Black Power, Black Feminism:

Black Womens Activism and Development of Womanist / Feminist Consciousness in the Era Black Power
FridaySaturday March 7-8, 2008

 This conference is FREE and open to the public.

Register at:

Traditionally, scholarship on the Black Power era has characterized this time of renewed cultural and political nationalism and activism as an almost exclusively male domain.

This has begun to change. Not only have scholars uncovered a long tradition of Black womens activism before and during the Black Power era, but they have begun reevaluating the entire era as a result. Part and parcel with this period of activism has been the development of a Black feminist consciousness. If scholars have seen the seeds of this consciousness far earlier, the sixties and seventies were notable for organizing that recognized inextricable and complicated ties between categories of race, class, and gender.

This conference seeks to sustain and enhance new scholarship that redefines the era, bringing the work and effort of women to the center.

On Saturday, Angela D. Coleman, President of Sisterhood Agenda, will present The Black is Beautiful Movement as part of the panel Our Prison Is This Whole Society: The Power of Rhetoric in Black Power Activism.”  

Sarah Lawrence College • 1 Mead Way • Bronxville, NY 10708 | Switchboard: (914) 337-0700


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  1. Blooming Blood Maiden

    Keep strong and keep blossoming! Support from New York. ❤

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