Say the word and millions of people conjure up images of Black people instead of White people. When people hear that word, the first image that comes to mind is of Ronald Reagan’s vicious insult known as “Welfare Queen.”

Everyone by now knows the tired, old, worn-out retread of racist/sexist imagery:

-the Cadillac-driving-has six children-getting rich and livin’ large welfare queen as created by Reagan during his 1976 presidential campaign to win votes.

Welfare is a society issue that should be faced with reality and not racist hatred. Welfare programs of all types were created as relief programs to help down-on-their-luck Americans through destitute times until they could obtain, or regain, a better economic position in their lives.

There are many types of welfare: Social Security, AFDC, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. But, many people prefer to put a Black face on welfare, instead of a White face.

The majority of Americans who receive welfare checks are not Black. The majority of those who receive welfare checks are White people.

Whites receive the lion’s share of welfare benefits, and they benefit in many ways at the expense of Black Americans.



Social Security.

Social Security is the nation’s largest welfare program, although many Whites prefer to call it a retirement plan. What millions of Black Americans pay into the system ends up going to Whites who retire and Social Security is the biggest type of welfare. Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 2000 Census Bureau statistics:


As a form of social welfare, social security encompasses the present working generation to work, have a salary, and pay taxes into the social security system to take care of the preceding generation. In addition, those working now also pay for future generations, since Social Security covers current worker’s payroll taxes which go into the Social Security Trust Funds —a bank account for current and future beneficiaries who earned their benefits by paying into the system when they worked, as seen  here  and   here.

Therefore, todays Baby Boomers by their working have paid for the elderly and retired “WWII Generation” to receive pension and retirement benefits from social security, as well as disability benefits. For the Baby Boomers, the following “Gen X” group will pay into the social security system for the Boomers, and so on, and so on, and so on.

So, the money that I am paying into social security is not just mine, but, is being paid into the system as a set-aside for the preceding generation, in this case, my parents, other senior citizen relatives and everyone else’s elderly relatives, well as future generations. Those who come after me and others of my age group who may one day reach retirement/elderly age, that group (Gen X) pays for the Baby Boomers. Keep in mind, the less successive generations work and pay into the social security system, the less money there may be there for those retiring.

The baby boomers, the large number of people born between 1946 and 1964, will be retiring starting around 2008. Today, there are three workers for every beneficiary; by the year 2030, there will be two workers for every beneficiary. Based on current economic assumption, during the second decade of the next century benefit payments will exceed tax revenues and Social Security will have to redeem its trust fund reserves to meet its obligations. This means selling the securities it holds back to the government. To pay for them, the government would need to raise general taxes or sell new long-term securities in the private market. To meet the cost of the baby boom’s retirement, Social Security will have to be strengthened.”


The government writes retirement and disability benefit checks to 35.4 million recipients of whom 88.7 percent are White and 9.6 percent are Black. The reason behind this shocking disparity is perhaps the most lamentable of all: The life expectancy rate for Blacks is six times shorter than that of Whites, meaning Black workers spend years paying into a retirement system only to have White retirees reap the benefits for a longer time; Black Americans do not even get to receive so much from what they have worked hard to pay into the system of welfare; even there they are stomped on and gutted by this society/country/government. Social Security’s Bad Deal for Blacks has definitely taken its toll.

Because of the disparity of the health care industry, millions of Blacks suffer through poor health care, lack of medical insurance that is affordable for them to obtain the most basic of health care, and living environments that damage their health, i.e., hazardous waste facilities, garbage dump sites, polluted waste receptacle areas for contaminants (used motor oils, used and discarded batteries), chemical run-offs from factories that dump their spent chemicals into the rivers, lakes and streams that contaminate and leach into ground water.

Coupled with poor health, and lack of adequate health care, and suffering from the effects of the ravages of economic racism, it is no wonder that millions of Black Americans live less than whites, die sooner than whites, and do not reap the benefits of money they paid into a system that so stingily and grudgingly doles out pennies for all the money they have paid into such a system. It is no wonder that Blacks die before they get a chance to realize any of their social security and supplemental benefits.

Black Americans outnumber Whites on certain types of welfare, but, are Blacks getting what they paid into the system? No. The federal government defines welfare as all entitlement programs funded through taxes. These programs, listed as “direct benefit payments for individuals” by the Office of Management and Budget, make up approximately $730 billion or 43 percent of the $1.47 trillion the government will spend this fiscal year. Welfare critics rarely search the Social Security rolls for “welfare cheats,” but train their sights on people getting various social programs. . . .

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)


Food stamps

. . . .the relief programs with the most Black clients. Yet government figures show that Whites not Blacks make up the bulk of clients on these public aid programs; a fact that dispels the notion that Blacks are scheming for a free lunch courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Program                   Recipients      Black      White
Social Security (1)
Retirement insurance     26 Million       7.7%      90.4%
Disability insurance    3.7 Million      18.3%      79.3%
Survivor’s benefits     1.8 Million        24%        72%
Widow’s benefits        4.9 Million         9%      90.1%
Security Income       5.8 Million        26%      48.2%
Aid to Families with Dependent Children (2)
3.8 Million      39.2%      55.2%
Medicare                   37 Million       8.1%        88% (3)
Medicaid                 33.4 Million      25.1%      46.1% (4)
Food Stamps              27.5 Million      34.9%      42.3% (5)
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Program (6)
5.8 Million      27.8%      44.3%
National Student Lunch Program (7)
44.5 Million        17%         75%
Veterans’ Benefits         26 Million       8.0%       86.4% 8
Housing Subsidies         4.7 Million        40%         46% (9)


Veteran’s Preference

This type of welfare is mostly unknown to many citizens unless they are a veteran from any of the branches of the U.S. military. This type of welfare gives preferential consideration to veterans when applying for government jobs. Mostly this is seen at federal facilities  (Veterans Hospitals, for instance).  If a non-veteran goes to apply for a job, and there is a veteran preference stipulation noted in the job requirement, then that citizen will not get the job preference. The veteran will.

Many people snot and cry about the numbers of Black people who receive some types of welfare, with Blacks receiving 33% welfare types in relation to their 12% of the U.S. population. But racism is at the heart of the standard-of-living gap between Blacks and Whites.

Still unlawful race-based hiring practices, keep many Blacks from getting jobs that pay enough to lift them out of poverty. Until more blue-collar (and white-collar jobs), open up to Black workers, Blacks will continue to battle poverty and the freeloader misconception will continue to lodge as residue in the non-Black American mind. As long as Blacks continue to face substandard education, systematic racism, urban warfare and limited paths leading up and out of poverty, the rest of America will find it easy to hate on Black’s suffering in this country——until it hits home.

With the dying and sputtering economy, with more Whites losing ground in the failing recession/depression economy, with more Whites losing jobs and finding themselves on the unemployment lines, this society is going to have to find another scapegoat to blame the failing economy on, as opposed to the constant need to blame inner city people (read: black people) for this nation’s savage policies of economic destruction.

People (with intelligent, lucid brains) only need to look at the White families streaming into welfare offices in rural New Hampshire for proof that poverty has more to do with economics than race.

The once thriving state has seen an 88 percent jump in welfare cases since 1989, yet the state’s Black population is a meager 0.6 percent.

Now, how do you explain all those hard-working Whites ending up on welfare, since to millions of non-Black Americans a welfare recipient can only be Black?

All across America, there is proof that you can have the best job in the world: but, get cut from a company looking to keep its profits up at the expense of its employees, a company with its eye on the bottom line—-, then YOU will find yourself out of a job, living a paycheck away from homelessness, falling behind on the mortgage, falling behind on car payments, unable to feed/clothe your children, having to decide between medicine, hospitalization, OR food—–or worse, having to get on WELFARE—-no matter what race you hail from.

But, don’t worry. . . .

. . . .millions of  Whites will soon be where so many Blacks are now.

Millions of them are already there.

That’s what those of us all get for blind obedience to a government that cares nothing for us all, as well as practicing race hatred instead of communal help towards each other.



National School Lunch Program



People don’t consider the National School Lunch Program, which feeds millions of low-income school children as part of the welfare system. But it is and, again, Whites are the primary beneficiaries. Compared to the 17 percent of recipients who were Black, 75 percent of the children receiving reduced or free lunches are White.

The program was established under the National School Lunch Act, by President Harry Truman in 1946. The NSLP  is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day.

Whites receive the majority of food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare assistance, housing subsidies and veterans’ benefits provided by the government.



