July 28, 2011 Direct | Published by the Applied Research Center

The Racial Wealth Gap’s Larger Than Ever. Here’s How It Will Destroy Us

The median wealth of a white family is now at least 20 times higher than that of a black family. Kai Wright says that’s a problem for the entire country.

Muslim “Terrorists,” White “Lone Wolves,” and the Lessons of Oslo

Michelle Chen: The key lesson from Oslo is that fear blinds, not just those who act on violent impulses but also those who bear witness to it.

How Long Do Immigrant Families “Wait in Line”? Sometimes Decades

Stokely Baksh illustrates who’s applying for family and work visas and how long they have to wait. Sometimes decades.


Wisconsin Special Elections Preview 2012’s Voting Rights Showdown
Millions of black and Latino voters may be turned away from polls in states weighing new rules.

From Attica to Pelican Bay: A Brief History of Prison Rebellions
With news that California’s prison hunger strike may have ended, we take a look back at seminal prison rebellions that have called for similar changes.

New Film ‘No Look Pass’ Follows Gay Asian American Basketball Star
The documentary follows former Harvard basketball star Emily Tay as she navigates hoops, love, and the expectations of her parents.

SFPD Defense of Cop Shooting? Victim’s Fatal Wound Was ‘Self-Inflicted’
While community outrage continues to run high and video of the shooting spreads across the Web, residents want real police accountability.

Top Arkansas Student Denied Sole Valedictorian Honors Because of Race
The student contends that the administration has long made it harder for black students to be recognized for their academic achievements.


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