Last week I posted on the murders of Black citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the area of New Orleans, LA known as Algiers Point, a mostly all-White neighborhood.

Here is the previous post:  https://kathmanduk2.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/ethnic-cleansing-katrinas-hidden-race-war/

The deliberate hunting down and slaughtering of defenseless Black people by racists, the callous coldness of the local law enforcement in not pursuing these heinous crimes, and the non-existent news coverage (except for The Nations report), is more proof-positive of the lack of human regard for the lives of Black Americans.

If these were Black women going on a gun-toting mission to murder White women and men, the whole world would have heard about it by now. But, these are murdered Black people, not White people, therefore they have no value in the eyes of this country.

These are not Missing Pretty White Women:  https://kathmanduk2.wordpress.com/2007/08/08/missing-pretty-white-woman-syndrome-conclusion/

But w ith The Nation’s incisive report on these atrocities, and putting feet to fire, the New Orleans Police Department had to take notice of the contempt towards Black human life, including their’s and the white community of Algiers Point, and finally launch an investigation into these murders:






December 26, 2008

By A.C.Thompson



New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren J. Riley made a Christmas Eve announcement that he will now investigate alleged crimes reported in a story published December 17 by The Nation. The story, “Katrina’s Hidden Race War,” shows how white residents in one New Orleans neighborhood repeatedly threatened and shot at African-American men in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


A New Orleans Police Department press release sent December 24 to the media and local government officials said that Riley “is currently looking into the allegations, and asked if anyone has substantial information relative to any incidents of this type to call the New Orleans Police Department Bureau of Investigations.”


In the Nation article, two African-American shooting victims–Marcel Alexander and Donnell Herrington–describe being blasted with a shotgun by a white man in the Algiers Point neighborhood on September 1, 2005, a few days after the storm made landfall. And several members of a self-styled vigilante group, all of them white, recount a string of shootings targeting African-Americans. “Three people got shot in just one day!” said one of the militiamen.


As documented in the Nation story, Herrington and others approached police officials about the attacks. But Riley claimed that the NOPD was unaware of this violence prior to the story’s publication. The department, according to Riley’s statement, “did not receive any complaints or information to substantiate any of the allegations of racial conflicts or vigilante type crimes in the City of New Orleans including the Algiers Point on the west bank of the City.” NOPD officials declined to respond to a detailed summary of each incident documented in the Nation article over a period of months.


The product of an eighteen-month investigation, “Katrina’s Hidden Race War” was underwritten by The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund, with additional support by ProPublica.


SOURCE:  The Nation:  http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090112/thompson



A companion video of the race killings can be viewed here:

The NOPD. . . .finally investigating these incidents, was not aware of this anti-Black violence before the news article report. . . .now wants to talk to anyne who has information on these murders, now that the trail has gone stone-cold, and the killers are not only hiding but will not be outed by their accomplice protectors.

Yes, the devaluation and cheapness of Black human life in America should be no surprise to anyone knowledgeable about this country’s race war history against her Black American citizens.

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