Housing Subsidies for Home Ownership


Housing plays a vital role in the lives and finances of families. In 2005, housing consumed roughly one-third of household expenditures1 and was the primary asset in the portfolios of most middle-income households.
A family’s housing can take one of two forms: renting or home ownership. Although both provide shelter, they differ significantly in their implications for asset accumulation.
Recurring rent payments constitute consumption—payments are exchanged for immediate and set periods of occupation. On the other hand, most mortgage payments include payments toward the principal, or estimated value, of a house. (It is called equity.) At the same time, the real value of the debt falls with inflation while housing values more typically rise over time, at least with inflation. Hence, owning often helps build up net worth. Renting offers no such security.
Many studies have noted the wide variety of benefits that homeownership (as well as other assets) can generate. While the positive effect of homeownership on children’s behavior serves as one example, the most basic benefit that homeownership can provide lies in financial stability, as owners with built-up equity values can both use and fall back on these assets in good times and bad.
The federal government spent approximately $199.5 billion on housing programs and tax expenditures in 2006. The breakdown of spending—$157.5 billion on homeownership (e.g., the Government National Mortgage Association) compared to $42.0 billion on rental programs (e.g., Tenant-Based Rental Assistance)—reveals that the federal government places a priority on home ownership as opposed to rental housing (figure 1).
Many Blacks cannot afford home ownership due to high mortgage loans, still prevalent redlining, and a depreciating tax base on homes located in their neighborhoods, which are often predominantly Black. Many Black people live in rental property, therefore, they do not receive the subsidy benefits that millions of home owners (many of whom are White), receive.
Direct outlays made up 87.1 percent of rental-assistance spending in 2006, while tax breaks provided over 98 percent of homeownership subsidies. Although both tax subsidies and direct-outlay programs attempt to reduce the cost of housing, the tax subsidies generally do not benefit low-income families. The tax subsidies benefit the middle-class and upper-class sections of the American population, sections which involve high numbers of Whites.
The Deductibility of Mortgage Interest on Owner-Occupied Housing was the largest homeownership tax subsidy in 2006, constituting 44.1 percent of such tax spending and 43.4 percent of total homeownership assistance. The top income quintile (or richest 20 percent of the population) claimed the vast majority of benefits at 81.5 percent—more than four times the share of the lower four quintiles combined.

Federal Housing Program

1 U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditures in 2005, February 2007.
The author thanks the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Ford Foundation for supporting the Opportunity and Ownership Project.
( The entire paper is available in PDF format.)

Corporate Welfare Queens


Also fitting the definition of welfare are the corporate subsidy programs that are funded with federal tax dollars. It’s been estimated that Congress funds more than 125 programs that subsidize private businesses, the overwhelming majority of which are White-owned and operated, say experts, at a cost of more than $85 billion annually.

-Corporations (such as the Big 3, Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citicorp, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, AIG, etc.) who despite their millions of bonuses, and high salaries, still manage to pig-suck billions of dollars from a government that only slaps them on the hand for company mismanagement and pathetic business procedures, while that same country/government runs into the ground its citizens who are just barely getting by on subsistence poverty wages.

-Wal-Mart, a big beneficiary of welfare:

Welfare payments to timber corporations:

Even when they are losing millions, the America government still keeps shoveling subsidy monies out to inept companies.

Corporate welfare TIF (tax increment financing) allows governments to give money, in the form of property tax exemptions, to whatever private corporations they choose. Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, in theory, is a public financing method which has been used for redevelopment and community improvement projects in many countries including the United States for more than 50 years.  Over the years, it has become a hog trough for affluent towns, suburbs and big business to fatten themselves at the expense of blighted communities for whom this tax subsidy was originally created for.

Now, how many citizens can say that they have received such breaks from their government?

Other forms of corporate welfare:  include the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP); the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP); FDIC Temporary Liquidity Guarantees (TLG); the Targeted
Investment Program (TIP)
; and the Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility (TALF) , to name a few. Yes, it helps to be big business when you want a hand-out from the government.  Talk about welfare cheats. Big business wrote the book on how to be a successful welfare cheat.

“Tax Increment Financing A Bad Bargain For Tax Payers”:

When a corporation does build in an area under TIF, it often takes its factories/businesses to predominantly White areas, and not to predominantly Black areas. Such was the case with the Honda plant built in Greensburg, Indiana. If it means helping Blacks, economically, socially, etc., there is no way a plant or factory would be built in a mostly Black community. No. Better to give jobs, schools, sidewalks, paved roads, public utilities, etc. to non-blacks. Then again, that’s the way America the free and beautiful has always been towards her Black citizens.

Welfare-To-Work Programs

These particular programs were supposed to get people off the welfare rolls, but this feeble attempt at “getting rid of welfare as we know it”, has caused more harm and grief than it is worth; many of the jobs set aside on this program are nothing more than dead-end, service-oriented, going-no-where jobs. Jobs which in no way increase a person’s skills and raise their economic standing. Take the  Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act (which replaced AFDC and proposed TANF as its replacement), passed on August 22, 1996, signed under the administration of then President Bill Clinton. This act mandated that single mothers who received welfare find paid work; this act even had the nerve to encourage them to marry; and it limited their time on welfare aid to a lifetime maximum of five years. Some states have even shorter time/term limits. PRWORA in effect treated the inability to work as a personal and immoral fault of the person, and implied and stressed that women are better off with men (which is the opposite of the original welfare system/concept which in the 1930s-1960s, which stressed that men in the family had to be non-existent….or leave altogether). Welfare reform never succeeded in reducing poverty and unemployment, something welfare reform was never intended to do. If this country really wants to see less Americans on any type of welfare, citizens should call out their state and local representatives to institute better education/curriculums in schools; better education, better jobs; better jobs, better skills; better skills, more opportunities in life, therefore, less dependency on any kind of welfare. The citizens of this country should be calling their representatives out on the carpet to overhaul the present welfare system, so that it would provide the safety net for all citizens that it was intended for; to institute more humane welfare reform that truly helps all citizens.

For everyone.

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act of 1996:



See also, “Welfare Reform’s Impact On the Public Housing Program”:

The poverty rate has more to do with the economy than the availability of assistance for poor people. No matter what race those poor people come in.

Therefore, there is no typical Black citizen who is a typical welfare recipient. As for a typical black person. . . .

In answering, I would say a typical Black is a person who does the following:

-works hard (usually twice as hard) to get a job;

-has a strong work ethic;

-is a good team worker on the job;

-can be counted on to work with minimal supervision;

-arrives to work on time;

-does not break the law;

-is a productive member of society

Those are the typical qualities of being a citizen of this country, who happens to be Black.

In this country, legalized Jane Crow segregation has been eradicated, but, unfortunately, only on paper; obviously not from people’s hearts and minds. Economic, social and residential segregation continue to reign supreme with destructive effects on the lives of millions of Black citizens.

America no more wants to see Black Americans survive and thrive than it wants to see us excel and improve our living and social conditions.

America wants—no, needs a permanent underclass, faces at the bottom of the well, to keep its white supremacy and racism going, and what better way to do that in the scapegoating of Blacks on the sacrificial altar of defilement and denigration of our humanity, even in social programs that all were originally created to benefit all Americans.

Heaven forbid that non-Black America finally come to terms with its still present-day racism against Black Americans.

Heaven forbid that Black Americans are given respect as citizens of this country; heaven forbid that our humanity is respected; heaven forbid that we are not maltreated as less than a White person just because of the color of our skin.

Heaven forbid that Black women no longer are paid $0.67 cents for every $1.00 that a White man makes.

Heaven forbid that America ceases its relentless stereotyping and maligning of her Black citizens.

Heaven forbid that America finally grows a backbone and cease it mentally challenged disrespect of us as the perpetual picture of a welfare recipient who racks up huge benefits that make us super-rich.

Heaven forbid that non-blacks cease their belief in the lies and myths that only a Black face should come to mind when the word welfare is mentioned.

Public policy issues like welfare have been racially charged for decades. The negative animus assigned to blackness and the positive aura assigned to whiteness keeps the animosity and racial antipathy fueled against any progress and benefits that millions of Black Americans (and all other Americans) should rightfully lay claim to. By denigrating Black Americans as super receivers of welfare, this nation’s government does harm not only to those  Blacks receiving some  types of welfare, they also undermine and attack Whites, Latinos, Asians, etc., who receive welfare. By hating on Blacks, the naysayers against welfare are inadvertently hating on all other Americans who receive welfare as well. The time is way past for this country/government/society to cease its nasty depiction of only Blacks as receiving welfare. To cease its attacks that welfare is received by people who don’t work, people who don’t care, people who don’t try, people who are lazy. Many people on welfare are there because they need it, and often forgotten are the innocent children who receive welfare benefits, via their parent’s use of types of welfare. So, are the little innocent children to suffer because so many would rather see them starve and suffer dire health consequences because so many vicious people have the belief that ONLY adults receive welfare, and that children do not and should not? What, kick the little ones to the curb because their parents had to use welfare to keep the family from going completely under? Such a hatred is cruelty of the most miserable and miserly kind, especially to the little children who do not write nor institute government welfare programs of any kind. By hurting and castigating Blacks, this country castigates Whites and others as well for receiving welfare, and that helps no one where the receiving of welfare is concerned. The changes that would occur if  the punitive disparaging indifference of welfare misapplication was done away with, the assumptions of communicative rationality and a system of social justice, if it existed, that recognizes difference and disadvantage, and a system that faces the facts that a definition of justice that recognized the structural roots of poverty were used in the policy design of welfare reform programs occurred, would be phenomenal. But, rationality and justice are a long way off in the present welfare system this country operates on.

