September 17, 2009 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from ColorLines magazine and RaceWire blog.


On the Road to Refuge“You, and everything about you, is welcome in this house of God.”

A radical church reaches out to queer communities.


Sept/Oct 2009 Issue Online Now!

American Indians Look to Sotomayor for Change
Justice Sotomayor could make a dent in reversing unjust Supreme Court decisions on tribal law.

The Zine for Black Misfits
Artist Osa Atoe on why punk culture is good for people of color.




Astronaut Hernandez Stands Up for Immigrant Rights
After the shuttle returned Friday, astronaut Jose Hernandez told Mexican television that he thought the United States should legalize the millions of undocumented immigrants living there so that they can work openly because they are important to the American economy.Forget Joe Wilson; I Stand With Serena Williams
Serena Williams has been fined for an outburst during a U.S. Open semi-finals match. If only she’d yelled at the President, instead of at a line referee–she could have raised $1.5 million and gotten Max Baucus to add unnecessary and dangerous provisions to his healthcare bill!

Review: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism, A Love Story”
Washington DC-based writer Alec Dubro reviews Michael Moore’s new documentary from it’s U.S. premiere at AFL-CIO convention.

Anti-Immigrant Network Invades Nation’s Capitol
Over the weekend, the tea-partiers were out in force fanning the flames of xenophobia at the National Mall in Washington D.C. protesting everything from taxes and government, to health care reform and anything they could associate with Obama and foreigners–especially immigrants.

Rinku Sen: “Illegal” Word is a Gateway to Racism and Exploitation Rinku Sen takes the term ‘illegal’ to task, showing how it’s been used to make us comfortable with the suffering and exploitation of millions of undocumented immigrants.


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