La Bella Shawna Denise Hawk (1972-1993)

Here’s the story of Shawna’s Life and of her death.

Warning: Some of the details of her death may be gruesome and unsettling to some people, especially young children visiting this website. Here’s her story:

Many would remember Shawna Denise Hawk as a murder victim of Henry Louis Wallace, but few remember her as a very beautiful, smart and virtuous young woman. She was the second child and only daughter of Dee Sumpter and Walter Hawk II. She grew up to become a very beautiful, sweet, gentle, shy, saintly young woman with so much to offer. She and her beautiful mother are very tight with each other, for Shawna share her mother’s petite stature, very smooth skin, and very sparkling bright eyes. The ladies have a lot in common.

Miss Shawna wanted to be a paralegal. She also want to have a child as well. Her ambitions were cut short by someone she knew and trust. His name is the nortorious serial killer Henry Louis Wallace. He was once her boss at Taco Bell in East Charlotte, where she worked. He betrayed her trust and kindness by killing her,then have the audacity to attend her funeral like nothing ever happened. Then several months later, Mr. Wallace came upon Ms. Sumpter and said to her how much he missed her and that he was “sorry” to hear about her death. He behaved in a “gentlemanly” manner but unbeknownest to her, that man has a very evil side that he reveal to his victims when they are alone. A month after Shawna’s death and funeral, she and her best friend who was also Shawna’s godmother started a victims’ rights support group known as Mothers of Murdered Offspring.

Here’s the following from HLW: A Calmity Waiting to Happen…………….

Read the rest of Stephanie’s post in honor of Shawna at this link:

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this article. Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of Shawna’s death at the hands of this evil man. May she be remebered always.

    Stephanie B.

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