Once upon a time, some 450-950 years ago,there lived under bridges, an innocent little creature known as a troll.

According to Scandinavian legend, he (yes, they are all male), never did anything but pester those who walked across the bridge he called his humble abode.  Trolls were misshapen, with a gnarled and lumpy look . They were usually old, very strong, but slow and dim-witted. A few trolls were good.  Most trolls were evil, and often, a troll would go for broke and pull a Rumpelstiltskin on some unsuspecting maiden, but, basically, trolls were content to live under their little bridges, eking out a living being the social outcasts they were, thieving  from adults and frightening children.

And they all lived happily everafter.

Not so.

One day the trolls had a meeting and decided that living under a bridge was the pits, not to mention the noise from modern day vehicles that were driven over their prime real estate. So, the trolls came to a consensus that it made no sense to live under a bridge where they were not likely to be encountered much, when one piped up and stated:  “Wouldn’t it make sense in the 21ST Century to move on to better stomping grounds where we can torment and bedevil millions, unlike our forefathers who could only catch as catch can some unsuspecting traveler who dared cross our bridge.

Why not branch out and go where the pickings are monumental—-why not take on the Internet?

There we can provoke, antagonize, destroy, annihilate, wreak emotional abuse, unleash havoc, as well as contribute nothing to discussions as we  snare victims in our nets of villany and rude behaviour.”

So, the trolls voted and decided that in a land not too far, far away, there was an oasis of rubes just right for the picking.


File:John Bauer 1915.jpg

Trolls started trolling bait for unsuspecting victims, and voila! discovered the beauty and joy of harassing people on the Internet.



Then and there, trolls became a hell on Earth for bloggers, their commentors, and other visitors.


Just what is a troll, why do they come onto blogs and stir up controversy and chaos? Why are they mostly male (99.9%), and so few are female?

Most importantly–why are they cowards, braggarts, and blowhards who show a lack of originality and intelligence?

Why are so many of them sniveling, cowardly racists?


Why are so many, many of them sexist?

Sexist 6


Possibly because they have sad little miserable lives; possibly because they are anti-social; or could it be that they have nothing better to do than just troll the Internet looking for someone to attack with their hostile verbiage that lends nothing to the discussion at hand. The following description is a troll:

“In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”


Trolls can be recognized by the following behaviour:

-False Identity/Sock Puppetry:

Trolls practically never use a name (like Jeff, Bill, Susie, etc.) when posting a comment. Often their favourite moniker is “Anonymous”. Sometimes on some websites, there are so many anonymous posters that it is impossible to keep up with a plethora of trolls.

It is next to impossible to converse with a troll when the first words out of their mouths has nothing to do with the topic posted. Not to mention when they engage in sock puppet attacks to create a fake persona to garner support for their maniacal comments.

arguemnetuj1.jpg Internet Argument image by AzarIwa



Trolls love to bait people into divisive and pointless arguments. If that bait is not taken, the troll will go on to the following:


Trolls have been known to post the same answer on one blog/forum to topics that are so far away from what is being discussed, as to render the troll insane, or at the most, merely brain-dead.


Trolls have a sadistic thrill in repeating themselves. If another commentor risks being drawn in by a troll’s comment and challenges the troll, the troll will repeat the question/comment, even if the other commentor has challenged the troll’s inaccurate or illogical statement. Trolls hate it when someone brings evidence to the table, but, this only causes the troll to reload and start all over again with the same irrational statement they started out with.

-Going Off Topic/Derailing the Conversation:

Trolls will toss out comments about XYZ, when the post is about ABC to derail the post. Trolls love to do this on blogs, as it is the only thing they are most adept at doing. They hope to derail the conversation when if the discussion is about apples, they comment on oranges, when in no way did the topic discuss citrus trees when the discussion was mainly about deciduous trees.

Trolls love to cause hell by derailing conversations because many of them are sad little lonely individuals. They love to start arguments and then sit back and watch the fire.


Trolls are famous for their flaming, and starting flame wars.

Many times they aim their sights on a lone individual. Most trolls cannot handle more than one person, as this is too taxing for their under-developed brains. Trolls will patronize, insult, demean, and even threaten blog owners and guest commentors.

Constantly getting drawn in by a troll is exhausting and feeding trolls and acknowledging their existence only strengthens them.

Trolls live to shut down speech.  The bleating about their free speech is a smokescreen for their divisive agenda. Their goal is to create a cacophony of animosity, anger and confusion. They curse, rant, call names, belittle a commentor’s intelligence, when trolls themselves show their lack of intelligence the most.

Trolls will not be tolerated on this blog.


Trolls who flame discussions, bait and insult commentors, start arguments, harass commentors, turn people against each other, and disregard warnings from the Moderator, will be banned.

The only place where a troll is wanted is under a bridge, and even there trolls are no longer welcome.

File:Malham Cove small bridge.JPG

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