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Wendell S. Scott

Professional Photographer

Wendell S. Scott, nephew of the founder of the Atlanta Daily World, and son of life-long Atlanta Daily World employee Emel Scott, has served as the paper’s vice president and director of operations since August 1997. Scott joined the staff of the Atlanta Daily World after five years of service in the U.S. Air Force in 1968. He oversees security, production, photography, circulation and operations of the newspaper.
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Brenda J. Turner

Professional Photographer

Brenda J. Turner, a credentialed photographer for Atlanta professional sports teams including the Atlanta Falcons, Hawks & Braves, is in the midst of producing a self-assigned series on African-Americans in Sports, including NFL Quarterbacks of Color, Negro Baseball Leagues Player.
Her love of sports has led her to cover the 2001 NFL ProPowl Honolulu & 2002 and 2003 MLB Playoff Series, MLB and NFL Training Camps, 2003 NBA Allstar Game, Olympic Titan Games, SEC Championship, Celebrity Golf and Basketball Tournaments, 2004 Family Circle Tennis Cup.

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Willie E. Tucker

Professional Photographer

Willie E. Tucker of WETPhotographics started at the Atlanta Daily World as an independent photojournalist in the summer of 1995. His first assignments were on the music scene with the Classic Chastain Park Summer Series. Over the years his mission has been to photograph African Americans and others in the best possible pose. “All media is history and the photographer has a great part in how history is shown to future generations,” he says.
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Bud Smith

Professional Photographer

Bud Smith has over 35 years of experience as a freelance photographer. As a staff photographer for Motown and A&M Records, he had the opportunity to meet and photograph numerous celebrities and entertainers. Some of the people Smith photographed include Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Tina Turner. He was the requested photographer for the final tour of the Jackson Five Victory Tour in 1979. Smith’s work as a photojournalist has been featured in several national magazines including Ebony, Jet and Time.
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Susan J. Ross

Professional Photographer

Susan J. “Sue” Ross refers to herself as a photo-griot, specializing in documenting images which portray the comings and goings of the African-American community – cultural, social, political and economic.
Ross combines her life’s work with her position in government administration for the City of Atlanta

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The Late Rogers Murphy

Professional Photographer

During his multi-faceted career, Rogers Murphy has photographed numerous subjects from public figures to corporate executives, from celebrities to ordinary people. As a visual artist, he works with various media including include framed art, photography and prints. In recognition of Murphy’s talent, his work has been displayed in several exhibitions including ones at the APEX Museum, Atlanta City Hall, Clark College (now known as Clark Atlanta University), Morris Brown College and the Emory University School of Law.
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