Montana White Supremacist Threatens Human Rights Organization

by Bill Morlin –on September 29, 2011

A former “staff leader” of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations is threatening to indict members of the Montana Human Rights Network by convening a “citizen grand jury.”

The e-mail threat came from Karl Gharst, a white supremacist who was convicted and sent to prison in 2004 for threatening to kill a child protective services worker in Montana. The new threat was disclosed Thursday by Travis McAdam, director of the Montana human rights organization, who said the matter had been reported to law enforcement.

The threat of “convening so-called citizen grand juries is a tactic that radical-right extremists love to employ,” McAdams said. “They think it makes their lies, threats, and intimidation more valid if they throw in some fake legalese.”

In the Sept. 17 E-mail, Gharst said the Montana Human Rights Network is a “Jewish criminal organization working with other Jewish organized crime networks,” including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

Gharst accused the Montana human rights organization of “entrapping lawful citizens into crimes engineered by the above-mentioned criminal organizations.”

“These organizations are well known to commit crimes against lawful citizens through intimidation, destruction of property, violence and assassination,” Gharst wrote. “These people calling themselves ‘Jews’ are not citizens of the State of Montana in accordance to the Constitution of the State of Montana.

“As a lawful citizen I am giving you proper notice that I am now exercising my duty that I will do all in my power and the power of the State of Montana to see that all MHRN members will stand trial by the lawful citizens of the State of Montana for crimes against the State, and justice returned to lawful citizens.”

McAdams said that while Gharst’s allegations are ludicrous, he considers him potentially dangerous.

“He’s spent time in prison for threatening a social worker. Earlier this month, he wrote about always carrying a knife and having a firearm within reach. He’s shown he’s willing to cross the line, so we’re taking this threat seriously and have reported it to law enforcement.”

It’s not the first time members or former members of the Aryan Nations have sent E-mail threats.

In 2004, Aryan Nations Nevada leader Steve Holten was charged with sending E-mail threats of violence to Jews, minority leaders and media representatives in California and Nevada. He pleaded guilty and served four months in prison. In 2006, Holten was sent back to prison for another six months for violating terms of his probation by being arrested for indecent exposure in a Reno, Nev., park where he put up posters soliciting sex with men.

It’s not clear whether charges can be brought against Gharst, who maintained his ties with the Aryan Nations after a civil suit by the Southern Poverty Law Center brought about its financial collapse in 2000.

Gharst ran unsuccessfully for city council in Hayden, Idaho, in November 2003, while his mentor, Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, failed in his bid to become that city’s mayor. Gharst returned to Montana, where he has continued his white supremacist activism.

In the past two years, he has shown Holocaust-denial films at the public library in Kalispell, in northwestern Montana’s Flathead County, which is a current hotbed of extremist activity. Gharst also has been involved with Kalispell Pioneer Little Europe, an organization that promotes a white separatist agenda and is trying to create an Aryan homeland in Flathead Valley.

Antigovernment “Patriots” and others involved in so-called common law courts frequently attempt to use citizen grand juries and even death threats as a way to intimidate their perceived enemies.

The Montana Freeman – responsible for the longest FBI siege in U.S. history – did just that in 1996.

Last year, a group of Patriots in Montana collected signatures in a failed attempt to put a measure on the state’s general election ballot that would have allowed citizens to summon grand juries.

“It’s important that the community be aware of how [Gharst] operates,” McAdams said. “This threat of phony legal action will not deter us from helping local community members both understand and organize against the racist and anti-Semitic goals of Gharst and his allies.”



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  1. Mark Lussky

    Please do something about your margins. The last word of every line is clipped short on each right margin. Missing words or word fragments do not make it easy to read your posts. Sometimes I have to guess as to what is missing. This creates ambiguity I can do without.

  2. April

    Not quite a threat, more like a legal notice. But that wont stop the Montana Human Rights Nuts from trying to use it to fear monger and pretend like they are in come sort of danger.

    Truth is the only danger they actually face is to have the public educated about how they operate and how they are just a bunch of con artists, trying to make a buck.

    There is nothing the MHRN can do to stop racially conscious White Americans from moving to Montana. They can piss and moan and use a bullhorn, but they are not all that popular and the locals would rather normal red blooded straight people here than the homosexual freaks the Human Rights Nuts want to march down the middle of small towns all over Montana.

    The hate tactics these faux human rights groups use are going to backfire on them. If you are a Christian reading this remember that these people consider anybody that wants to stop babies from being aborted in the same category they consider us White Nationalists. And they wont stop until they destroy Montana and have it as liberal as California.

  3. The defamation of a lawful citizen who exercises his God-given right of freedom of thought is a crime – it is called “defamation of character.” Telling lies about a citizen in order to discredit him is called “deceit with the intent to defraud.” Meeting with and sharing information with known terrorist networks (such as the Mossad and the ADl) is a criminal act called “Conspiracy against the State.” Sending agents to the door with the intent to entrap an otherwise lawful citizen in a crime is called “criminal entrapment.” Organizing protests of disorderly people who block streets, sidewalks and entryways to public buildings is in fact, a crime! Recording a lawful citizen covertly is a felony in the State of Montana. Sending known criminals by way of affiliates out to assault, steal or vandalize the property of one of our citizens is a crime as is investigating a citizen without a crime being first committed. These crimes and many others, I have seen with my own eyes and have many witnesses and a multitude of other evidence that I believe will substantiate my claim. I say that these crimes were committed by the Montana Human Rights Network, Travis McAdam and his associates and I intend to prove it!
    Our Human Rights are already guaranteed by our lawful government. This places the MHRN on the outset as an unsanctioned and unprovisioned illegal organization.
    It is with no other agenda that I pursue my claim than to keep the laws that have always been there to preserve us and to restore the peace in the land and the property to the rightful owners – that we all may live as God intended for us to live. Your Friend in Jesus Christ, Karl Gharst

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