Black women inventors are the unknown and unsung among American inventors.

The following are Black women who made inventions past and present—inventions which touch our lives daily.

Inventors such as Patricia Bath, M.D.; Sarah Boone; Joan Clark; Ruane Jeter;   Betty Brown and Annie Minter.

Black women inventors who have contributed so much to America.



Black American Women Inventors

Inventor Invention Patent Date
Virgie M. Ammons Fireplace Damper Sept. 30, 1975
Louise H. Andrews Lens Holder Accessory Pending
Patricia Bath, M.D. Apparatus for Ablating & Removing Cataract Lenses May 17, 1988
Miriam E. Benjamin Gong & Signal Chair for Hotels and the Like July 17, 1888
Sarah Boone Ironing Board April 26, 1892
Henrietta Bradberry Bed Rack May 25, 1943
Torpedo Discharger Means Dec. 11, 1945
Marie V. Brittan Brown Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance Dec. 2, 1969
I.O. Carter Nursury Chair Feb. 9, 1960
Joan Clark Medicine Tray April 1, 1987
Holder for Bras and Like Aug. 31, 1976
Beatrice L. Cowans Embroidered Fruit Bowl April 5, 1977
Virginia E. Hall Wall Hanging & Kit
Gertrude Downing Corner Cleaner Attachment April 5, 1977
Ellen Elgin Clothes Wringer 1880s
Cathleen McCoy Garrett Siren/Horn Light Indicator Pending
Sara E. Goode The Cabinet Bed July 14, 1885
Bessie V. Griffin Portable Receptable April 24, 1951
Julia Terry Hammons Apparatus for Holding Yarn Skiens Dec. 15, 1896
Joanna Hardin Keyboard Stand Feb. 23, 1993
Lydia M. Holmes Knockdown Wheeled Toy Nov. 14, 1985
Ruane Jeter Digital Toaster April 14, 1987
Marjorie S. Joyner Permanent Waving Machine 1928
Mary B. Kenner Sanitary Belt May 15, 1956
Sanitary Belt with Moistureproof Napkin Pocket April 14, 1959
Carrier Attachment for Invalid Walker May 18, 1976
Bathroom Tissue Holder Oct. 19, 1982
Backwash Mounted on Shower Wall & Bathtub July 29, 1987
Mary Kies Weaving Straw with Silk May 5, 1809
Anna Mangin Pastry Fork 1892
Lyda D. Newman Hair Brush Nov. 15, 1898
Natalie R. Love T-top Roof Cover May 5, 1992
Alice H. Parker Improvement on the Heating Furnish Dec. 23, 1919
Brothella Quick Pocketed Underwear Nov. 17, 1981
Carol Randall Ear Clips Nov. 17, 1981
Tissue Tote Nov. 20, 1990
Judy W. Reed Improvement in Dough Kneader & Roller Sept. 20, 1884
Mary J. Reynolds Hoisting/Loading Mechanism April 20, 1920
Mildred A. Snow Family Relationship Card Game Oct. 28, 1980
Maxine Snowden Rain Hat 1983
Theora Stephens Pressing/Curling Iron 1983
Valerie Thomas Illusion Transmitter Oct. 21, 1980
M. Toland Float-operated Circuit Closer May 4, 1920
Madeline M. Turner The Fruit Press 1905
Madame C.J. Walker Hair Care Products with Straightening Comb 1905


Honorable Mention—Future Inventors
Irene Dixon Charlotte Oliver
Jean Kimpson Loretta H. Hones
Washington, D.C.
Debrah Akewei
Lelia Crowders
Sonja King
Sabrina R. Moornor
Mary Halen Patton
Holly Reed
Annette Santiago
Glenda Broswell-Moore
Louise H. Andrews
Angela Atkinson
Cheryl Pitts
Geraldine Pettis
Dotty Slaughter
Carol Morris
Deborah Graham Deborah Mallory Jacqueline Smith
Robin Holmes
New York
Mrs. C. Askew
Angela Edmons
Denise Grant
Lois Henman
Ealine Jackson
Marilyn Jones
Dr. Lenora Leach
Stephanie S. McDaniels
Corrine Page
Sandy Sanderlin
Deborah Singletary
Allison Williams
Jackie Young
Priscilla James Kathryn Williams Connie Young
Brunetta Pearson
Roxie E. Johnson Rosa Singleton

Information Source: Black Inventors Museum



Product Details
Black Stars: African American Women Scientists and Inventors
– Hardcover – Abridged (Oct. 12, 2001) by Otha Richard Sullivan and Jim Haskins
4.8 out of 5 stars (6)


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  1. Ajit Khubani

    Thanks for giving examples of this unsung group of inventors. Thanks for also giving examples of what some women invented.

  2. Kristen

    Thank you so much for this enlightening post. Keep up the good work on your blog!

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