For those of my readers who wish to know more of what other black men and women citizens are experiencing in some Native American tribes across America, please click onto the following blogs/links:

*Original Pechanga has a wealth of information on how her people have been horribly mistreated by the Pechanga tribe on issues of abuse of their own people concerning the employment at Pechanga casinos, abuse of casino employees, and how the Pechanga tribe has violated the civil rights of many of its members, which she documents on her blog. Please check out her blog here: 



*Eli Grayson’s blog discusses an even less known group of black Freedmen/Women——the Black Creek Freedmen/Women (The Black Creek). This site discusses the injustices that the Black Creek Freedmen/Women have suffered at the hands of their fellow Creek tribal members. They discuss their ancestors, their stories, and their fight to be recognized as legitimate citizens of the Creek Nation. Their site can be reached here:



*And yet another excellent site to learn of what is happening in relation to the Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women expulsion from the CN, (as well as the Pechanga and other tribes) is the fabulous site by John “The Elder” Cornsilk, a conscientious Cherokee man who champions the cause of the Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women,  as well as keeps his readers abreast of new developments on the rogue/illegal government of Chief Chad Smith. John Cornsilks’s site can be reached here:



These racial expulsions—–these ethnic cleansings against Black Indians must cease, but, they will continue if people are unaware or uninformed as to the many untold injustices that the descendants of the former slaves of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes are experiencing in the 21ST Century.

The Freedmen/Women have put so much into the culture, history and society of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes.

It is high time that the so-called Five Tribes start living up to their name.

Civilized behaviour does not include nor mean the ruthless and vitriolic mistreatment of your own people.


The following is a link to the petition to Sen. Barack Obama to reconsider his stand on non Congressional intervention in the disenrollment of 2,800 Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women, requesting that he support the Congressional Bills (HR 2824 and HR 2786 [NAHASDA]) (and the Congressional Black Caucus) backing the Freedmen/Women Treaty rights of1866, and that he revise his position on the plight of the Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women.  Here is the link to the petition:  


OR call Sen. Obama:  (202)-224-2854;
OR Fax Sen. Obama:  (202)-228-4260


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  1. Ann,

    Thank you for pointing your readers our way. Publicity helps to shine the light on the injustice that is happening in Indian Country. The CBC is standing up for the civil rights of the Freedmen and hopefully, for the individual Indians that have had their civil rights violated by tribal councils across the country.

    I hope your readers enlighten themselves by visiting our sites.

    Thanks Again.

  2. Thank you for mentioning our family’s blog. Original Pechanga has been working hard to get the information out on what is happening at Pechanga and their violation of our civil rights.

    Your help and the help of your friends is critical to our successful fight and of course the success of the Freedmen and women.

  3. Ann

    Original Pechanga and Pechanga Disenrolled, you are both welcome. Original Pechanga, you have done an outstanding job chronicling your people’s stand to be treated with dignity, respect and acknowledgement as Pechanga.

    The more people learn of the paper genocide against Black Indians across America, the more there will be to join in the fight to bring equality and justice to all “Native Americans”.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

  4. It is a beautiful thing to see people support eachother during times of struggle. Thank you so much for the link to our families blog.

  5. Thank you for spreading the word on the terrible events that have besmirched the good reputation of the Cherokee people and done so much harm to innocent people. My father’s website gives the readers the opportunity to investigate the facts for themselves. They can also join in on lively political discussions. Only by shining a light will we see the greedy political cockroaches run. Write to Congress and tell them the truth. Demand that they take action to stop the shame of disenrollment upon Indian Country. Every voice counts and one voice can make a difference.
    David Cornsilk

  6. Ann


    Thank you for your comments. We are all in this together—all of us who live here in the United States of America. It would be just as callous NOT to speak up for those whose voices have been silenced and drowned out for far too long.

    May my small endeavors help in some way to give support and solidarity to the Pechanga and their fight for justice.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Ann

    David Cornsilk.

    It is an honor for you to stop by my humble blog.

    “My father’s website gives the readers the opportunity to investigate the facts for themselves.”

