09:18 PM CST on Saturday, February 16, 2008

By Rosa Flores / 11 News

Rosa Flores’ 11 News report

In this year’s fight for the White House, the Texas vote is … well … as big as Texas.

“This year, we are in the front seat,” James Gibbons of the Houston Chronicle said.

Hundreds of Texas delegates are up for grabs – some right here in Houston.

And that has the candidates taking notice.

Obama supporters gathered Saturday to prepare for the endorsement of comedian George Lopez.

“It turns out that Senator Obama is a fan of George Lopez, and they talked and George agreed to help him do everything he could, especially here in Texas,” Lopez spokesperson Christy Haubegger said.

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And at the Sixth Street Bar and Grill on Sunday, Clinton supporters will kick of her Houston campaign.

“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera will be there for that event.

“We are expecting a lot of supporters, and if the weather holds we might have more than we can handle, but it’s a rally and that’s what we want – enthusiastic supporters,” Hillary supporter Sylvia Garcia said.

The Houston Chronicle on Saturday announced their endorsements for Obama and McCain.

“McCain is a well-known figure. He’s a war hero. It’s kind of a no-brainer,” Gibbons said.

The Arizona Senator will be in town Sunday to pick up another endorsement – this time from former President Bush.

Even so, a group of local Mike Huckabee supporters have scheduled a meeting of their own for Sunday.

“His support here in Houston comes from grassroots that have been very active in the party for the last 20 years that came into the party with Ronald Reagan and have stayed active in the party,” supporter Dr. Steven Hotze said.

The Democratic candidates kicked off their primary campaigns in San Antonio and Austin Saturday.

(Article courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:  http://www.chron.com )



And they’ve been bombarding and inundating us with their relentless campaign ads.

“I’m Sen. Barack Obama, blah, blah, blah………………and I approve this ad.”

“I’m Sen. Hillary Clinton, blah, blah, blah…………….and I approve this ad.”

Well, I would think that the both of you would ‘approve’ your ads since those ads are going out with your names on them.

Obama running from Latino areas of town, and then to black areas of town covering racial/ethnic bases, in Austin and San Antonio. While Clinton simply cut to the chase, and immediately went to schlep among Latino voters in El Paso.

Yep. Obama and Clinton have set up campaign offices in Houston, and even Obama’s rally at Houston’s Reliant Center is sold out. (The debate between Obama and Clinton will be on Thursday, Febraury 21, 2008, aired on both CNN and Univision, from 7:00PM to 8:30PM.)   I still consider the jury out on Obama. As for Clinton, I am still not too happy with her either. Since she wants everyone to concentrate on her ‘experience’ yeah, I’ll do that, right down to your siding with Bush taking this country into a so-called war with Iraq. Yep, let’s hear it for ‘experience’.


The way I feel about political candidates is that I have to vote for the one who best serves my interests, and I am very hard on all political candidates. I cut none of them any slack unless they prove themselves worthy of earning my vote. I as a voter have to decide who will be the least candidate who is likely to stab me in the back and desert me after getting my vote. Black Americans have been shafted, used, abused and kicked to the side enough from candidates of every stripe, and we should no longer be taken for granted by anyone. Our votes are not to be grabbed from us, only to have the elected official forget about us and ignore our needs after getting office. And I do not want such callous treatment from any candidate—Clinton or Obama.


And I do not see where Obama has my best interests at heart in any way.

Where has he spoken out on the silence of rape and domestic abuse against black women in the black community? Where has he spoken up for the defense of the Newark 4? Dunbar Village? The contemptuous disregard for the victims of Genarlow Wilson? Where has he spoken out against the continued disparity in black women’s economic earning power, where black women make just 62 cents to every white man’s dollar? Where has he spoken up against the abysmal segregated-separate-but-equal sub-standard educational system in America’s inner cities? Where has he spoken out against America’s Third World poverty rate? Where has he spoken out against the (in)justice system that incarcerates black women at an alarmingly higher rate into prisons than white women? Where has he spoken out against the univestigated rapes against Native American women? Where is his outrage over the high infant mortality rate, rates that are so abominable for this so-called country that is supposed to have the highest standard of living in the world?

Where has he spoken out against thegovernment of Bashir’s Sudan and Darfur? The atrocities in Liberia? Congo? The blood diamond conflict? Kenya’s present volatile condition? Where has he spoken out for more economic business development in Africa for Africans? Economic development that encouragesthe start of local businesses, urging international development, teaching micro-finance and building cooperatives does something health care can’t accomplish, something that can lift people out of the cycle of disease, despondency, and apathy. Micro-loans that create abilities for those mired in poverty to raise themselves up out of poverty? It is not enough to concentrate on the present; to create a future, policies must be implemented to prepare Africa so that she can care for and lead her people into a new world of prosperity and continued improved better health, education and gainful livihoods.

Africa has gone through enough having to survive.

She needs to be able to thrive.

Where is Obama’s voice on the issues that matter most dearly to me? Where the hell is Clinton’s voice? Where the hell is McCain’s voice? Mike Huckabee? Ron Paul?

Where the hell are they?

No where.

Complete and utter silence.

Pretty, flowery speeches are one thing…………….putting your money (and your actions) where your mouth is, is another thing altogether different.

As far as I am concerned, Obama is just another run-of-the-mill candidate who will probably abandon black voters once he uses us to get into the White House.

It has been done before; it can and will be done again.

Won’t surprise me if he worries more and caters more to non-black’s interests more than he does black people’s.After all, we have always been the forgotten people when everyone has taken what they can from us to get where they are, and then those same people are the first to ignore us, and even become incensed when we remind them that it was our votes that put them into office as well as everyone elses’s votes.

That we exist and have the right to be respected for our humanity and needs just as much as the next American citizen.