That so many prefer to see any kind of government program that is funded by all of our federal tax dollars as a having a racial stigma attached to it is demeaning, callous and the height of utter disregard for anyone’s humanity, no matter what their race. Those who rail the most against welfare (and often cannot name even one type of welfare program if you asked them), often sing a different tune when they find themselves needing the helping hand of welfare.

Black citizens are not strangers to hard work.

Hell, we have been doing it since 1619, and before. Still are.

And Whites do not own a monopoly on hard work.

Neither is it freeloading to obtain from a system what you have paid into it.

High time that the rest of America faced up to that fact.


1.   Social Security:

2.   Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), now known as TANF:

Program reauthorized under the  Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

3.   Medicare:

4.   Medicaid:; also CHIPS (State Children’s Health Care)

5.   Food Stamps:

6.   Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Program:

7.   National Student School Lunch Program:

8.   Veteran’s Benefits:   Veterans’ Preference: 

9.   Housing Subsidies:

Fannie Mae – Mortgage Backed Securities

Freddie Mac

Ginnie Mae

10.    Unemployment Benefits (Unemployment Insurance):

The Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs provide  unemployment benefits to eligible workers who become unemployed through no  fault of their own, and meet certain other eligibility requirements.

11.   Federal income tax deduction for mortgage interest. To obtain the benefits of the mortgage interest deduction

Rationality and Justice In Welfare Reform Programs



“Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It”

Social Security: It’s Worse Than You Think


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  1. sarah

    it sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me. I guess you feel like it’s all owed to you, that MORE black people should get welfare. I am sure that’s just what will happen, too.

    • Ann

      Now, don’t be stupid. Sour grapes (or freshly picked grapes, for that matter) is not the essence of this post.

      If you had half a brain, you would comprehend that the post discusses the denigration and stigma that ALL Americans suffer when they seek to obtain any form of welfare, and that Black Americans are not livin’ large off welfare the way so many self-hating people like you prefer to believe.


      More Black people on welfare, more White people (or anyone else) on welfare is not the content of the post.

      More humane and more justice in the application of welfare, as well as a major revamping of it, is what the post is about.

      Black Americans are not the only ones stigmatized by the use of welfare.
      All Americans are. And that should not be. And as there should be no stigma attached to receiving welfare, which all Americans pay into with their tax dollars, neither should there be a racist face put on it against all Blacks who do receive some form of welfare.

      And that goes for the White ones (and everyone else) as well.

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  3. Nonsense

    Even by your own admission, blacks still take up nearly 50% of the foodstamp and house subsidies (section eight) yet make up only 12% of the US population. This isnt difficult math.. every other program you have listed above are typically funded onces someone has either been injured on the job or they have retired. Meaning they have actually PUT IN WORK. So how are all those black people putting in money when half of them are living off of foodstamps and government housing?!

    • Ann

      You show your ignorance of what a housing subsidy is.

      Also, federal government housing subsidies do not last forever. You cannot use federal housing subsidies like revolving doors; once you receive a federal housing subsidy from the federal government, you cannot receive another one, as housing subsidies have term limits on them.

      Low income housing helps many people advance towards owning their own home: Black Americans, Native Americans, White Americans, Latino Americans, etc.

      Your beef with Section 8 housing obviously stems from willful ignorance. Section 8 housing is NOT FREE.

      Section Housing Voucher Programs ( for a low income family member or individual (all of whom come in various racial/ethnic groups), require the tenant to pay between 30% to 40% of their MONTHLY INCOME towards their rent for those who live in subsidized apartments, and their house note, for those buying a home:

      “Your rent payment is based on your income. The voucher will pay anything above 30% of your adjusted monthly income up to an established limit. For example, if you earn $2,000 per month and the home you want rents for $900 per month, you would pay $600 and the voucher would cover the difference of $300 as long as the Fair Market Rent for your area is equal to or greater than $900”.



      Section 8 will pay for (subsidize) the rest. Therefore, people who use Section 8 to house themselves and their families are not getting by on a scot-free ride from the government. Since many low income people work, they have paid into the system (via federal and state taxes deducted from their paychecks), and can partake of that which will help them have a place to live.

      Section 8 does not just cover apartments; it covers first-time home buyers as well:

      “Recently, the Section 8 program was modified to allow Section 8 to help pay mortgage payments for qualified first-time homebuyers. To qualify, you must be a first-time homebuyer, have a household income of at least $10,300, been continuously employed for one-year (except for elderly or disabled persons), attend a homeownership counseling course and meet any other restrictions imposed by the local housing authority.”


      Escrow fees, low down payment, title companies, home buyer tax credit ( ) ——-these are just a few aspects that federal subsidies help prospective buyers work their way through to obtain a home for themselves.


      As for food stamps, these are not issued for a prolonged and protracted time frame. Some people receive food stamps for only 3 months, some for 6 months, some for a year.

      Any drastic change in a person’s economic situation would be devastating to them being able to provide for their families, hence the need for food stamps as a temporary method to keep the family fed:

      “A food stamp provision of the 1996 welfare law limits the receipt of food stamps for most people between the ages of 18 and 50 (i.e., 18- to 49-year-olds) who are not disabled or raising minor children to three months while unemployed out of each three-year period.

      “Only those who are working or participating in a work or training program (welfare-to-work program) at least half-time — or participating in a food stamp workfare program — can continue to receive benefits after the end of the three-month period.” (1)

      Those families with underage children, are given a maximum 5-year time limit.

      “The data also show that more than 40 percent of this group are women. In addition, close to one-third — 29 percent — are over the age of 40, an age above which individuals with limited skills may have more difficulty finding jobs quickly. More than 40 percent of this group lacks a high school diploma. Some are Vietnam veterans.” (1)

      “Many of those affected have a strong attachment to the workforce but can secure only short-term jobs — and endure stretches of joblessness — because of their low levels of education and skills. Only a modest proportion of this group remains on food stamps continuously.” (1)

      (1) “Overview of Food Stamp Time Limits for People Between the Ages of 18-50”:

      And this:

      “Finally, it should be remembered that more than 40 percent of those subject to the food stamp cut-off provision are themselves women, some of whom have refrained from having children until they marry or otherwise better their economic circumstances and some of whom do not qualify for cash assistance because their children now are over age 18.” (1)

      As for your statement:

      “…..every other program you have listed above are typically funded onces someone has either been injured on the job or they have retired. Meaning they have actually PUT IN WORK. So how are all those black people putting in money when half of them are living off of foodstamps and government housing?!”

      Many Black Americans, like so many other Americans, become disabled, injured on the job, or lose any health benefits they may have acquired on a job they lost.

      Your inhumane outlook towards Black people as human beings shows loud and clear.

      • Norm

        If your really need to cut the Social Securtiy System to save or balance the budget then cut all the entitlement programs completely with out any exceptions, in other words NO Entitlements/Benefits paid for in part or wholly by any part of the Federal or STATE Government what so ever, including title XIX, AFDC, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Food stamps, Links card, earned income credits for those who make 1,000,000 or less per year whether they have 1 child or 50 children, whether they are single or married, minority or not, and all utility, phone, water, sewer, housings, child care and any other type of government sponsered substities whether issued or sponsered by State or Federal branch of government and of course all college grants that are issued by our Government whether State or Local. Then and only then will our government be able to manage the Budget for the State and Federal Government. There should be no tax breaks for minority business owners or for non minority business because all of these take awake precious money from our government that is counted on to run our strong country.


        “If your really need to cut the Social Securtiy System to save or balance the budget then cut all the entitlement programs completely with out any exceptions,”

        MODERATOR: The post does not speak of cutting any welfare programs. The post addresses the “Black face” that is constantly put on the word welfare, and that welfare needs to be made more humane for all Americans who apply for it. Read the comment policy, as it addresses keeping to the topic under discussion:

  4. Unbelievable. You realize, don’t you, that your main source of a lot of this information is one that the rest of us can use as well, right? You rail about inequality, and how blacks are getting shafted by the system…Here is your problem:
    Black White
    Disability insurance 3.7 Million 18.3% 79.3%
    Survivor’s benefits 1.8 Million 24% 72%
    Aid to Families with Dependent Children (2)
    3.8 Million 39.2% 55.2%
    Medicaid 33.4 Million 25.1% 46.1%
    Food Stamps 27.5 Million 34.9% 42.3%
    Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Program (6) 5.8 Million 27.8% 44.3%
    Housing Subsidies 4.7 Million 40% 46%

    Yet, what is the racial breakdown of this country, according to the census? 80% white, 12.8% black. Looks like blacks get more than their fair share of many social programs.
    Like I tell other people complaining about their government handouts… If you don’t like it, get a job, and quit relying on the government, and my paycheck.

