move on Tuition Equity for Undocumented Students Key fights in Colorado and Florida highlight the progress activists have made, and the challenges they’re up against.

U.S. Dept of Ed Inquiry: Do Harvard and Princeton Discriminate Against Asian-American Students? An Asian-American student says he was passed over because of his race. Experts help make sense of the thorny debate.

XXL Mag. Editor Vanessa Satten Issues Non-Apology Statement for Publishing Too $hort VideoSatten isn’t saying sorry.

Actress Lisa Chan Apologizes for Anti-Chinese Hoekstra Ad Lisa Chan, the 21-year-old actress who appeared in Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra’s anti-Chinese campaign released an apology Wednesday.

Ads Airing on Fox News: Keep ‘Legal’ Immigrants Out Too [Video] A conservative group has launched a campaign to get the federal government to limit the number of foreign workers that are allowed to enter the country with worker visas.

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  1. Pete

    Such a great tallent she will be missed

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