July 29, 2010 11:48 AM

Shirley Sherrod Vows to Sue Andrew Breitbart

Posted by Brian Montopoli

Ousted USDA official Shirley Sherrod said in a speech to the National Association of Black Journalists in San Diego this morning that she will sue Andrew Breitbart, the conservative journalist and activist who posted the out-of-context video of her that resulted in her forced resignation.

Speaking of a lawsuit, Sherrod said she “will definitely do it,” arguing that “he had to know that he was targeting me.”

“Now whether he was also trying to target the NAACP, he had to know he was targeting me,” she added.

Sherrod said she wished Breitbart had come to the event “because I really would like to talk to him.”

“At this point he hasn’t apologized and I don’t want it at this point,” she said. “He will definitely hear from me.”


Sherrod also said she wasn’t sure if she would take an offer from chastened Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for a new job at the USDA.

“I have many, many questions before I make a decision,” she said, adding the has “not had a chance to read the offer.”

Breitbart could not immediately be reached for comment. He has said the video was that intended not to sabotage Sherrod’s career but instead take down the NAACP.

Speaking around the same time, President Obama said Sherrod “deserved better than what happened last week.” The comments that appeared in the edited video were part of a larger story about how she realized that race should not be the determining factor in who she helps.


What? Just Breitbart?
Don’t forget, Ms. Sherrod, he was not the only one who stabbed you in the back.
Have Breitbart bring forth that certain someone from Georgia he said gave him the edited tape. (Fat chance of him being able to pull that off.) Sue for libel, slander, malicious intent, defamation of character, punitive damage, fraud, and mental and physical distress.
But, whatever you do, please do not accept an out-of-court settlement.
Take Breitbart and all to court.
Invertebrates like Faux News, Breitbart, O’Reilly, Vilsack, Cook, USDA, NAACP, et. al. need to all be made an example of for their craven behaviour.
And that is just for starters.

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