Founded in 1997 by award winning actress Terri J. Vaughn, who is a product of one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most notorious inner city neighborhoods, the Take Wings Foundation encourages young girls to “take wings and soar” in giving back to their community, by specifically address the needs of the young women living in Hunters Point and similar communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation encourages personal growth and development, and provides a series of workshops geared towards developing positive self esteem. The Foundation also provides a variety of activities for young adult women that give them the opportunity to interact with positive role models, receive academic scholarships, and participate in community service projects.



Take Wings Foundation envisions a productive community of positive, educated, professional and confident young people who are serving their communities by being role models for future generations.



The mission of the Take Wings Foundation is to build self esteem of at-risk girls between the ages of 13-18 living in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by providing positive experiences and role modeling.



Take Wings Foundation provides scholarships to assist graduating high school seniors in furthering their formal education and to provide all participants the opportunity to attend leadership programs.

Community Service

Take Wings Foundation requires all participants to complete 40 hours of community service annually. The purpose is to provide the girls the opportunity to serve their community and to build self-esteem through knowing their participation helps to make a difference in the lives of others.

Life Skills Development

Take Wings Foundation provides life skills training that is comprised of various workshops, group and one-to-one activities that allows girls to experience and learn through (but not limited to) sessions on etiquette, health awareness, conflict resolution, financial literacy, personal leadership and decision making.

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