Profiling’s Legal! Court Upholds Alabama’s Worst-in-Nation Immigration Law

Alabama has prevailed where four other states which have enacted anti-immigrant state laws, including Arizona, did not. Julianne Hing reports on yesterday’s court ruling.

Homeowners to Banks: Clean Up the Mess You Left in Our Neighborhood

Kai Wright tells us about a group of homeowners in East Oakland that got fed up with “foreclosure trash” and took it back to the bank.

Beyond Troy Davis: How Race Colors Death Row ‘Justice’

Hatty Lee illustrates how race shapes who ends up with life sentences and on death row in the U.S.

USPS’s Largely Black and Female Workforce Rallies to Save Jobs
While the agency has been under intense scrutiny, workers are backing a bill that they say will fix some of its most glaring shortcomings.

Ward Connerly Joins UC Berkeley’s Republican ‘Diversity Bake Sale’
Ward Connerly, a former UC Regent and a driving force behind efforts to end affirmative action, joins UC Berkeley’s College Republicans’ ‘Diversity Bake Sale.’

Irvine 11 Case Against Muslim Students Sets Dangerous Precedent
An Orange County jury found 10 Muslim student protesters guilty of violating Israeli ambassador Michael Oren’s freedom of speech. But will the verdict stifle protests by students of color on college campuses?

It’s President Obama Who Needs to ‘Stop Complaining’ and Get to Work
Obama ruffled feathers with a speech telling black leaders to take off their “bedroom slippers” and join the battle for his jobs bill. Funny thing is, that’s just what they were trying to tell him.

HBO’s ‘Latino List’ Shows Complexities of Being Latino in the U.S.
HBO’s “The Latino List” is an exploration of what it takes and what it means to be a successful Latino in the U.S. today.

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