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Ungrateful. Not appreciative. Definitely not thankful. At least that is the mindset of this 90-year-old White woman who has the audacity to think that America ever gave her Black citizens anything for Black people to be grateful for.

Just listen to this C-SPAN Washington Journal episode where this woman made the ludicrous comments that Black Americans have received so much from this country which has given us so much hell:


Click here to view the video.


She states:

I’m 90 years old and I just wanted to ask the colored man, why don’t colored people instead of saying what we did to them, why don’t they say what we did for them? They talk about the slavery but since then they have been given welfare, free medicine, free everything.”

Not only does she derail the conversation making comments that have nothing to do with the topic (she brings up race, when the host is discussing Wall Street and the present administration), she also commits troll behaviour by engaging in ad hominem attacks against Black Americans by using the pejorative and racist term “Colored”.

“Oh, okay. I’m not a racist. That was my comment. Thank you.”

She is also a racist, for in addition to using the term colored, she assigns welfare to Black people only, and further weakens her so-called argument by injecting into the conversation her racist, irrational and illogical fallacy that Black people are all living large off welfare, and are not working-class citizens like so many other racial and ethnic groups.

As for what she categorizes as what America has given Black citizens—“welfare,  free medicine, free everything”–government entitlement programs were given to all Americans, starting under the administration of FDR.

But, oops, my bad.

America has given her Black citizens soooooooooo much. Let me count the ways:


-Mass gang rapes against Black women and girls (and the men and boys; yes, you raped them too!)

-De jure segregation

-De facto segregation

-Hated racist stereotypes


I could go on and on, Ms. Ninety-Year-Old, but, obviously at your age, you would never get the message, nor want to.

This tired, old, lame crap comes up across the Internet time after time, so much that it has become a mantra for the weak-minded who have nothing better to state when ready to push the “Submit” button to leave their psychological detritus across the World Wide Web.

This type of mentality has been addressed before, and it will never die out.


Try another tactic, you and your cohorts, Ms. Ninety.

The diatribe you have trotted out is last century’s uncleaned toilet, and it only shows the poor frame of mind you are operating with.

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  1. Paul Womancatcher

    I am a Cherokee-Choctaw Indian resident of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, near the town of Tahlequah. I would like to comment on this article.

    I do not wish to sanction or lend approval in any way to the comments of the woman you mention here.


    MODERATOR: You start out as if responding to the woman in the article, but, you veer off topic and add nothing to the topic posted. You hurl invectives and commit ad hominem attacks, and you derail the conversation with statements which have no bearing on the essence of what the 90-year-old woman stated.

    You have problems on how to leave a comment.

    I suggest you read my Comment Policy:


    When you have calmed down enough and can leave a coherent and logical comment, I will then consider if it should be posted.

    Thank you.

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