A History of Georgia’s 1%: Why You Must Face Race to Occupy Atlanta

When Occupiers decided civil rights icon John Lewis was no exception to their process of ordering speakers, and thus kept him from addressing the crowd, critics said it revealed the movement’s blind spots on race. In response, Atlanta human rights lawyer Kung Li explains how race defines the very space protestors occupy.

Black America Is Moving South—and to the ‘Burbs. What’s It Mean?

The 2010 Census revealed a decade of southern and suburban migration inside the black community. John Sullivan explores the new challenges that shift creates.

More Thoughts on SlutWalk: No Attention is Better Than Bad Attention gender blogger Akiba Solomon on why she’s saying “hell no” to SlutWalk.

Six Cities Where Black People Are Living in a Depression
Black unemployment is at levels comparable to the Great Depression in many places. The actual numbers are striking.

Prisoner Health Deteriorates as California Clamps Down on Strike
One participating striker at Pelican Bay reportedly had to be taken to an Oregon hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Study: Black Students Suspended More For Small Infractions
Black students are more likely be suspended for using cell phones and offering public displays of affection, according to a new report from the National Education Policy Center.

Supreme Court: Mumia Abu-Jamal Can Get New Sentencing
Supreme Court clears the way for one of the country’s most widely known inmates to get new sentencing.

Troy Davis’s Last Words: ‘Continue To Fight This Fight’
Troy Davis: “All that I can ask is that each of you look deeper into this case, so that you really will finally see the truth.”

America’s Conservatives Love Herman Cain’s Empty Race Talk
And it’s not just the Tea Party that’s listening.

Families Celebrate Love as an Act of Courage on National Coming Out Day
New video series documents the unique challenges and experiences of LGBT folks in our communities.

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