Black women have put so much into their families, their communities, even this nation. Black women receive so little in return for all they contribute and work towards to make the world a better place for others. Well, Black women should do things for themselves as well, starting with their education. And what better way to do that than to seek out scholarships that so many young Black girls are eligible for.
The following are scholarships created specifically for Black females.
There is a world of learning and accomplishing out there that you can do, ladies.
Go for the gusto!
The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NANBPWC) sponsors two African American female scholarships each year. This non-profit organization’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of African American women professionals and entrepreneurs. One of the ways the organization meets its mission is by providing college scholarships for African American women.
 NANBPWC that provides scholarships to black women whose interests lie in business and entrepreneurial studies.
The National Scholarship:
This African American scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors who have a cumulative grade point overage of 3.0 or better (4.0 scale). Applicant packages must include official high school transcripts, two letters of recommendation written on school letterhead, and an essay.
One letter of recommendation must be written by a school counselor or the principal. The other letter must be written from one of the student’s English, math, or science teachers. The essay must address the topic; “Why is Education Important to Me?”
To learn more about these scholarships, just conduct a free, college scholarship search at”
This black women scholarship program is for college sophomores and juniors who are majoring in journalism, economics, or a related field. The $1,000 scholarship program is open to US citizen African American women enrolled in an accredited college or university and have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (4.0 scale).
Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Candidates must submit the official application form, along with two letters of recommendation, an essay, and an official college transcript.
The essay must explain how the applicant’s career plans are relevant to the scholarship program’s theme, which is “Black Women’s Hands Can Rock the World.” One letter of recommendation must be from one of the student’s professors or academic advisor. The other letter must be from an NANBPWC member.
Essence Scholars Program
For 35 years, ESSENCE has been the only magazine dedicated to reflecting Black women and their lives. That mission has not changed. It has, however, evolved along with the women for whom the magazine exists. Today’s ESSENCE speaks to a reader who is defined not by her age or income by her mind-set. Rather than addressing her as a woman with one interest, one style, and one perspective – we see her and speak to her as multidimensional. Time Warner Inc. acquired full ownership of ESSENCE Communications in 2005. ESSENCE and Time Warner share a commitment to serve the public, enrich people’s lives and strengthen communities around the world. ESSENCE, with the support of Time Warner and in partnership with UNCF, is proud to sponsor 5 scholarships to benefit African American women attending one of the UNCF member institutions, Hampton or Howard.
Jeanette Rankin Foundation Grants for Low-Income Women, which offers scholarships for black women who live in high-poverty areas, over 35 years of age, and demonstrate a vision that will change society:  
African American Women in Computer Science Scholarships
AAWCS is offering scholarship opportunities for African-American women enrolling in Computer and Information Sciences (CIS), Computer Engineering, or Mathematics at Florida A&M University.  For more information or to apply, click here.
There are two categories of awards:
  • The Dr. Arnita Young Boswell Scholarship is awarded to African American freshman, sophomore, junior or senior students enrolled in an accredited college or university. The eligibility requirements are outlined in the current annual application.A minimum of $1,000 will be granted per award. Students must apply annually.
  • The Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier “Sister to Sister” Scholarship is awarded to mature African American women (at least twenty-five years of age and older) who are returning to college without the support of a spouse. These candidates may have dropped out of college to seek employment or care for their children. The eligibility requirements are outlined in the current annual application.A minimum of two (2) $500.00 awards will be made annually based on competition, as outlined in the annual application.

For the past 27 years, BISA has been operating a successful scholarship program targeted for inner-city and financially needy young black high school women to attend colleges and universities across America. First criterion for selection is financial need, second, they demonstrate potential for academic growth and leadership and third, they are able to provide some clues about their career goals. BISA’s scholarship assistance program is clearly targeted for disenfranchised and economically disadvantaged young black women. Many of our young scholars (age 17 to 20 years old) are already parents.

BISA’s supportive services (hands-on-approach) are provided for each student over the entire two or four years of undergraduate study. These Services include: financial support, books, transportation, tutoring, mentoring, counseling (students and parents), networking among distinguished black women, on-site-visits, BISA’s books and calendars of distinguished black women, and monthly contacts by assigned BISA member. Each student is provided a (1) 800 number for easy access to BISA.