    • Matt

      I had the exact same thought. Any simple percentage over 13% in all of these stats points to a heavier-than-average usage. I agree 100% with the author that the black face must come off (or be turned into a multiracial face, which is the truth), but it appears that the black community in and of itself does conform as a discrete entity to “the stereotypes” of relatively heavy usage of some of these things. I am not surprised, as I am a “rent man” down here in FL with many black tenants who confide what they, their friends or their family do to obtain benefits…some of it pretty eyebrow-raising. Pulling out weaves and pulling off nails when going into assistance offices, etc. Almost seems like there’s a protocol with certain segments of the population.

      Now, I’m not necessarily saying people don’t have a harder time finding jobs are aren’t somehow somewhat more justified in doing that…but what I am saying is that at some point people are going to have to wake up and realize that whatever the prejudice out there, it HAS to be pushed past in constructive ways, because accepting handouts is never constructive for the person accepting them longer-term. It’s like Coke on your teeth…here and there it’s fine, great, no problem. But constantly and it causes cavities and great pain.

    • La vie

      it’s 50% caucasian 50 other etnicities!!!!

  5. The Truth

    You cannot compare Social Security to welfare, people have the right to retire when they work almost all their life…are you just supposed to work till the day you die?

    The real welfare is when you have a mother giving birth to child after child with no way of supporting them and then turning to the government for receive or housing support to pay for their rent, food stamps, coordinated child care to pay for the day care, medicare for health insurance, and then on top of that they pay no taxes at all on the part tine job they work just so they can receive all these benefits because they get back even more money on their tax return than they pay in.

    Face it peoples, most of these girls have the children so they can crevice the benefits. They need to stop rewarding women for popping out children like vending machines. In todays society children are taught sexual awareness and birth control methods so these women know what they are doing, just playing the system likes a game

    • PJ

      I am glad you brought up the social security issue. The author seems unaware that that is a sytem that you have to pay into to collect. I would prefer not to, but since I am, I do expect something in return.

  6. The Point

    The point was about the “face of welfare”. Not about why people are on it, or if they received their fair share. Most of all, not about complaining about benefits received to the point they need to “get a job”. The POINT was that it is very misleading that when the word “welfare” is said, the image conjured up is of black people in a line. This article was not about needing your paycheck.

    @Natelusk: You say that he was complaining about how blacks get shafted by the system, the point is that the system does not give assistance where it is needed most in our communities, i.e., providing better educational facilities, enhancing the welfare to work programs so that the individual can get themselves to the point where government assistance is no longer needed. That would help all people on welfare, not just blacks. Still when you live in one community, you can only truthfully comment on what is needed in that community. I can assume that New Hampshire needs better schools like my old neighborhood, due to the 88% increase in welfare recipients, with only a .06 black population. But that would be a guess. Could be that they have very good school s but a few major factories that families have been working grandfather to father to son, have shut down. The difference is, in our communities, it is assumed that work was not lost; work was never there in the first place, they all have their hand out, i.e. the “face of welfare”. Besides, the POINT you made was addressed in the second paragraph of the “Veterans Preference” portion of the article. How about you argue against his POINT rather than “snot and cry” as the author put it? I would think that is where your argument lies, not in the statement of the obvious. What is also obvious is that you did not read the entire article, and that you think no one would notice that you left off Medicare and NSLP which are major forms of welfare. They are “handouts”. I do not consider all things listed in the article welfare in the terms of a handout, so I say that I do not agree with Social Security as a handout unless you did not work at all and receive money from it. Still back to the original point, black people whether they receive their fair share or not, should not be considered the “face” or the reason for the economy problems. You break down the money spent for Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, NSLP, and Housing Subsidies; you are looking at $152,900,000 dollars. When 97,678,300 are spent on whites compared to 32,035,300 spent on blacks it is ILLOGICAL to consider blacks or any minority the face of welfare! Heck the government pays more in Medicare alone to white people (32,560,000) than the ENTIRE amount paid to blacks!

  7. Knowledge

    If welfare benefits anyone other than White people, I’m not for it. Even if it means that millions of white people will suffer, I don’t want a single colored person to receive reparations in any manner!

    • Ann

      How do you consider welfare programs (created under the administration of FDR) as reparations? How do you come to the illogical conclusion that entitlement programs meant for all U.S. citizens to be as you put it, “reparations”?

      Do you know the difference between the words reparations and entitlements?

      I suggest you look them up in a dictionary and learn the difference.

  8. Dee Blazer

    Oh my God, that’s an outstanding post.


  10. This is a very outstanding post, it shows the lies and deceit to keep white supremacy going….

  11. Offdahook

    Thanks for the numbers…allow me to interpolate. Using Census data (09), we can estimate the black population to be 39.6M (13% of 307M) and the white population to be 244.3M (80% of 307M).

    If we look at the traditional public assistance programs, food stamps, WIC and housing, we can calculate the following:

    24% of all blacks receive or benefit (e.g.: dependants of those who receive) from food stamps, v.
    5% of all whites

    4% of all blacks receive or benefit from WIC, v.
    1% of whites

    5% of all blacks receive or benefit from Housing subsidies, v.
    1% of all whites

    Overall, a black person is 4-5 times more likely to be on public assistance versus their white counterpart.

  12. Tonetare

    Nice try Offdahook, but there there are actually 39.2 million African Americans and 198.2 million non-hispanic white Americans (as shown here AND HERE ). Make sure to factor in that of the 39.2 million African Americans, statistics show that 24.7% live below the poverty line which is about 9.7 million African Americans ( as shown here ). Of the 198.2 million non-hispanic white America, statistics show that 8.6% live in poverty which is about 17.0 million non-hispanic white Americans.

    • OFfdahook

      Not sure by what you mean by nice try….here are the 2009 Census figures:

      From which, we can see that of the 307M people in America, 13% are black and and 80% are white.

      Your entire point regarding poverty line is a red herring….we are talking about welfare recepients…not those in poverty.

      So my interpolation stands correct…if you walk into a room, which has a representative sample of Americans, 100 being black and 100 being white, for every one white person on welfare, there will be 4-5 black people on welfare.

      • La vie

        it’s not a blk and white continuum. Where are the latinos and asians population picture in. I know the Asians are the wealthiest ethnic group. including them in the white category will bump up the statistics

  13. Lynn

    This is a joke. I have a black friend of mine and we both decided to put in bids on a home to see who got it yep she did. I dont hate but it proves blacks get more help in buying a home than the white. I have worked since I was 15 she hardly ever worked. My husband and hers make about the same. Yet when they applied for govt help she got it when we tried we were turned down. In fact for over a year now every house we tried a black family got it so stop whinning. I work hard all my life and still living in a dumpy apt complex filled with crime. Believe me we are still friends but are income is the same and she will even tell you the system sucks. Yes, are credit is about the same too! FUSTRATED!

    • omar

      You are a liar and an obvious racist. Your comments make no sense and I am quite sure are manufactured. Anyone with any amount of sense would know that housing discrimination is always geared towards minorites. Since when do white bankers discriminate against other whites. Quit lying and spend some time reading a book or something.

  14. Clady

    I agree, the issue of welfare should not be faced with racist hared. I have long suspected that most welfare recipients are white and that black people are also decent, hard working people.

    Thank you for bringing this issue and statistics to our attention.

  15. Meanchick

    I’m completely disgusted by the way it’s assumed that blacks do this and black do that and blacks want a hand out and blacks don’t pay into the system. I can only guess that the ppl making those statements don’t know ANY black ppl. and would never hire a black person and if they could, would deny a black person their basic rights. Blacks didn’t screw up this country and the last time I checked the percentage of ppl who receive AND are convicted of welfare fraud are non-blacks! That is simply your self-hatred trying to keep up with your half-brained opinions. Get a life or better yet, STHU.

  16. Meanchick

    @ Offdahook and lynn.

    So when a black person or family receives a home loan, win a bid, etc. in this country, it’s ONLY because they are black? You must be joking and it sounds like you are the one whining!

