January 27, 2011 Direct | Published by the Applied Research Center

To “Win the Future,” Kids Must Survive the Present

The president highlighted education as the key to America’s revival in his State of the Union. But reformers say his Race to the Top agenda ignores broad realities that stand in the way. Julianne Hing reports.

Also: Recap the speech with Kai Wright’s live blog; stuff Obama didn’t say; and judging presidential rhetoric in tag clouds.

The 10 Stories to Follow as HIV/AIDS Enters Its Fourth Decade

Pill-a-Day, travel bans and funding. Ramon Johnson unwraps the 10 stories you need to know as HIV/AIDS turns 30.

“Tiger Mothers” Are Driven by U.S. Inequity, Not Chinese Culture

Strict Asian parenting is often borne of struggle and exclusion and hardship, a reaction to learning that the American dream can remain elusive no matter how hard people work.

Also on Ready For The Whitest Oscars In A Decade
Academy award nominations were announced this week and there’s no actors of color.

U.S. Resumes Deportations to Troubled Haiti
Still no word on whether the U.S. will extend the deadline for Temporary Protective Status.

Wyoming Kills SB 1070 Copycat, Advances Same-Sex Marriage Ban
The Equality State’s having an identity crisis.

The Onion: White Girl Sentenced To Trial As Black Adult
Because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

FBI Probes ACORN-Style “Sting” on Planned Parenthood
Poor women of color stand to lose the most in anti-abortion attacks.

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