June 23, 2011 Direct | Published by the Applied Research Center

Wal-Mart Gets a Free Pass For Bias From the Supreme Court

Even when bias is unconscious, Rinku Sen writes, the result is the same. Remedies have to be intentional; discrimination doesn’t just check itself.

Also: Wal-Mart and the Supreme Court v. Women of Color

Top Songs on Our Summertime Soundtrack

The team brings you a list of songs to help get your summer started off right.

Urban Foodies Look to Their Past and Find Recipes for Healthy Futures

Rae Gomes spends time with food revolutionaries in immigrant neighborhoods that are reclaiming the healthy foods of their ancestors.
Also: Check out more food stories in Colorlines’ “How We Eat” series


Jose Antonio Vargas Came Out as Undocumented, NOT “Illegal”
So why do so many of his journalism colleagues still insist on using the slur to describe him. Monica Novoa explains why it is long past time for news media to Drop the I-Word.

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti Leaves Displaced With Few Good Choices
Isabel Macdonald’s dispatch from Port-au-Prince.

Evaluating the Drug War on Its 40th Birthday, by the Numbers
Forty years and $1 trillion in, the war on drugs hasn’t worked—unless locking up a massive number of black and brown people was the plan all along.

An Open Address to 2011 Graduates: It’s OK to Follow, Say No and Get Hurt
Go forth as joiners, says Rinku Sen, with the clarity that lets you say no on the way to yes, and with an open heart.

Midwest Rappers Show Love for Their Indigenous Ojibwe Language
Point of Contact is a hip-hop group based in Southside Minneapolis. And they’re slowly trying to revive their indigenous language.


Movement Notes
Global Justice
Gender Matters
Rihanna’s “Man Down”
HIV/AIDS at 30
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