February 25, 2010 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from ColorLines magazine and RaceWire blog.

How Do We Talk About Police Brutality When The Cops Aren’t White?

Julianne Hing explains how, in an unjust system, cops of color can perpetuate racism against another man of color. 

 On The 45th Anniversary of Malcolm X’s Assassination, Feeling El-Hajj
Malcolm X is someone we all know. Deep, raging, righteous, always reading and challenging himself, and challenging his community, and challenging his teachers. Who is the Malcolm X in your life?

 New Reality Show Features Trans Women
Word on the street is that there’s a new reality show coming to town. The show, Boss Ladies, will feature a cast of five trans women of color based in Atlanta, competing to open their own fashion boutique in Los Angeles. 

Immigrants’ Invisible Presence in Health Care Debate
The exclusion of undocumented immigrants from the main legislative proposals is a clear sign that the Democrats are not willing to expend political capital on the issue of insurance for people without legal status. 

Blacks and Latinos Were Targeted with Subprime Mortgages, Keep Getting Shut Out of Recovery
Obama’s plan to help five states fight through the ongoing impacts of the foreclosure crisis comes on the heels of an important new study from our friends at the California Reinvestment Coalition, “Foreclosure to Re-Redlining: How America’s largest financial institutions devastated California communities.”

“ColorLines: Race and Economic Recovery” President Obama says the stimulus saved or created 2 million jobs in 2009. But is the recovery really working? 

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