No matter if she is articulating a thought-provoking poem, singing a few verses from a song, stroking her brush across the canvas of a newly created painting, or speaking with the authority of thunder–commanding attention, Annie Ruth always has something positive to say. Art is the vehicle of her voice. It is a Godly-inspired voice, not defined by artistic categories but purposed by inspiration birthed into her spirit.

Annie Ruth is a multifaceted sister who loves to share her voice. She knows that it is not her own. She is simply the vessel, pouring out what has been poured into her heart.

More about Annie Ruth…

Fine Artist, Illustrator, Poet and Author… an award-winning visual artist and poet who has authored and illustrated numerous volumes of poetry, inspirational verse, and children’s books. She is active within the community, leading causes that impact children, education, and literacy. Her paintings are energizing and evoke positive emotions, utilizing brilliant colors and textures that impact the mood, awareness, and thinking of children.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from National University in San Diego, CA and works with organizations throughout the region, sharing her art and voice in programs to benefit the community at large. Many of her commissioned paintings are in the permanent collections of Children’s for Children/Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, and Central Clinic – University of Cincinnati and the Presbyterian Foundation. Her posters are always in demand and can been found in schools, libraries, arts centers, and homes around the country.

In 2005 she was named as a YWCA Career Woman of Achievement and received the Ohio Senate Commendation in 2004 for her community service and artistic accomplishments, the 2003 Taft Museum of Art Ducanson Artist in Residence, 2000 Leading Woman for Arts & Entertainment, and 1999 Enquirer Woman of the Year. Annie Ruth is a touring artist and art consultant who works with several major arts organizations including CET Arts Initiatives (Cincinnati PBS Affiliate), the Cincinnati Arts Association, and Eye of the Artists Foundation. She specializes in integrating visual art and language art and provides numerous visits to schools throughout the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky regions.

Throughout the years she has helped to inspire the dreamer in thousands of children by sharing the message of “creativity and imagination” through her words and artwork.


Creating art that celebrates the human spirit, the family and our world is one of my greatest passions. As a visual artist, poet, and performer I am often inspired through numerous veins of creativity, much like a beating heart that pump the life flow throughout the body. Like the eyes, my art is a mirror of my soul-reflecting my heart and those things that draw me nearer to my Creator.

The art that I create is not meant to define a subject or theme but it should enlighten the viewer and reveal a part of their heart as they embrace the spirit of the work. I create in two styles, which has taken me over two decades to develop. They are described as follows:


A combination of acrylic, mixed media and collage-often fusing several styles of art such as surrealism, abstract, and expressionism. The compositions typically combine symbolism and the use of color and images to interpret a theme. Often coupled with poetry, verse or narrative the work is used to capture the essence of an individual or occasion.


With brilliant colors and textures, I create paintings that positively impact the mood, awareness, and thinking of children. This style is utilized in my work created specifically for or about children. It celebrates the innocence of their minds, while subtly amplifying messages of positive self-expression, self-image, and learning. The palette is always bold primary colors with mixed media collage and created in a deliberate naive technique.


You can learn more about Ms. Annie Ruth by visiting her website:


Ms. Ruth provides positive inspirational uplift  to her black sisters, through her art, poetry, and products.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the Black History post. I was searching the Internet to update my site with new links and came across your blog. It’s refreshing to see the “making history shout out”. Be blessed….

  2. Ann

    Ms. Ruth, you are most welcome. And thank you for all that you do for celebrating in your art the human spirit that is found in all of us: black, white, red, brown and yellow.Thank you for celebrating the “creativity and imagination” that is the child in all of us in your beautiful artwork.

    Thank you gracing my humble blog.

    It is an honor.

    Please come back and visit whenever you wish.


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