5 Ways to Face Race at the Thanksgiving Table—and Not Choke

That awkward moment when your uncle pipes up with a racist rant at holiday dinner doesn’t have to be so hard. Terry Keleher provides tips on how to take control of the conversation and make it productive, without ruining everybody’s appetite.

Also: ‘New Yorker’ Cover Depicts Pilgrims Fleeing Across U.S. Border

Need a Reason to be Thankful This Year? Look at These Food Justice Wins

Julianne Hing explains why now’s a good time to show some gratitude to the country’s food workers and food justice activists.

Black Leaders Get Closeup View of Alabama’s New Jim Crow

Cultural critic Elon James White says the state’s harsh immigration law harks back to a terrible time in Alabama history many thought was in the past.

ACLU Requests Public Records From UC Davis and Katehi UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi apologized to students yesterday, just hours before she received a letter from the ACLU requesting public records. A lawsuit may be in the works.

Secrecy Surrounds Inmate Suicides in California State Prisons Three inmates have committed suicide in recent months, but families and advocates are being left out in the dark.

New Poll Shows Racial Divide on California’s DREAM Act Nearly 80 percent of Latinos support the measure, while only 30 percent of whites think it’s a step in the right direction.

The Next Stop for Personhood ManiaPicking up the pieces after their Mississippi failure, zygote rights activists are taking their sideshow to Virginia.

Video: DREAMers Confront Border Patrol Officers in Alabama “We’re exercising our power and showing that we can do something about this,” activists said.

CNN’s Don Lemon Talks Sex Abuse, Calls Penn State Case ‘Rape’ CNN’s Don Lemon says let’s just call what Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky did for what it is: rape.

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