  17. Tricia Kokotan

    I am sorry – you have clearly done a lot of research and been able to skew your facts to meet your desired goal and agenda. But you have not printed accurate data.
    I have been in the rental housing industry for over 20 years – affordable housing for over 15 years. There is NO time limit a household can receive housing subsidy. They can literally live in subsidized housing forever. The household pays 30% of their adjusted household income (less a utility allowance). The government allows adjustments for child care, medical, etc. thereby adjusting DOWN the household’s income. Many persons live actually paying no rent and actually getting a check from the government for the purpose of helping with their utility payments.
    Further, there are other programs available where the rental payments made by the household are actually lower – anywhere from 40% to 70% lower than the area “market” rents. In these cases there is no assistance, but the amount of rent paid is significantly less than comparable market housing in the area. Thousands and thousands of these properties have been built since the late 1980s. They are based on income and target the households having incomes 60% or less than the median area income.

    MODERATOR: Yes, the federal government does not put a cap on how long a person can stay under the housing subsidy known as Section 8; my error was in stating that there is a term/time limit. However, individuals/families (excluding the elderly, disabled) are encouraged to obtain, with Public Housing Assistance, education and job training, in order to move towards self-sufficiency. PHA offers the Pre-Apprentice Training Program, the Nurse’s Aid Program, and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, all of which are voluntary programs.

    If at re-examination the family’s income is sufficient to obtain housing on the private market (single detached dwelling), the housing authority may determine whether your family should stay in public housing. You will not be required to move unless there is affordable housing available for you on the private market.

    As for the other information you stated. . . . “The household pays 30% of their adjusted household income (less a utility allowance). The government allows adjustments for child care, medical, etc. thereby adjusting DOWN the household’s income”

    . . . .speaking to the choir.

    Section 8 housing was established as a stepping stone for low income tenants to strive towards home ownership, a higher education, a better job, and a living wage/salary.

    It still is.

  18. shikina


  19. John

    Factor in the percentages and redo your figures and you will have a complety different set of figures

  20. m.c.

    I am an apartment manager and have delt with alot of section 8 houseing. My experience with this has been a real eye opener for me. Most of the sec. 8 people I have had pay very little of their rents their rent is based on their income. and 98% of them are on welfare or s.s.I. the welfare people pay their small amount they owe with their welfare check. so they don’t contribute anything. I have had four sec. eight families that do not even speak english. and they receive all social services including our social security.

  21. djmagic

    we just need to stop sending our hard earned money every place else and use it in america. i don’t know if it will ever stop in my life time but it needs to start !!!

  22. nopeeeee

    Actually on the “that’s racist” because a black can get subsidized housing easier than a white person, definitely true. Same with food stamps.

    Real life friend 1 : Had 1 baby already, another on the way… both her and her boyfriend worked jobs, made decent money… They wanted to get into low income housing to save money bc of the kid etc, meanwhile another friend of mine with one kid about 5-6 years old, not babies like the other.(the two are totally unrelated, never met each other) was about to move out of a country area and had put in a app with the same apartment complex. 6 months later on girl with 2 kids and a denied application. 1 month later for the girl with a 5-6 year old at the time and she was accepted. guess who is who… the one accepted wasn’t white.

    Real life exp 2 : I went down to the ss office with my gf for her to get food stamps (we’re both white) and if you look at the application that got accepted, her race is “black”.

    coincidence? i think not.

    choose to believe or disbelieve, but whether its the social worker with the racist views or the policy maker, it is still present against whites.

    Racism isn’t going anywhere, just like alpha-male instinct isn’t either. We ARE different. Let’s just try to get along and AGREE that we are different… then maybe we can work on what we are similar with.

    I have black friends, I judge each person individually based on character.

    oh yeah, the girl that got the sec 8 housing is only paying $1 for rent (i swear to god) and about $150 or so in utilities max. She has a TWO STORY apartment with 3 bedrooms, nice compared to my apartment with 1 bedroom I pay $600-700/month for. to be fair she has a part time job…. shes always saying how she doesnt wanna work more for fear of rent going up and her losing money. pretty obvious whats really going on to anyone in it or knows someone in it.

  23. Pingback: Welfare: A White Secret - Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals, Third Parties, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Congress, President - City-Data Forum


    I do not view the retirement SS as a welfare, because it isn’t. I also do not think of blacks when I hear about welfare. I have paid into to ss for 13 years now, and will continue to do so for another 32 (God willing) I feel that SS and Medicare should be a given for all Americans who paid into it! It was started as a RETIREMENT and INSURANCE fund for the blue collar American, and worked as such until the government dipped their greedy hands into it, there was even a surplus of money in the fund. So before you call SS a white persons welfare, please recall we (as in the working American) pay for it! Now being a smart working American I also have a 401k going, but you will automatically get your SS when you turn 64 if you have paid into it for a minimum of 5 years, and it will reflect the amount you paid in. It is a way to pay for your retirement, and suppose to be an insurance plan if you are PHYSICALLY injured at work. It actually sounds like you are saying you don’t know a single working person who will retire, collect their retirement funds, which would include ss. In contrast the amount you will receive in welfare is generally a direct reflection on how many children you create. When I think of welfare I think of a few toothless fat ladies that sat on their asses and watched me walk out of my house and go to work everyday for a year (finally had enough to move) so please do not assume that that is what the average white American envisions, because unless you are an average white American you don’t know.

    Welfare is just another way to make the people dependent on the Government, people need to stop falling into their trap. If they pay your rent you are definitely not rising up against them now are you? We need to create a free thinking people, 401K’s and peoples understanding have started us in the right direction. I am not trying to argue about who gets and who doesn’t get assistance, however I will firmly stand behind the fact that SS was started as a way to provide for your family when you are to crippled, or to old to do so anymore. I feel insulted by your article, and frankly I am shocked you would put one out there before you knew the whole history of SS, and with assumptions as to the thoughts of a people whom you have no knowledge of. I am 29 BTW and I was not around for Reagan so maybe you should catch up with us!!! Calling VETERAN BENEFITS WELFARE? Really? These are things WE (as in those working, or veterans) pay for.
    PS Medicare is an insurance YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR! Plus you pay into it your entire WORKING LIFE!! Medicaid is for those who pay nothing!!

  25. Oswald

    Very thoughtful post. I agree. Social security is the biggest form of welfare, and all of us who work not only pay into it for ourselves; we also pay into it for others.

    • The people that it is going to have already paid into it. You do not collect it if you have not worked. Unless you are disabled.

      It is not welfare at all. Please do better at disguising your ignorance next post.

  26. Brad

    Welfare is definately not a black thing. The face of welfare comes in many colors and races. People who need welfare should not be stigmatized because they need help. But it is so easy for so many not on welfare to shame and beatdown those who need welfare.

  27. The elephant in the room is that white people collectively are so devoid of basic humanity & empathy that they feel more loathing & hatred toward their tax money being spent on social welfare & helping those less fortunate, than they do toward it being spent on trillions of dollars worth of bombs to drop on non-white folks in different countries. In short how can any rational human being even begin to defend their position of outrage about how many non-white people get access to their taxation money, and call for cuts in this area when they have no position on their taxes funding global mass murder? Some white people on here have actually advocated for all benefits to be cut to all people, as if magically all these people who need them will either;

    a/ simply go & quietly die off somewhere or
    b/ just amazingly find work & become economically mobile.

    That’s just sick thinking, but that is collectively white people for you. Any person with 1/2 a brain would understand that the ability to have excesses requires somebody else to have less than, yet white people live in some f**ked up fantasy that just by hard work “everyone” on the whole planet can have excess too. Because these delusional people have endured 1000 years of various rulers both political and economically exploiting them, & dangling the carrot wealth, power & freedom as the motivation to keep working into grave for their profit.

    These same white people also believe they have mastery of statistics, but still cant figure out the basic premise of how much resource there is on the planet vs how many human beings & why they always end up creating poverty in their societies. Its sick & delusional, but as mega rich mainly white folks get richer, the average white folks are starting to realize this same truth as more of their kind are ending up on welfare also. So now its time to get angry at blacks because they are having to compete for the limited welfare also, or they are lamenting about how much they hate taxation because they are getting squeezed to the last dollar by their own white leadership. But instead of doing the sensible thing & joining with said blacks to challenge the collective oppression they face, they revert to stupidity and blame blacks for the economic & social climate white people have created from the ground up. Look here for all to see they will still argue that because there is 18% blacks claiming 45% of certain payments, that proves they are worse than whites because they more welfare dependent than whites. But the real point is that this 45% of tiny fraction of overall tax expenditure, falling far below that used for instance on the Military, or the economic bail out which are geared toward meeting white peoples goals & agendas.

