Did ya’ll miss me?

No, ya’ll didn’t.

After surviving Hurricane Ike, and now in the process of picking up the pieces (contacting the dreaded FEMA, getting photos of personal and real property damage developed and catalogued for evidence; getting my very first package of “MRE”s), it’s good to be back to my laptop. I missed not being able to post, but, not as much as I am thankful to weathering Ike, and not having to experience catastrophic deprivation. (Although being without electricity/refrigeration is no picnic. Bags of ice will only go so far before they melt away from the humid Texas heat (ice chest/cooler, notwithstanding). The light company finally got the electricity back up and running in my neighborhood, this afternoon. Many people in some parts of the city/county, still are without electricity. FEMA has set up a toll-free line for citizens in need of asssistance due to destruction of their property.  

I will post a little from time to time, but, for now, I am just going to give myself a much needed vacation from posting.

Since I missed putting up this week’s “In Remembrance”, I will post it this coming Sunday.

Anyway, feel free to continue to leave comments. I have a lot of posts that will keep everyone busy.

Until then. . . .

. . . .signing off.


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6 responses to “I’M BACK ONLINE!

  1. harrietsdaughter

    Yes, I missed you! I’m glad you are okay and that you checked in to give an update.

    Take care of yourself…. but I’ll be glad to see you posting again.

  2. Ann


    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I am doing much better with every day that comes. Exhaustion and stress from Ike and its after effects are beginning to catch up with me, but, with lots of rest, I will be fine.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You are the best. I’m glad you are well and safe.

  4. Ann


    Thanks for your kind words. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, but, everything is alright.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Ann.

    Thank goodness this wasn’t worse for you, but it sounds plenty bad. I’m glad you’re alright, and up for more rounds on the ol’ blog!

    I’m wondering if you are the woman who, maybe two years ago or so, gave me a link to some whiteboy blog where some asshole-dickhead was giving a woman named “Ann” a hard time, in the most white male supremacist way.

    If you’re not “that” Ann, nevermind. If you are, please drop me an email!

  6. Ann

    Hey, Julian Real! Good to hear from you.

    Yes, I am that “Ann”.

    I will drop you an e-mail tonight.

    Thanks for stopping by 😉

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