In 1995, BISA joined the Combined Federal Campaign and expanded its scholarship program to serve residents by initiating resident-partnership programs on campuses at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
BISA currently administers a $190,000 National Scholarship Program that helps to support 40 to 50 eligible students over a four-year time span. Students of the Washington, DC area are enrolled in the following colleges and universities: University of Maryland (College Park), North Carolina Central, Virginia State, Bennett College, Penn State, and Temple University.

Students in the following states are enrolled in colleges and universities as listed:

BISA continues to develop and implement the national scholarship program for financially needy and inner-city young black women. To ensure that supportive services are seamless, each of the college presidents at the partnership institutions has assigned a liaison to be a contact for BISA’s students. The liaisons update BISA about progress, grades, and participate in an annual teleconference addressing each student. A BISA member is also assigned to each student. These services are free to the students. BISA’s literature is also provided free to college liaisons, libraries, presidents, and distinguished women.  

The Black Women in Sport Foundation offers scholarships to currently matriculating college/university students:
There are plenty of scholarships that young Black women can apply for. Another good source to go to is and enter your profile. They will return a list of scholarships that you are eligible for and links to apply for them.
Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, a mentoring program, is also available for young Black women:
Business and Professional
Women’s Foundation
2012 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
Business and Professional Women’s
Scholarship for Black Women
Tel: (202) 296-9118
Eligible Inst.: US schools
Other sources for scholarships:
  1. UNCF Merck Science Initiative
  2. The Ron Brown Scholar Program
  3. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students and Fellowships for Minority Doctoral Students
  4. Gates Millennium Scholarships for under-represented minorities in the disciplines of education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health, and the sciences
  5. Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program
  6. National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships
  7. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
  8. General Motors Minority Engineering and Science Scholarship
  9. Microsoft General Scholarships, Women’s Scholarships, Underrepresented Minority Scholarships, and Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
  10. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Opportunities for Minority Students in Health Services Research
  11. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships/
  12. American Political Science Association Minority Programs – Fellowships, Summer Institute, Recruitment Project, Mentoring Initiatives
  13. American Geological Institute Minority Geoscience Student Scholarships
  14. Boeing Undergraduate Scholarships for historically black colleges and minority institutions
  15. US Air Force ROTC Minority Scholarships at HBCUs and HSIs
  16. Congressional BLack Caucus Foundation Scholarships
  17. Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)
  18. Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarships
  19. Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
  20. The Siemens Teacher Scholarship initiative – encourages minority students to consider careers teaching math and science.
  21. HP Scholars – a scholarship opportunity for minority students interested in engineering
  22. National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarships
  23. National Black MBA Association’s Scholarship Programs
  24. National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Scholarships
  25. The Association of Black Women Physicians: Rebecca Lee, M.D. Scholarship Awards – provides assistance to women medical students who are residents of Southern California or enrolled in Southern California medical schools
  26. APS Scholarship for Minority Undergraduate Physics Majors
  27. American Chemical Society Scholars Program – Scholarships for underrepresented minority college students with financial need
More Resources
  1. 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel
  2. Scholarship & Financial Aid Help
  3. FAFSA On The Web (Your Key Aid Form & Info)
  4. Aid & Resources For Re-Entry Students
  5. Guaranteed Scholarships
  6. SIT Study Abroad: Undergrad Field Study Around the World – Scholarships and Financial Aid
  7. INROADS internships
  8. Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarship Resource List
  9. ScienceNet Scholarship Listing
  10. American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program
  12. FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid (scholarships)
  13. CollegeNet’s Scholarship Database
  14. AFLCIO Union Plus Scholarship Database
  15. International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search – IEFA is the premier resource for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad.
  16. College Board Scholarship Search
  17. Burger King Scholarship Program – awards assist students who work part-time and excel academically
  18. Sports Scholarships and Internships
  19. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  20. Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships
  21. Student Inventors Scholarships
  22. Maryland Artists Equity Foundation Visual Arts Scholarships
  23. USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Scholarships
  24. The Tom Joyner Foundation Full Ride Scholarship



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  1. Scholarships are a great way to promote the underpriviledged group fro higher studies

  2. #14 above for the AFL-CIO Union Plus Scholarships Database is a bad link. Please use

    These scholarships are for union members (and in some cases their children) – including a diversity scholarship for women and/or people of color who want to advance their union leadership careers.

