About the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme

Rejecting any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either     in full or in part, the General Assembly       adopted a resolution (A/RES/60/7) by consensus condemning “without     reserve” all manifestations of religious intolerance, incitement,     harassment or violence against persons or communities based on ethnic     origin or religious belief, whenever they occur.

The resolution  declared that the United Nations would designate 27 January — the     anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp — as an     annual International Day of Commemoration       to honour the victims of the Holocaust, and urged Member States to     develop educational programmes to instill the memory of the tragedy in     future generations to prevent genocide from occurring again. It     requested the United Nations Secretary-General to establish an outreach     programme on the “Holocaust and the United Nations”, as well as institute     measures to mobilize civil society for Holocaust remembrance and     education, in order to help prevent future acts of genocide.

The Holocaust was a turning point in history, which prompted the world     to say “never again”. The significance of resolution A/RES/60/7 is     that it calls for a remembrance of past crimes with an eye towards     preventing them in the future.

The 2012 observance of the  International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust  will focus on the theme “Children and the Holocaust”. The United Nations will remember the one-and-a-half million  Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust, together with the thousands of  Roma and Sinti children, the disabled and others, who suffered and died at the  hands of the Nazis and their collaborators. Some children managed to survive in  hiding, others fled to safe havens before it was too late, while many others  suffered medical experiments or were sent to the gas chambers immediately upon  arriving at the death camps. Highlighting the impact of mass violence on  children, this theme has important implications for the 21st century.


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