September 24, 2009 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from ColorLines magazine and RaceWire blog.

Facing Race 2010

Building on the success and excitement generated by racial justice activists from across the country, Facing Race 2010 guarantees lively discussions on today’s hot-button race issues while offering models for real change.

Facing Race will take place September 23-25, 2010 at the McCormick Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL.
Check facingrace2010 for more information and updates.


Sept/Oct 2009 Issue Online Now!

Homeland Security Pushes for Pass ID
Immigrant rights advocates say it’s no better than Real ID.

Music Review: Darius Rucker
“Learn to Live” reflects on reaching middle-age with a raw and honest vulnerability.


The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes
Learn the basic principles of President Obama’s health insurance reform plan as presented to Congress on September 9, 2009.
Seth Wessler on WBAI: Racism Rigged the Economy [AUDIO]
Our own Seth Wessler appeared on WBAI’s Talk Back! with Hugh Hamilton last week. Seth and Hugh discussed racial disparities in the economy, as detailed in ARC’s Race and Recession report from earlier this year.

Ben Jealous: Personal Responsibility Alone Won’t Fix Structural Inequalities
Benjamin Todd Jealous, President of the NAACP, writes about personal responsibility and the structural components that should be part of the conversation also.

DC Mayor Closing Low-Income Child Care Centers
DC Mayor Fenty’s 2010 budget eliminated funding for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation’s Early Childhood and Out of School Time programs in Wards 6, 7 and 8, some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.
Rinku Sen: “Illegal” Word is a Gateway to Racism and Exploitation

Rinku Sen takes the term ‘illegal’ to task, showing how it’s been used to make us comfortable with the suffering and exploitation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

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