    I admire and respect your father very much for all that he has done in support of the Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women. (I usually just lurk at your father’s website, when time allows me to stop by for a visit, gathering much valued information on the Freedmen/Women case 😉

    I thank him, and you, for fighting the good fight and for speaking truth to power on the many, many unjust racial pogroms that are occurring in Indian Country all across America.

    “Only by shining a light will we see the greedy political cockroaches run.”

    Yes, only by spraying the “Raid” truth on the mendacious gypdog politicians can those of us who believe in justice, fairness and equality, be able to stamp out the vermin that have hogged the spotlight and spread their vicious lies for too long.

    “Every voice counts and one voice can make a difference.”


    Thank you for your comments, and thanks for stopping by.

  8. I am a Hunter/descendant caught up in Pechanga’s corruption and, by bringing the truth to the puplic we will be victorius. I want to congratulate the Freedmen’s victory on the latest court decision, our Creator is watching over all of us. Thank you Ann for linking OP’s blog to yours.

  9. Ann


    Thank you for your comments and for stopping by.

    The truth shall not be suffocated forever. Truth always comes to light.

    I wish for more people who are unaware of the callous disregard that is shown towards so many Freedmen/Women in many tribes across America to realize the wrongs that are occurring in this country. Alerting my readers of Original Pechanga, Eli Grayson, and John/David Cornsilk is the least I can do.

    In addition to writing to MY senators and congressional representatives to put their feet to the fire to stand up in support of the Freedmen/Women, the Black Creeks, the Pechangas, and many others.

  10. Elizabeth

    It’s truly unfortunate that you have somehow been duped into believing that the Cornsilks are reputable “conveyors of Cherokee truth.” They are a joke to anyone that’s actually familiar with Cherokee Nation’s past, present and future.

    They lend no credibility to your cause, and actually hurt your cause and the Cherokee Freedmen’s cause more than they help.

    • terry metoyer

      The only reason they were coined the Five Civilized Tribes by the white
      man is becuse they were the only tribes that sold out to the whites.
      If you look at it they were given handouts,we as black people have never
      gotten any thing from the government but a hard damn time , but look at us today, keep fighting justice will prevail ; this really does not surprise
      me it is all being control by racist whites , so sad this is still going on in 2011 what a shame on white america.

  11. peggy rickard

    How can you in one breath call your selves Black Cherokee and yet your words and actions betray. You talk more of black issues and black ways than Cherokee. If you were really CHEROKEE you would not have run to the N.A.A C.P. and BLACK NATIONAL CONGRESS. If you really loved the CHEROKEE you would not be trying to commit genocide upon them. You wouldnt put the old folks and children–families in danger by taking their federal dollars. It is the responsibility of the u.s. government to deal with these issues. You should go to the N.A.A.C.P. and BLACK NATIONAL CONRESS and rally the government to give you your own land as FREEDMEN descendants. You arent a red Indian. If you feel you are then you should do what every one else does and prove by DNA that you are of CHEROKEE blood and that you have an ancester on the DAWES rolls. ITS discusting that you are asking for 30,000 folks to join the CHEROKEE rolls–its all about $$$$$$$$/ You should bow your head in shame for being in on genocide of a people. If you were really NATIVE you wouldnt be going to the N.A.A.C.P. and BLACK NATIONAL CONGRESS. Your words, interests and ways are not the red road–its obvious. Leave the CHEROKEES alone–they will have my prayers and I will continue to sign petions–inform and do all I can to fight for them.

    • terry metoyer

      Peggy what is the purpose of having a blood quantum test and then
      you still have to find an ancestor on the Dawes Roll, I do not get this
      Your ancestors decided to put blacks on the rolls and some were
      mixed Indian evidently they wanted to give the blacks a piece of the pie
      they did this but then the no good ass white man who stole from all of
      us talked you guys into ousting the blacks so they can have more money to steal from you dumb ass people , the whites are using you guys once again all with a smile and handshake. You all are dishonoring what your forefathers wanted, black built america and the Indian Nations, the tribal
      leaders were nothing but a group of lazy people who tried to be white by
      using the blacks. None of you have worked for any of that money or casinos, It all should have been given to blacks anyway. We ought to do
      a Black Blood Quantum test on you guys and see the results most of you guys have black blood in your veins,aome might not look it, but it is there
      Peggy I traced your family and you have black blood.

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