The Year in Review, 2011 [VIDEO]

From Troy Davis to Occupy Wall Street, Oprah Winfrey to the National Book Awards, the jobs crisis to the fight for humane immigration policy–we look back at 2011’s biggest stories. Watch’s year in review.

In 2012, the Attack on Reproductive Rights  Will Focus on Women of Color

Akiba Solomon looks ahead at what will surely be a contentious year as women of color once again end up in the path of the right’s abortion war.

The Arc Is Bending Toward Justice. But That Doesn’t Make Our Work Easier

Quiet as it’s kept, we’re making real progress toward a just society. So Rinku Sen is keeping three imperatives in 2012: avoid triumphalism, put an explicit racial analysis front and center and fight like hell.

Our Economy Was Built on Lies. Until We Admit That, We’re Screwed We have organized society around a belief in unfettered growth and unrestrained capitalism. Kai Wright argues the question of 2012 is how we begin rebuilding based on something different.

Will Young Voters Steal the Show Again in 2012? Maybe, If Politicians Listen Operatives from both parties will be courting young voters in 2012. They’ll fail, Jamilah King argues, unless they understand what drives young people to political action in the first place.

How Immigrants Forced Media to Treat Them Like Human Beings in 2011 This year,’s Drop the I-Word campaign gained valuable allies in its fight to add humane language into the discourse on immigration. But there’s much more to come in 2012. Monica Novoa explains.

Five Signs You’re Acting Like a White Guy (Or, How Not to Be Gene Marks)You need not be white or a guy to act a fool in public, says stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell. So here are some warning signals that you might be “getting all Gene Marksy up in here.”

Best of 2011’s Daily Love: Girls Who Love Themselves Enough to Talk Back to Lil Wayne We close each day on a positve note, with a daily dose of love. So to end the year, we’ve culled through the posts our Facebook fans loved the most in 2011.

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