April 30, 2009 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from ColorLines magazine and RaceWire blog.

100 Days of Obama: Cheerleaders, Haters and Us
Was it the best of times, or the worst of times? And what can we do about it?
Stop by for the racial justice angle. There, you’ll find video by Tammy Johnson, audio of the Compact for Racial Justice Forum call “Race in Review: The First 100 Days,” a flyer “Obama’s 100-Day Climb toward Racial Justice,” and blog “What to Do in the Next 100 days.”
Your Community Calendar: May Day Events Happening Near You
RaceWire provides a list immigrant rights marches and rallies happening around the country this Friday, May 1, which is International Workers’ Day, but has become an annual day for immigrants, advocates and allies to take to the streets to demand fair and just immigration reform.
Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change
Representatives of indigenous peoples from around the planet convened in Anchorage, Alaska last week to discuss the challenges that climate change poses to their communities.
10 Things to Do in the Next 100 Days
Once you’re ready to move on from all of this 100-Day Obama talk, Tammy Johnson tell us where to go from here to build a mandate for racial justice.
Dom Apollon, ARC’s Research Director, recaps this week’s ongoing Supreme Court saga with voting rights.
Right Flu, Wrong Swine
Channing Kennedy presents a modest proposal. Why not rename the swine flu the spring breaker flu?
What Does Specter’s Switch Mean for Racial Justice?
One of the most concrete ramifications of this development for the racial justice movement is around the Employee Free Choice Act, which would empower unions and help protect the economies of communities of color.

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