Even the Houston Chronicle has been caught up in the frenzy, endorsing Obama, and McCain. (McCain, dont’ get me started on that man. Why on earth he is running is beyond me.) And here:

“Why Do people Have Barack Obama Fever?:  http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/politics&id=5970856 


“It just may be better that he has not become flavored by setting policies, but instead he speaks principles and values,” said Obama supporter Rev. Bill Lawson.”

Principles and values are fine, but, you will in the end have to back up those principles with policies that speak to the needs of the American people. Policies on the stagnant economy, taxes, prison systems, the international global community.

Neither do I see Clinton speaking out on these issues.

“McCain is a well-known figure. He’s a war hero. It’s kind of a no-brainer,” Gibbons said. ”


Wow, how original. He’s a ‘well-known figure’ so vote him. He’s a ‘war hero’, so vote for him. “It’s kind of a no-brainer’.


Sounds very no-brain-in-the-head to me. Just vote for McCain because he’s a war hero. Hell, in that case vote for all the vets since before the Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War…and the so-called Iraq War. What the hell, we could all use some more ex-military men to run this country. Yep, I sure America just couldn’t get enough of Eisenhower when he was president.


That the Dems have to trot out Latino celebrites to boost their campaigns…………you two cannot speak for yourselves without having to get some comedian or actress to speak for you to convince Latinos to vote for you:

“The volunteers, who were being trained as precinct captains, strained forward in their folding chairs to listen to George Lopez, the Mexican-American comedian and actor, announce his support for Obama over a cell phone held up to a microphone.

“I’m throwing all my efforts to Senator Obama today,” said Lopez, who couldn’t make the session because of an aggravated knee. “If we want change, he’s the best candidate for change.”

“Calling on the support of Latino celebrities — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp will feature actress America Ferrera at several Texas rallies today — is the latest sign of how hard the two Democratic presidential candidates are working to court voters for Texas’ March 4 primary.”

And oh God, the ubiquitous Bill Clinton is never far behind when Hillary comes into town:

“While Obama was in Houston, former President Bill Clinton addressed a group of black American religious leaders in the Dallas area Saturday.

He never mentioned his wife’s presidential campaign but spoke of the inequalities that still exist in the world.

He was well-received by the group from the African Methodist Episcopal Church, but some worshippers said his speech wouldn’t sway their vote.

Linda Nesmith, a 53-year-old Houston resident, said she’s supporting Obama because of his performance in debates, not because of racial solidarity.

“That would be like me voting for Hillary Clinton because I’m a woman,” Nesmith said.”


Yes, the pickings are slim, but, I guess you have to take what you can get.

Talk about the lesser of two evils. Chosing between Clinton (and having to live through another horrid political die-nasty) OR having to chose Obama (who truly is not a black American), that leaves the Republicans, and I damn sure as hell am not voting for those dregs of society.

First black president, eh?

The jury is still out with me where Obama is concerned:  https://kathmanduk2.wordpress.com/2007/09/06/the-jury-is-still-out-on-obama/ .

Just anybody can say they are black and no one questions them, especially in the case of Obama. Well, not lately they do not question him. Yes, the Emperor’s clothes are definitely showing through loud and clear, but, not to some Americans who have simply decided  that just because Obama considers himself black still does not make him a Black American, his having an African/Kenyan father, notwithstanding Heck, in that case, many black Americans can call themselves Irish, English, French and Scots since thanks to slavery and absent white-abandoning-their-half-black children fathers, many black Americans owe their lighter skin shades to white men who forced un-asked for white blood into the veins of black African women during slavery, and black women during segregation.

Yep, must be nice to be able to pick-and-chose whatever race you want to be, as long as you are not a black American. We cannot chose any race or ethnic group we want to be since “Black Americans” are still pretty much not real citizens, not real humans in many other Americans eyes. But, everyone else who takes a fancy to become black, well they can just sashay up to the black store, and say they have black blood in them, and everything’s on the okey-doke.  I remember reading in the paper a while back where a White South African student applied for an African American scholarship on the basis that “he was actually from Africa” unlike other blacks who were also applying for it, black Americans who rightfully had claim to programs for disadvantaged minorities. Many people (mainly White) rallied behind this person because of his claim to “Africa”. (So much for the term “African-American”. I am sure many blacks realized the hole they have dug themselves into with this ridiculous term—African-American.) Yep, anyone can call themselves a black American, but, let one of us black Americans say we are Irish (due to slavemaster rapist blood that flows in our veins) we will be laughed out of the room. Yep, everyone can just belly up to the black food buffet and claim to have black blood and it’s okay, and not even be questioned (I guess everyone has forgotten Sen. John Kerry’s wife and her black blood claim) but, let a black person even try to claim the rapist blood that flows in our veins, and we are looked at as if we just escaped from Bellevue or Rusk. [Then again some white Americans have black blood in them. Didn’t know that did you? Yep. With all the rape-mixing that white men did to the black race via slavery/segregation, some light-skinned blacks who could pass for white, slipped into the white race as white people, married white men and women, and thus put some black blood into so-called pure white people. Also, you know all those good-looking, dark-skinned Southern Europeans (Italians, Greeks, Turks, etc.), well———lots of them have black blood in them courtesy of black-skinned Arab/Moors during the Moors conquest of Southern Europe:  Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey.  So, those Italians who came to America and married whites, also passed some of that good black blood into the white race. With all the running and falling over themselves to escape the dreaded black blood, white people in America still ended up with black blood in their racial background. Well, what can you expect when white father has lain up with millions of black women from the last 400+ years? Pure as the driven snow white people? Ain’t gonna happen. Didn’t happen—not in the good ol’ USA.]

A black president of America.


We black Americans have been waiting for a black president for 200 years.

And we’re still waiting.


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