Is Christianity a Fraud? Bible Authorship Challenged: Black Women Original Authors

By Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, M.Ed

In honor of Black History Month, author, and traditional African chief priestess, Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, M.Ed. has put together a slide show challenging the authenticity of the bible’s claims of authorship. She proposes that African women were the original authors of what is known as “bible prophecy.” Hunter-Hindrew also claims that this knowledge has always been known by the Roman Church, but kept hidden (some in plain-view) for centuries.

Hunter-Hindrew has created an awe-inspiring slide presentation as a trailer to her ground breaking new book:

The Sibyls: the First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata): Demystifying the Absence of Black Women in Bible Prophecy. MWHS 2007.


In it Hunter-Hindrew argues that: For 6,000 years, Africa was ruled by a powerful order of Sibyl matriarchs. They produced the world’s first oracles, prophetess and prophets. Known as “Pythoness,” they worked the oracles in the Black Egyptian colonies in ancient Greece, Rome, Turkey, Israel, Syria and Babylon. Their holy temples were more numerous than the churches of today. In ancient Rome, they first established the “holy seat” of the Vatican advising the world’s heads of state. Centuries before Christ, they cured epileptics, the blind, lepers and “caste out demons.” It was a Sibyl who called-up the spirit of “Apostle” Samuel. Their “pagan” prophecies were used by the emerging Roman papals to create a “western theological” foundation and became the undisputed precursor for the Christian Bible. Previously published in “Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled,” and supported by solid evidence, African women’s religious history is finally being unearthed, exposing shocking revelations buried for more than 2000 years.

Hunter-Hindrew further states that: “For centuries Black men and women have been taught to not question the Bible’s authenticity for threat of “an eternity in Hell.” The Roman Church was the main orchestrator and profiteer of Slavery and the deliberate impoverishment of Africa. How is it possible for this same institution to be the sacred vessel and vehicle for the “truths of God?” Hunter-Hindrew further contends that “Black men and women have been taught to accept the legitimacy of the western Bible, ” especially the New Testament.” What they do not realize is that the New Testament is a historical chronicle of the final destruction of the emerging Christian cult’s biggest rival, that being the powerful African religious orders that dominated the ancient world since time immemorial. Especially the African matriarchs. Just as Black resistance to slavery, these holy African temples and prophetess mothers resisted the emerging “Christian” cult’s imperialist’s ambitions toward world domination. Yet, millions in the Diaspora do not know that the “pagans, witches, and idolaters” that St. Paul speaks of converting in the New Testament were their ancient religious mothers and fathers. Finally, Hunter-Hindrew states that “the enslaved minds of the Diaspora are the last and most enduring stronghold that the West preys upon in keeping them in subjugation.

This slide show trailer is a must-see for everyone especially the African-American community. You can view it here:


For further info contact:
P.O. Box 211281
Martinez, GA 30907
(706) 267-3324


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  1. Ishefa Jones

    This is some powerful history. Most cannot image the impact of this history. I already have her books and they are my BIBLE. I have been trying to find a connection to our ancient past for years.
    We need to recognize this woman’s important work.

    Part II of the slide is in her book:

    All I can say is sistas stop walking in the dark. Buy, buy it, buy it!

    Much love,

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  3. Kinships of the Womb-Man
    Patriarchal Distortions

    Muri Her magnificent rays the Sun is the daughter of the Cosmic Mother, who is the Mother, she is the all she is the everything, within this all there’re the special She{s}
    They’re the gatekeepers their characteristic is a womb, in their living tomb tis passage is so others can pass through, in this our age she lives in a cage many are now derange
    Lost is her glorious pages so many are now living in what the male religions call sins Egregiously her wisdom & knowledge has been prostituted to the point of submission Living in dark her true divine connections are beyond the ones who carries her marks

    In antiquity her powers were what the kings and princes sought, how they did fought
    Before your eyes you are the witness of the stolen prize just now it’s a corrupted vibes
    The prophetess of ancient & classical antiquity they were blacks no modern artworks is reflecting that, Enheduanna a full-black seer she wrote her visions through poetry
    Veiling dominations on sigils of the black doves produced the illusion of white doves
    The jews christians muslims & many more orthodox men rewrote the sibylline oracles
    With the unholy roman church in denomination of the matriarchal full-black Mothers

    The appellations of her ways are lost like her names: Herophile was branded the witch of Endor, Tiburtina was honored in the Augustan Age she was later betrayed, just like Eriphyle who greek homer so dubiously plagiarized to write his stories that stood the test of time, all the ways of the full black matriarchs were labeled heathen and pagan
    Yet all the concepts of modern & ancient religious theologies sprung forth from them
    Before atlas stole the globe Nike the black goddess of birth was the one who held the globe, her stories are unknown of the Amazon warrior queen mothers who fled Africa

    By the greeks Atargatis was known as great queen of heaven by the romans she was Ceres the great black mother nature, Melaina was the great black mother known as Demeter, Arthemis was a great healer, many knows the stories of the book of Daniel
    Ok check this spell Dan-El She was a black prophetess who weaves magic and spells
    The neo hebrews inline with the new patriarchal crews use a masculine to spread their views, Mami Awussa was the Black Venus, in regalia she was a beauty of might and truly a Divine sight, Womb-man in amnesia, so many praising volcano deity jehovah

    Votaries of the supreme black doves consummate their lives by seeing what they have done, his imperialist ambitions for world domination is a bit of the bybissa prophecies

    Ashia:- Hotep
    By [:Divine-Sovereign Great-Negro Ank Justice SteadySpear EI:]©®™
    Artist@Large Poetic MC

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