    Rather than calling on their own leaders to stop spending their “hard earned” (lol) taxation on killing off people in foreign countries & bailing out white business men who almost collapsed the international monetary system, they go on doing what they always have which is scapegoating blacks. What these people call “hard work” which equates to 40hrs a week, normally at a desk shuffling papers or contriving ways to profit of the labor others bares little resemblance to “hard work” of millions of non-whites globally who suffer in sweat shops & mining operations for white people to profit handsomely from. Those same white people then close factories & production down in the USA and lay off

    That’s the only reason they elected Obama so they could finally point the finger at a black man in the top job & blame him for the 400 years of political and economical incompetence of white people which has nearly bought the country & the planet to its knees several times in recent history. This subconscious desire to hand the country to black man when its on the brink of destruction has been played out in several doesn’t movies where we see a black president in power as the world faces a final a cataclysmic event which cant be fixed.

    If whites several generations ago had have called for their leaders to remove racism from their society, and had of campaigned for the fair & reasonable integration of blacks through providing the same opportunities afforded their ancestors in America we wouldn’t see such a disparity today between blacks & whites. Whites have had 400 years to get their relationship with black people of this planet right & still fail today, not only in America but globally where they still try to forcibly colonize the countries & the minds of dark peoples. And spread their anti-human ideology of ruthless economic self-advancement at any cost, with no regard for those around or the planet they live on. Following them has only ever lead to suffering & death through culturside, genocide & environmental ruin (just look at China as an example), and black folks need to wake up and stop trying to appeal to the rationality of people who would rather see you dead than get a few $$$ of their taxation funds. Its akin to trying to live in a nest of snakes & asking the snake to please not bite you.

    As evidenced by the replies of white posters on this blog they are unable to empathize with non-white human beings or even others less fortunate than themselves, and will always create elaborate theories & ideologies that place the blame on those they cant identify with due to the lack empathy. The few that take part in charity towards blacks only ever do it if it improves their own image, which is why they always have to put on big spectacles & events to promote their giving. No matter how much you show them “evidence” of the results of white supremacy and their irrational hatred of black skinned people, they will always turn it around as evidence of the inferiority of those black skinned people. Hell white people even now claim to be the victims of racism, & that political correctness is an anti-white movement & that universal medical care is “reparations to blacks”. If this is not evidence of how delusional is it believe that a system of power invented by whites to persecute blacks afflicts them, that treating other people in an ethical & respectful manner is anti-white, and providing the fundamental human right to health is a pay back for years inhuman abuse under slavery?

    • Most shocking to me is the amount of racism coursing through your blood. There is racism towards white people, you yourself are a prime example. Where as I will stand next to any person willing to help, you chose to put a whole race on your enemy list.

      OH Goodness here we go. Do you think we have the innate ability to change the past? NO WE DO NOT. Your an idiot to think that racism does not swing EVERY WAY. I’m a cracker right? A honky? Hmm? Are those not racist remarks? Guess what I am Irish, guess what else WE WERE SLAVES TOO. You were not a slave YOUR ANCESTORS were. Am I saying people are not racist? No but you should count yourself among those ranks.

      As I said in my previous post I do not picture black people when I think of welfare. I also do not think of SS as welfare. (The retirement ss) SSDI might be. But you can get it black or white, whether you work or not. FYI I do not need to make reparations to blacks there is not a single former slave alive to pay back so you can just drop that BS. PC and affirmative action ARE racist, or covering up racism. Look at it this way: Affirmative action REQUIRES you hire a colored person no matter their qualifications, whether their the best candidate or not for a job. Should there be a diverse work force out there? Yes. Is this the correct way to go about it? NO. Now PC why would you want people to be PC? Wouldn’t you rather see their true colors?

      You choose only to see one side of this story. I see all sides, but I also know how I feel. Frankly I don’t care what color you are get a job, make some money, and have some damn pride at being able to provide for your family. The government wants to cripple us to them, what better way than to make people, regardless of race, dependent upon them? Get rid of welfare. Yeah I said it. The federal government has no place amongst our communities, let neighbors help neighbors, build local programs. Screw Washington. You need five bucks? I gotcha, but I hate sending it to Washington first so they can take their cut. That’s my complaint.

      I love that you thought it LOL funny that my hard earned money goes to Washington. I work 10-12 hours a day away from my children, why? Not for welfare, what goes into Welfare is a pittance compared to what is stolen from us. Come on guys wake up, the racial divide is just another way to control us. Come together for once really without noticing the color of somebodies skin! This includes black people, I know racism exist and it’s ridiculous that people are still that stupid, but we all need to rise above them, and remember they will be judged by their maker.

      Have a great day!


      Where did waronblack make the following comments: I’m a cracker right? A honky? Hmm? Are those not racist remarks?” I read his comment again, and saw no words stated using cracker or honky.

      • Oh Sorry see my first post was deleted. I wanted to add we elected Obama because he was the best man for the job, as hard as it is for you to believe. I of course did not vote for him in either election, no because of skin color though. We’ve had four hundred years? You play the victim like a champ buddy. You think white people didn’t come over here to America as slaves? Look in your damn history books buddy. The way you make it sound EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON IS OUT TO GET YOU. Umm Your a racist pig. Good luck in life!

        MODERATOR: Where were any of your comments removed? There were two comments in the comment section from you and neither one of them was deleted.

        I have no problem with people having dialogue between each other on my blog, but, I will not tolerate name-calling of any kind towards each other (“Umm Your a racist pig”.)

        Read my Comment Policy.

        Thank you.


        It is racial slurs used by African American people, and although they are not looked upon as a negative they are used regularly. No he did not state these although I was using them to make a point. Look in the context. I never accused him of saying them. But accusing us of electing Obama so we can finally blame a black man is indicative of his racial bias, so I put into words his racism. I am not trying to insult a black person, I am pointing out the facts that racism exists on EVERY side. I am pointing out the fact that even those of us who could give (pardon my redneck coming out here) a rats ass about the color of your skin are grouped with the likes of the KKK. That’s like us saying every black person eats fried chicken, or every Spanish person makes fantastic tacos. Or every Spanish person is part of the Crypts, or blacks the Bloods. You see what I am saying? When I called him a racist pig, then I was waiting for his proof otherwise, because pardon the pun but the proof is in the pudding that he is racist as they come!

      • @Crystal

        As usual the same silly reasoning & lack of ability to accept a critical non-white analysis of white supremacy, all just proves you are in fact a racist & don’t even see your own racism. And BTW your attempt to paint me as silly has been noted Crystal.

        Lets start with this.

        “Most shocking to me is the amount of racism coursing through your blood. There is racism towards white people, you yourself are a prime example. ”

        Here we see once again the classic blame a dark skinned person for using the tool invented by “white skinned” people, as I stated RACISM is a tool invented by white skinned people to oppresses those who are not white. It includes a system of POWER which is controlled by said whites & not by dark skinned people, thus anything I say to you other than maybe offending you has NO POWER over your life. GET OVER IT & LEARN TO LISTEN.

        Accusing blacks of RACISM is akin to accusing a women of “WIFE BASHING”, stop confusing prejudice with RACISM & you might be on the way to having a open dialog with a dark skinned person instead of trying to always control what we say to you. & stop trying to dominate any discussions on race & racism with its victims, you have never being on the receiving end of “organized black supremacy” so you have no idea what you are talking about.

        “I’m a cracker right? A honky? Hmm? Are those not racist remarks? ”

        As admin said I didn’t use any of these words so once again your attempting to put words in my mouth. However i I did use these words they have no power I mean really.

        a/ Cracker is derived from the sound of the slave masters whip. This if anything is actually an empowering name to call a “white person” as it implies they are oppressive. These have little relation to the names accorded non white people which are always based on De-humanising non-whites – ie MONKEYS, APES, SHIT SKINS, NIGGERS ETC ETC

        b/ A honky – well I have no idea but honking is something a horn does.

        Now tell me when have either of these names been used against whites during a systematic & sustained abuse on their humanity for 400 years. When have non-whites ever subjected “whites on mass” under any name & systemically abused white people by the imposition of laws, policies & institutions that have impacted the progress & well-being of white skinned people? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US ALL?

        Viscous “white skinned” men killed my grand farther under the name of NIGGER, a man who went & fought in the war & was prepared to give his life for the freedom of all people. Yet when he returned home the KKK saw him only as a NIGGER, has any person ever killed your family members under the name CRACKER or HONKY?. Did any of your family members fight in war for an army that mistreated your people, for a country that didn’t see you as human & then return home to be murdered for being the wrong color? How dare you scream at me about being racist & not being effected by the history racism created to justify SLAVERY.

        Yes I am DISTRUSTING of white skinned folks and the SYSTEMS they have created, & If people who wore a BLUE SHIRT smacked you in head everyday I’m darn sure you would start to flinch when you saw a BLUE SHIRT.

        “Where as I will stand next to any person willing to help, you chose to put a whole race on your enemy list.”

