July 29, 2010 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from

What’s Next for Arizona’s SB 1070?Activists storm the state as lawyers hunker down for a long fight.ALSO: A Breakdown of Legal Challenges to SB 1070


Scenes from SB 1070 Demonstrations Across the NationColorLines hits the streets–and surfs the Web–to illustrate a day of activism.


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In Arizona, Feds Are Fighting a Monster They Built
The federal judge weighing SB 1070 zeroed in on a question the feds can’t answer: How does the law depart from the course Washington has already set?

Dream Act Moves to the Top of the List
Sen. Harry Reid is talking with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the possibility of making the Dream Act a standalone bill.

Obama Slipping Among Latinos
A new poll shows that worry about jobs and immigration reform is hurting the president’s approval ratings.

NYC Settles Sean Bell Case for $7 Million
It’s getting expensive for city police forces to keep shooting unarmed citizens.

Why the “Conversation on Race” is Just Babble

Two essays well worth reading.

The Kids Are All Right, But Not the Queer Movement
Intentionally or not, Lisa Cholodenko has rendered on the big screen the narrow racial realities of our new gay world order.

Follow for ongoing coverage of the legal fight against SB 1070 is published by the Applied Research Center • 900 Alice Street, Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94607

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