Over at Abagond, he has put up a post on America’s denial of its racist history. Here is an excerpt:

Apple-pie America is that part of America where nearly everyone is white and well-off, happy and innocent. The bad in the world always seems to be somewhere else – in a bad part of town, in a bad part of the world, in a bad part of history. Always there, never here. And when on occasion it is here, like with 9/11, then it is because madmen from somewhere else are behind it.Its golden age was in the 1950s. From about 1955 to 1975, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war and Watergate destroyed the faith of many. But now that most Americans are too young to remember those things, apple-pie America is making a comeback.

Judging from Obama’s speech on race in March 2008, most Americans seem to believe in it.

To see if you live in apple-pie America, take this simple true/false test (for Americans only):

Read the rest of this great post here:

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