In 2008 I posted an article on Ms. Nitra Gipson who was accused of trying to exchange counterfeit money orders at a local Wal-Mart in Houston, Texas.

The following is an update on her case, and I am proud to say that justice for her has prevailed. (Some what prevailed, as Wal-Mart is refusing to face the music and is appealing the case, which may drag out the settlement for years. Neither has Wal-Mart had the guts to apologize to Ms. Gipson nor have the charges against her be expunged. Obviously Wal-Mart cares nothing for Ms. Gipson nor for itself. If Wal-Mart gave a damn about its precious image, it would at least offer an olive branch to Ms. Gipson and ask her forgiveness for their insult upon her and the loss she suffered from going to jail behind their malicious attack upon her. Then again, obviously Wal-Mart is too stupid to even think intelligently about a matter that they started.)

Congratulations to you Nitra for standing up for your rights as a human being and as a customer. Kudos to you for planning on becoming a lawyer. Nothing like poetic justice to have good lawyers to keep the savage “Wal-Mart” mentality types of the world in check.

What Wal-Mart did was reprehensible and they will pay dearly for their defamation of your character and hateful slanderous lie against you.


Woman awarded $9 million after Wal-Mart sends her to jail

Photo by khou.com staff  SOURCE

TSU Grad awarded $9 million in suit against Wal-Mart

Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle

March 28, 2010, 7:35AM

A Houston woman who was wrongly arrested in 2008 at the Walmart in Meyer Park has won a $9 million jury verdict.

Nitra Gipson, 24, filed a civil lawsuit against the retailer after store employees accused her of trying to exchange counterfeit Walmart money orders for cash. She was arrested and spent two days in jail. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office declined to pursue charges after it was determined that the money orders were genuine.

That meant Gipson had been falsely accused and falsely arrested.

Company lawyers based in Utah later sent her a letter alleging that she owed Walmart money for taking merchandise. The letter threatened to pursue a shoplifting charge if she didn’t pay $200.

“The jury found that she had been defamed by being accused of forgery, counterfeiting, theft and shoplifting,” said Houston lawyer Lloyd Kelley, who represented Gipson.

A Harris County court jury on Friday determined that Wal-Mart Stores Texas should pay $8.2 million in actual damages and $820,000 in punitive damages.

John Ramirez, a Houston lawyer who represents the retailer, directed questions to Walmart media relations.

A company spokesperson did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Kelley said Walmart lawyers indicated that they would appeal. That means resolving the case may take another few years, he said.

“The main problem for Walmart has been the bad publicity,” Kelley said, adding that the retailer hasn’t offered an apology, hasn’t asked that charges against Gipson be expunged and has not revealed any company policy changes resulting from the incident.

Since then, Gipson has graduated from Texas Southern University and wants to become a lawyer, Kelley said. She sold her car to help raise tuition two years ago, which is why she had $4,100 in money orders.

“She was as innocent as can be,” her attorney said.



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  1. Aj

    Hello. My name is Anthony. I was the foreman on the case that provided the verdict for Ms. Gipson. I would like to say that the case was based on facts and WalMart is upset that the Giant can’t have its way. I am tired of the Goliaths of the world feeling that because they are the biggest and strongest that there is no little David that can topple them. The veridct yes was swift due to the overwelming evidence and suspicions on the procedure of the police and the incompetence of Walmart. I am not seeking popularity but i do want justice. Justice for all who have been falsely accused, commited, hung, branded as criminal. I guess if all want more…or no more details that what was on the news contact me through Krusade.net>cknight@krusade.net

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