  3. Monsurat

    If there are any scholarships offered for black women in a certificate program for entrepreneurship and/or marketing or 25+ years old or working in the nonprofit sector, please let me know

  4. Yasmine

    Hey, my name is Yasmine Bailey and I am interested in some scholarships. I really need help in finding scholarships for school. My dream is to become a pediatrician to cure diabetes and cancer. If there is any scholarships out there could you please let me know!! Thanks

  5. OM

    I am a graduate with a 2nd class (Hons) in biochemistry. I’ll be very grateful if i can be granted scholarship in my field.Thanks

  6. daphne

    hi, i am a minority (woman, black, haitian) & i am trying to go to school, Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre for a certificate program (1 year Professional Training Program). It has been very difficult for me to find ANYTHING besides loans of course. I already have my B.A. so to find funding for my particular case has gotten me almost no where. if anyone can point me in the right direction, i would truly appreciate it.

    my best regards,

  7. shambrica

    Are there any scholarships to aid in attending massage therapy school. I am 29 yr old single mom of two seeking this license. I already have a bachelor’s in biology. I am seeking any kind of help outside of loans, so if anyone knows of anything please let me know. Thanks

  8. Hilda Chipoka (Nee: Zimba)

    I am interested in doing MBA, currently I have a Diploma in ACCA.
    I wich to pursue degree or masters in Business studies.

    Please help me find scholarship. I am ready to study anywhere else

  9. dana

    Hello.. I am seeking any kind of scholarship information that I can use towards recieving my Associate degree in Interior Design and Kitchen & Bath design. If any one knows of some information please let me know. Thank you.

  10. stella


  11. Pearl

    I’m very interested in scholarships/fellows for a MBA Graduate Program, in the fields of Business Management, Entreprenuership or any related field. Please contact me if any are or will become available.

  12. Jacqueline

    This is a wonderful site with credible opportunities. I appreciate the time and effort that has been put into offering such information. Hopefully, with hard work and persistence, some young ladies will benefit from this source.

    Respectfully from a mom and daughter exhausting available resources for education and community.

  13. Oyieke Ruth

    i want to thank you so much for Scholarships for the Black women, we suffer so much in the village and i hope the scholarship will help many women who are willing to study

  14. Charlotte Bruce

    I currently enrolled in a Physical Therapist Assitant program in Florida and am in great need of scholarship/grant assistance. I. am married w/ 3 children. ages 19 and 2(twins, one which receives physical i fell in love w/ it).

  15. Mobeen Mirza

    The scholarships for women over 35 years is designed for women who are very ambitious but due to some financial pressure they are unable to fulfil their dreams.

    • Charell Condoll

      In hopes of carrying out my dream of owning my own business, the scholarship for women over 35 years would really help me to get closer to my dream of owning my own resturant. I’m just starting my college journey, after going through a divorce. My children are now grown and I feel that now I can persue my dreams without any distractions. Can anyone please direct me to really good scholarship that can help me with making this dream come through… Thank you

  16. Eunice

    Am a married woman with three kids. Thanks for the black woman scolarship. I would like to study in the Us. If any chance please let me know.

  17. anna

    Thanks for the list. Great and well put together. Anna

  18. Gwendolyn Harrison

    Aftter two failed marriages,two lovely daughters each are the beautiful source of hope;despsite, being a single parent with all its challenges. I have time to pursue delayed hopes&dreams of further education. I have worked as a Lpn for 24 years and would like to pursue further education;however, finances are a challenge.I am a single Black female over 35 years,mother of two daughters&grandmother of 5 children;nonetheless, the weight of support falls upon my shoulders. I dare to not only hope,but; I believe “Dreams” to come true. All the more,my accomplishment might inspire someone else to go further& would not that be wonderful. I would greatly appreciate any asistance I could get; especially,scholarships.

