May 26, 2011 Direct | Published by the Applied Research Center

Oprah’s Conflicted, Empowering, Shaming Bond With Women Like Me

Julianne Hing tries to make sense of a lifetime spent wrestling with Oprah’s often troubling politics. All that’s clear is Hing and many women like her just can’t turn away from the media giant.

The Nuclear Industry’s Astroturf Movement in Communities of Color

Entergy, the nation’s second largest nuclear power generator, is pitting black and brown people against the green movement. Brian Palmer reports.

The NY Post Turns IMF Chief’s Alleged Rape Victim Into an AIDS Predator

In its lust for a salacious scoop, Rupert Murdoch’s race-baiting tabloid made both the alleged victim and her community into the story’s villains.
Also: Can’t Keep Up With the DSK Rape Case? Akiba Solomon Digests the Takeaways For You.


Re-Branding Revolution: 7 Icons Pimped for Profit and Empire
Chavez as a Navy ship? Gandhi as pitchman? We round up some of the most laughable appropriations of radical history.

Teen Girl Filmmakers Stand Up to Comcast Exec’s Bullying
Reel Grrls won’t back down from criticizing the shady ties between FCC members and Comcast.

A Timeline of the (Paltry) Job Creation Initiatives D.C. Has Mustered
Our review of Washington’s ambitiously conceived, but conservatively created initiatives.

Do You Live in a Food Desert? Search Your Area
A new interactive map by the USDA tracks food access across the United States. Editor Janet Mock Tells Her Story: “I Was Born a Boy”
In a video for the It Gets Better campaign, Mock opens up about the pain, ridicule and isolation she endured.


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  Colorlines Investigates: Fixing Schools in a Broken Economy Isn’t Simple Math
Julianne Hing spent the school year visiting families and educators in Los Angeles. She found them navigating a reality that bears little resemblance to today’s heated debate over reform.

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