March 24, 2011 Direct | Published by the Applied Research Center

Arizona May Finally Be Ready to “Take a Time Out” on Immigrant Bashing

The Senate rejects Russell Pearce’s birthright citizenship ban, as CEOs tell the legislature to move on from immigration enforcement. Julianne Hing reports.

Also: Birthright Citizenship Fight—From Ariz. to the Supreme Court?

Wisconsin Leads on 2012 Campaign Tricks With Voter ID Law

States are already putting in place efforts to suppress people of color and youth votes. Julianne Hing explains.

 From Bussing to Rodney King, L.A.’s Race Politics Created Fishbone

A new documentary brings the afro-punk band’s politics and personalities to life. Mischa Geracoulis spoke with the filmmakers at South by Southwest.


Elizabeth Taylor’s Decades-Long Effort to End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
The actress was one of the first public personas willing to discuss the epidemic, and did so until her death.

Recy Taylor Gets a Personal Sorry, But No Apology From Alabama readers help push Alabama officials to do right by Taylor.

Chris Brown Needs More Therapy and Less F.A.M.E.
The singing and dancing machine uses art to escape the domestic violence he’s seen and committed. That’s just not enough.

Understanding the AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile
The proposed merger could have far-reaching implications for blacks and Latinos, who primarily access the Web with mobile devices.

Alexandra Wallace’s Anti-Asian Rant Draws…Misogyny and Death Threats
Some of the most popular comedic riffs on the UCLA student’s infamous viral video are as sexist as she was racist.

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