        Huge assumption as I have some European ancestry & family I have not placed a “WHOLE RACE” on my “ENEMY LIST” both of which are fictitious creations of your own mind & not at all mentioned in my post. In fact it may shock you but I don’t even believe in RACE, so therefore I cant place a race on any list. What I am against is the “IDEOLOGY OF WHITENESS” & “WHITE SUPREMACY”, both of which you display a healthy serving of. Therefore you aren’t somebody looking to help, you are just looking to shut down and pacify those who don’t mirror back your own preconceived superiority, which comes with having white skin in a world based on “WHITE SUPREMACY”.

        RACE is of course a fabrication & has no basis in genetic reality, but 400 + years of “INSTITUTIONAL RACISM” controlled & perpetuated by “white skinned” people is still very real. As is the far reaching inequalities it has historically & still currently perpetuates which will not end until “white skinned” people acknowledge & seek to eradicate it from their collective consciousness. As I said it takes a delusional mind set to avoid this constant reality of “modern society” where dark skinned humans suffer at higher levels from every social ill amongst their communities & nations, and yet there is never any admission of WHY THIS SO! accept white skinned people constantly blaming dark folks for the afflictions. Meanwhile said white people continue to benefit everyday from the establishment of commerce which profits from use of people in third world nations salve labor, having being afforded centuries advantage founded on the use of dark skinned humans as FREE LABOR. Like I said you guys complain about how much HARD WORK you do & how much you hate the idea of this going to the less fortunate, yet fell no moral quandary about millions of dark people worked to death for you to profit from. Or the nice jewels & the NIKE sneakers, and unfortunately many dark folks are indoctrinated into this ignorance as well.

        “Guess what I am Irish, guess what else WE WERE SLAVES TOO. You were not a slave YOUR ANCESTORS were.”

        Not disputing this I am aware of the difference between the past & the present, however It seems I understand the past is the foundation of the present. Where its obvious you live in some delusion that all things are just equal because you say so. As I said this is typical of many “white” skinned people living in “racialized” countries, who don’t want to concede the privilege afforded by their membership of the “WHITE RACE”.

        I would regale you with a detailed description of the difference between indentured servitude versus chattel slavery, but given your such an informed advocate of anti-racism and standing with people who want to solve the problem of racism I’m sure you know this right?. I really fell for the Irish in fact many Irish people have been good friends to me, and truly understand what it means to be oppressed, mass murdered & enslaved & how that history impacts a people.

        For instance i bet you can trace your family name back for many hundreds of years to old Ireland, I cant tell you anything past my great grandfather. But of course that should have no impact on me being robbed of that knowledge of my origin. It also is no impact that my Aboriginal (Indian) ancestors had their land stolen for white skinned folks to profit from, as I guess no white skinned people derived a legacy to hand onto their offspring?. Of course it was all years ago and has not given one group a leg up?. I guess the 1960’s when blacks had to march & get blasted with water cannons & attacked by police with batons & dogs is so long ago that has no impact on psyche of my parents?

        Also the Irish got to join the “white privilege” ranks when they arrived in the European colonies, as evidenced by their just & fair representation in the areas of property ownership etc. I have met many Irish people who still hate the English for subjugating them in their own country, I guess you where raised in the USA though right so you have forgotten this? Even your fellow white man Tim Wise has discussed how the Irish where seduced by the promise of access to the “fictional white race”, and took to oppressing blacks also & sharing in the spoils.

        “Affirmative action REQUIRES you hire a colored person no matter their qualifications, whether their the best candidate or not for a job.”

        Another silly & racist statement as the main recipients of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION benefits have been “WHITE WOMEN” who after centuries of subjection by their men needed a leg up; go look up the stats. Also there are more than enough “white people” of low capacity & ability in the work force also, I know I have worked with too many to count. These same white skinned people end up in top executive post & yet time & time again drive businesses, counties & even countries into the ground time & again. BUT DO YOU EVER HEAR ANYBODY ATTRIBUTE THEIR CONSISTENT FAILURE TO BEING WHITE????

        “You choose only to see one side of this story. I see all sides, but I also know how I feel.”

        NO YOU DON’T I just gave you a critical non-white perspective & you responded as usual by trying to dictate to me what I should believe & say, but the narcissism that comes with “white privilege” always allows one to convince themselves they can see more than their self confirming mythologies about being open minded – lol

        “Frankly I don’t care what color you are get a job, make some money,”

        Tell this to many folks with non-European sounding names that don’t get called in for interviews despite having equal or equivalent skill level to candidates who have “white sounding names”. This is one those annoying race statistics that has been discovered in every country controlled by white skinned folks – why is that Crystal?

        And BTW I m qualified engineer who completed a degree thank you very much (despite their being no AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in my country), despite spending my whole school experience being physiologically & even sometimes physically abused by the white people I was surrounded by. One teacher actually beat me daily as she had a book that said Negros are stupid & must be beaten to reinforce learning, often I was beaten for defending myself against the racism of white students. I guess this all happened to you too though because of your IRISH ANCESTRY right? I bet them black teachers beat you because you was an IRISH CRACKER & some Psychologist wrote a book saying IRISH CRACKERS must be beaten to make them learn?

        “FYI I do not need to make reparations to blacks there is not a single former slave alive to pay back so you can just drop that BS.”


        I said whites should have campaigned many generations ago for their leadership to end the UNFAIR SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION!, and that THESE SYSTEMS HAVE LEAD TO THE COLLECTIVE PREDICAMENT OF THE BLACKS THEY CRITICIZE FOR HAVING HIGHER LEVELS POVERTY!!

        Many whites today have BENEFITED directly from generational wealth in their families that has contributed to things such as ongoing property ownership, ability to pay for college etc etc all from moneys handed down from ancestors who where accorded opportunities that black people weren’t! Why do you white skinned folks fail to accept this, when it obvious!.

        And i speak not only about this impact blacks but also Natives who lost their sovereignty over their lands & thus also the ability to develop security for their children.

        “and have some damn pride at being able to provide for your family.”

        See this is exactly the point I was trying to make about “WHITE CONSCIOUSNESS” you guys collectively only equate a persons worth with their ability to make money, own things or become famous.

        It might surprise you but prior to being forced to live in your idea of society DARK RACES did quite well at providing for their families, and managed to live in balance with others & the planet for 10s of thousands of years. It wasn’t until Europeans turned up & either invaded & took over or abducted people to work as slaves in their colonies that blacks developed a problem in this area.

        Value success (wealth) is a shallow & spiritually void ideology that only ever creates more poverty & endless oppression as you fail to see the intrinsic value of HUMAN LIFE & THE PLANET, that’s why I said that thinking like white Europeans only ever leads to suffering. And this why white skinned people who accept this ideology can NEVER rejoin the HUMAN RACE and find peace & balance with different peoples of the EARTH. Because you always want to IMPOSE your unethical & inhumane social structure onto everybody else, so as to personally benefit from exploiting others resources. & cant respect that others are DIFFERENT! Why do you think a lot of white skinned folks are seeking out non European spirituality in recent times, because they are starting to work out that “WHITENESS” creates only suffering. It makes me laugh that white skinned people invent catch words like “sustainable living” & “environmental awareness” to describe how colored folks where living until Europeans invaded our lands.

        For instance African people have an ideology called “Ubuntu” it equates the idea “YOU ARE IMPORTANT & VALUABLE BECAUSE YOU EXIST”, in white society you are only perceived as important if you have wealth, lots of trinkets or power. This is an anti-human philosophy & has allowed the degradation, enslavement & destruction of human beings of all colors. And this is my & your biggest enemy NOT WHITE PEOPLE AS YOU INCORRECTLY HAVE ASSUMED.


        ” Come on guys wake up, the racial divide is just another way to control us.”

        I am well awake thank you, although I know of course you think you are the one who is always right & knows the truth (yet another facet of narcissism BTW). Yes racism is a system of control but it is also a system of benefits for the group who operates it which has been white skinned people. Of course because some white skinned people are finally waking up to the fact that the advantage of “whiteness” is fading rapidly, we are now seeing them turning to black skinned folks to try & figure out how to survive oppression. After all we have for more than 400 years resisted every attempt by the “white race” to suppress & exterminate us on every level.

        I have to giggle every time white skinned people start alluding to the NEW WORLD ORDER & the control of the elites, like they forgot rich white skinned folks have been robbing from and manipulating poor white skinned folks for over a 1000 years. The fact is you all had it good in America, South America, Australia & South Africa for 400+ years when the “white race” was invented to pacify you & stop you joining with blacks to rebel against your rulers. Your quality of life was improved and some of you even got rich too, but now your waking up to the fact that everyone is JUST A NIGGER to the rich you now want to be friends. You now want to dictate to black folks who have spent 400 years being abused under your system who we should fight & who we should fight with, while we are too busy just trying to hold ourselves together dealing everyday with the anti-black racist culture you have created to preserve your own “white supremacy”.