  19. omowonuola ogunsanya

    I need a scholarship to pursue a Post graduate Diploma in Quantity surveyor in one of the universities in UK or Canada

  20. Marie

    I’m a junior in high school and in the process of looking for scholarships. My interest is business and theatre. Can someone direct me in the right direction in finding scholarships for someone who’s single mother is about to retire!

  21. Raynaita Smith

    I was browsing through your webpage and o became intrested in the sister to sister scholarship, I would like to have a liitle mord info on where and how to apply for this scholarship.

  22. latigo flornce

    Thanks for the scholrship for black woman

  23. Debbie Pierre

    My name is Debbie Pierre. I plan on attending Agnes Scott College in Decatur GA, in the fall. I would love to receive a scholarship that caters to Black Women. Can someone please help me find one for a private intuition!!!!

  24. Sarah

    I am Sarah Dillard, proud graduating senior of Grady High School, ATL. I participate in various civic groups, sports, work, debate, student government and was recently accepted into a mechanical engineering program. I am intelligent and hard working I will be the second in my family to attend a 4 year college, my mom being the first. She is my hero, worked two jobs while attending college, but manage to graduate with not only a bachelors but masters too. I believe in making a difference, volunteering to feed the homeless, distributed supplies to Katrina Survivors, and Teen Leader at Grady Memorial Hospital, I also work with children at a after school program. I keep my word and meet challenges with smile. It is my desire to to achieve a debt free college experience, in order to attain the knowledge and skill set to to make a living for myself and family as well as give back whats been given to me, love, devotion, hard work and opportunity. Please help me create the next great idea in engineering and design and fulfill a dream of purpose.

  25. Amber Navarre

    Hi Im Amber Navarre I am 19 years old and I am a senior at Loranger High school. I have both my mother and father and both of them work so hard to but my brother and I throw school. I graduate May 14th and, I hope I get a scholarship so I can go to a nice college some were out of this state that I live in. All I want is to reach my goals. So I can reach out and help others as well. Thank you.

  26. Malexius Richards

    Hi my name is Malexius Richards and i am a minority of the age of 19. im looking for scholarships for English/creative writting in the Arkansas area. I am a poet,writter, i have one year of graphic design under my belt. And i am wishing to recieve the knowlege that will help me finish a book im working on. I have dreams to have a book published in at least seven countries.

  27. Justinah

    My name is Justinah and seeking a scholarship to pursue a coursework Masters degree in Physics with a major in Mathematical or theoretical Physics or applied Physics. I am a citizen of lesotho in Southern Africa.

  28. Jasmine Watson

    Im Jasmine ! I’m going on my second year in college attending an HBCU in need of a scholarship because the tution is high! I’m an Pre-Law/History major! I would be honored to be granted a scholarship!

  29. Michelle

    Hi! I have been accepted at the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumberg,Illinois. I want to major in Graphic Arts. I am having difficulty finding scholarships. HELP !!!

  30. June Lordi

    Hello, I am a Director of a massage therapy program in SC and am writing to ask if there are ever small amounts of scholarships available for students who have graduated their program, passed the national entrance exam but do not have the $150. to obtain their State License to go on to practice their profession. Our students are mostly young black women that are single parents of at least 2 children. They have come a long way in their 2 year Associate Program and this would greatly encourage them to immediately become Massage Therapists upon graduation. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  31. Arlene

    Thanks for posting these scholarships for black women.

  32. Milly

    Thank you these links on scholarships for black women. I did not know that so many offers for scholarships for black women existed.

  33. Bill

    Thanks so much for sharing this important information on the Internet.

  34. Rolando Ortiz

    Thank you so much for this information.

    I did not know there were scholarships for black women.

    I will be letting my fiancee know about these. She has worked so hard to pull her own weight all her life, and one of these scholarships, if she qualifies, would be a great help.

    Thank you again for posting this.

  35. angela thomas

    I am a junior in college looking for a scholarship to continue my education. breast cancer can not keep me down I will continue on please help. I am 52 years old single parent. need scholarship information.

  36. brianleegomez

    I like the content of this blog. Thanks for posting these scholarships for black women. It’s very inspiring for those black women who really have dreams and goals to pursue. Nice Post!

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