        I also noticed you didn’t address any of my points about how people such as yourself have all these opinions about welfare, but nothing to say about trillions of dollars of depleted uranium paid for by your taxes ending up in small children in Afghanistan & Iraq. Or about it going to super rich whites who deliberately defrauded the banking system and the public of so much money that they required BAIL OUT? Nothing to say when Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon lost $1 trillion dollars & couldn’t find it

        Yet you’re quick to come here & respond to an article that has offended your white privileged world view.

      • @Crystal

        “I wanted to add we elected Obama because he was the best man for the job, as hard as it is for you to believe.”

        LOL that why you got the Tea Party Movement appearing overnight & holding up racist signs depicting Obama as a Monkey, a Terrorist working with Bin Laden & even Aldof Hitler (as if that’s not the most offensive projection of guilt I have ever witnessed). That’s why membership in white supremacy groups soared by the 10s of thousands almost overnight?

        BTW I like how you acknowledged your membership of the “white race” by the “we” statement in there.

        ” You play the victim like a champ buddy.”

        Acknowledge a system of abuse & standing up to it far from being a “victim” – lol

        “You think white people didn’t come over here to America as slaves?”

        Some whites came as indentured servants, this is not the same thing as chattel slavery, I REPEAT NOT THE SAME THING. Indentured servants where freed after they worked of their indenture period, and where allowed to own property & even vote. How is this the same as blacks enduring slavery & segregation all the way to the 60s? Did these “whites slaves’ suffer through Jim Crowe, did these white slaves get lynched in mass & held in terror for several generations NO THEY DIDN’T – SO NOT THE SAME HISTORY!

        “Look in your damn history books buddy.”

        I’m not your buddy & why don’t you practice what you preach as it very clear you haven’t picked up any books on non-white history. In fact its clear you cant read somebodies post without only taking in the few lines that offend your elevated self-perception, and then inventing your version of what they wrote to sooth your ego wounds.

        “The way you make it sound EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON IS OUT TO GET YOU. ”

        Again go back & read & see I didn’t say every white person was out get me I was describing the ideologies & the social and political systems that have been put in place to benefit whites & oppress blacks, which are so ingrained at every level they don’t require the active participation of every white person to be still effective.

        “Umm Your a racist pig. Good luck in life!”

        Boo Hoo – I’m glad you can comfort yourself by projecting you own racism onto me. As I said I have white family members who unlike you actually understand what I say & don’t get offended because they are human beings first & white second unlike you.

    • Wow, do you have whitey or what ?

      And the mod, do you have anything to say about this post, or just take thewaronblack’s side on comments to it ?

      I guess it’s your own site, so you can do what you want.


    Actually it was deleted on my computer after it froze. I did not say somebody erased it I said it was erased. Thanks.


    First “LOL that why you got the Tea Party Movement appearing overnight & holding up racist signs depicting Obama as a Monkey, a Terrorist working with Bin Laden & even Aldof Hitler (as if that’s not the most offensive projection of guilt I have ever witnessed). That’s why membership in white supremacy groups soared by the 10s of thousands almost overnight?”

    You put me in with the tea party? I will never, and have never committed to a political side, because in my “WHITE” Ideology there is no side but the American side. Oh and my dark skinned friends agree with me on that! As for white supremacy groups, I haven’t seen any here in NH nor have I joined any. Sorry, I guess I cannot be grouped with those idiots.

    “The fact is you all had it good in America, South America, Australia & South Africa for 400+ years when the “white race” was invented to pacify you & stop you joining with blacks to rebel against your rulers. Your quality of life was improved and some of you even got rich too, but now your waking up to the fact that everyone is JUST A NIGGER to the rich you now want to be friends. You now want to dictate to black folks who have spent 400 years being abused under your system who we should fight & who we should fight with, while we are too busy just trying to hold ourselves together dealing everyday with the anti-black racist culture you have created to preserve your own “white supremacy”.”

    I don’t dictate to black people who they should fight. On the I don’t know oppression, I am a priveldged white person you think? I was abused as a child, a white woman that worked for the state came in and said it was OK. I lost my virginity to rape, not to one man but three, one being my OWN FATHER. You think I don’t know abuse? Or oppression? You think I don’t know what it’s like to be judged? I was poor to, and nobody gave a shit what happened to me. Black or White. On the native American side of things, Uh yep I also have native American blood running through my veins thank you. I Can trace my family back to the 1600′s in ME. I am sorry you can’t. I am sorry you were hit by a teacher, and I am sorry you still feel so oppressed. What I was saying wasn’t that racism doesn’t exist, it does. I have seen it more than once, but I as in ME ALONE, have/will help regardless of skin color. Many white woman, and men have and continue to be brought over as sex slaves, along with dark skinned, and Asian people.

    I don’t need anybody to teach me of oppression or how to survive through it, my past has taught me plenty about me. Although I have yet to finish college, I am a good mom to two good children that I do not torture on a daily basis. On that aspect I am overcoming what happened to me. As for Narcissistic personality disorder, I am not nor have I ever been obsessed with myself and the problems I faced. I am not vain in the least, and I know there are bigger issues in this world.

    Once again I reiterate I do not picture black people when I think of welfare, sorry but you cannot speak for every white person therefore you should not assume you know. You have come to conclusions based on your race and what has happened in the past. I acknowledge you had a horrible past. We all have our demons, although I could not imagine living through yours, could you imagine living through mine? I don’t think every man is out to get me, I do not think every time I turn around someone is going to judge me, I do not blame any of the male species for what happened to me. You take your anger over being hit out on me. You really think I like being called a cracker? I don’t want that kind of power, as for my family and dying because of skin color. No that has not happened, however my grandfather did die because he fought for his country. He died from lung cancer after being on the submarines through Vietnam, it was a slow and painful death. I also fought for this country, and although my battle buddy was Spanish, there were dark skinned folks there. Actually I will forever be grateful to the male soldier that pushed me through basic. He was dark skinned, did I care? No, and still don’t. Did I notice his skin color, yeah I did, and you know what? I am almost certain he didn’t care. after all that is a defining characteristic, just like my red hair and moon face are defining characteristics. I am sorry if my truthfulness and beliefs are offensive to you, oh and the fact that my beliefs do not coincide with yours. You have an attitude that I do not understand, your right I don’t, but do you understand? No you don’t, we both have suffered, and I am sorry mine was not as great as yours being that I was a privaledged white girl, living in a trailer, being beaten daily by those who were suppose to protect her, being raped at 11, and continuously from then until I was 17 and left for the army it was not as rough as your oppression. Obviously I must be the exception, no other white kids suffer that way, no other white kids know oppression. I know you are not to blame for my suffering, or that of others, yet you project your suffering onto me, assuming somehow I think I am better than you. Hmm, well talking to a girl who thought being raped was her fault, who thought she was worthless for many years, and only having come out of it within the past five years, I can guarantee you I do not feel as though I am somehow more elite than you. You want me to apologize for my ancestors? No I won’t, they didn’t own slaves, they didn’t involve themselves in the slave trade. You said white people view welfare as reparation, which is where my reparation comment came in. Maybe you, buddy, should have read through what you wrote. I do believe your racist, as you do believe yours are the only people being oppressed. I truly feel for what happened to you, and for the feelings I am sure you felt at that time. I don’t feel sorry, sympathy, I feel empathy for the way that probably put you down. Do not group me in with tea party’s and oppressive teachers. Once again I state you see only your side, as you have made that clear, I however view all sides. Now do me a favor next time you see a white girl looking lost, ask her what has happened, or next time you see a white boy looking hurt, ask him what has happened. I am not saying it only happens to white kids, but I am saying you would look past it quicker than you would if it were a black kid, and this goes for white people as well, just like the social worker who could have helped in my case. Thanks for reading, and responding.

  30. Well_Duh

    More twisting of facts without necessity. Blacks currently do not get proportional social security because before 1970s civil rights reforms discrimination kept most from holding jobs that paid enough into social security to qualify. This is a part rapidly disappearing problem. However, those who spend much time on welfare today might not qualify either – but they can still get welfare. I keep hearing welfare is actually a better deal for old folk. So laugh at whites clinging to social security and all its additonal BS.

    As far dying younger…unfortunately a good deal of that problem comes with a popular black culture that promotes a lifetime of heavy drinking, smoking and drugs to contrast themselves from uptight whites. (And sure plenty of white and other racial providers cash in on that but advocacy is home grown).

    Comfort yourself that you had better parties and enjoyed life better than those whites and blacks who did not and then lived longer miserable lives. Heh and quite a few of the current whites hispanics and chinese are going down the same path with current black youth. Unfortunately my suspicions are that percentages for blacks are still higher.

  31. Cu

    I’m having trouble locating most of your statistics for racial distribution of welfare on could you send me the direct links to where this information is found instead of just saying the government has it, thanks

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