SHERRICE IVERSON, a 7-year-old from Los Angeles, was killed in a bathroom in the Primadonna Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada. Born October 20, 1989, her life was taken from her on May 25, 1997.

A hat-tip to Stephanie of Stephanie’s Journal, and the creator, kwhudson2, for this lovely, moving tribute to little Sherrice Iverson who young life was savagely taken from her by a rapist/strangler.



On May 25, 1997, Jeremy Strohmeyer struck up a conversation with Sherrice in the arcade area of a casino in Nevada. As the conversation ensued, he started playing tag with her. He began chasing her around the casino arcade for a few minutes and then followed her into a women’s restroom. According to court testimony, once he went into the bathroom with Sherrice, he began to throw paper towels at her. Soon he grabbed her, putting his hand over her mouth and took her into a stall and sexually abused her. His friend, David Cash, walked in on Strohmeyer, saw him violating little Sherrice, and heard Strohmeyer state the words:  “Shut the fuck up or I will kill you”.  After witnessing the assault upon Sherrice, Cash left the bathroom and was followed less than 30 minutes later by Strohmeyer, who immediately confessed to him that he had molested and killed little Sherrice. Cash said nothing to anyone about this crime. A few days later, two fellow students of Strohmeyers went to the authorites after identifying him from a security tape played on the local news as the killer. Strohmeyer was arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault. Strohmeyer pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


Strohmeyer was originally facing a possible death sentence for the murder (had he gone to trial), but hours before his trial was to start, he had his attorney, Leslie Abramson, enter a plea bargain. He was  sentenced to four life terms, to be served consecutively without possibility of parole.

On the other hand, Cash, who witnessed this cruel crime, escaped punishment.

Because of the public’s outrage that this witness saw what was happening to little Sherrice, and did nothing to attempt to stop Strohmeyer, nor alert the casino owners, showed how little humanity he had for this little girl. Cash went on with his life that week as if what happened to Sherrice was justified and normal. Normal for a little black girl, obviously, since her life meant nothing to either Strohmeyer nor Cash.

Cash would later go on the be called the “Bad Samaritan” because of his inhumane disregard for the humanity of little Sherrice, for not immediately reporting to the casino owners or the police the murder of Sherrice. Fellow students at the university he attended sought to have him kicked out of the university for not stopping the crime or alerting authorities while the crime was going on. But, nothing came of that.

As of last reports, Cash still lives his life, unlike little Sherrice whose innocent life was taken not by just one grown man, but by two men who cared nothing for this little child.


Sherrice Iverson’s murder led to the passage of Nevada State Assembly Bill 267,  requiring people to report to authorities when they have reasonable suspicions that a child younger than 18 is being sexually abused or violently treated. The bill comes from the callous inaction of the witness, David Cash, and friend of the rapist/murderer, who stood by and did nothing during the duration of young Sherrice’s ordeal. Strohmeyer received life imprisonment without the possibility of parole; Cash was not charged.

The “Sherrice Iverson” bill, (not the same SB 267) was introduced by Nevada State Assembly Majority Leader Richard Perkins (D-Henderson), providing for a fine and possible jail time  for anyone who fails to report a crime of the nature that led to the creation of the bill.

The bill was introduced but was never enacted.

I wonder.

Would this bill have been introduced and never enacted  if little Sherrice Iverson were a white girl?

There are Megan’s Laws and Amber Alerts, but no Sherrice Laws nor Sherrice Alerts.

The obvious disregard for the humanity of little black girls blatantly stares us all in the face on a daily, constant basis.

Little black girls are to be beaten, abused, raped, violated and broken in the hands of murderous monsters such as the likes of both Strohmeyer and Cash. Yes, Cash, for he has blood on his hands just as much as Strohmeyer, for Cash’s coldness in not stopping a crime from happening. Just as Strohmeyer was cold and dead inside for his crimes against Sherrice, so too is Cash just as dead inside as well.

Strohmeyer has since applied for release from prison in appealing his conviction in 2000, 2001 and 2003, by last accounts. All appeals were denied.

Because of Cash’s inactions and lack of humanity, Nevada hotels/casinos have since installed cameras in casino arcades, with the addition in some casinos of security guards in the arcades.

As for Strohmeyer.

Because of the viciousness of his crime, raping and murdering a child (and inmates in prisons take very badly towards child rapist/murderers) Strohmeyer is still imprisoned in closed security in the Protective Custody Unit  at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada,  his future  consisting of years of endless days in a protective custody cubicle at the Ely State Prison. He is released for only an hour a day and closely watched because of threats against his life.










Sherrice Iverson’s murder led to the passage of Nevada State Assembly Bill 267, requiring people to report to authorities when they have reasonable suspicions that a child younger than 18 is being sexually abused or violently treated. The impetus for the bill stemmed from the inaction of a witness, and friend of the murderer, who stood by and did nothing during the commission of the crime.

The “Sherrice Iverson” bill, introduced by Nevada State Assembly Majority Leader Richard Perkins (D-Henderson), provides for a fine and possible jail time for anyone who fails to report a crime of the nature that led to the creation of the bill. The bill was enacted in 2000.

As a result of her murder, hotels in Nevada increased security in their arcades, often having a security guard even in small arcades.


Sherrice, it has been 10 years since you have been taken from this world by a cruel madman. The sorrow your family suffered at your loss was felt by many who never knew you, many who would never be blessed by your presence and all the accomplishments you would have done.

May you have a better life in the next world, at peace, smiling in the presence of our Lord who loved all little children.

Rest in peace, little angel.



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17 responses to “SHERRICE IVERSON (1989-1997)

  1. Kenneth Hudson

    Thanks for the comments and the excellent heartfelt article on Sherrice. Also for the external links — I find those articles very informative. I go by kwhudson2 on YouTube. If you get a chance, you might want to view some of my other presentations there. If I have a preference, I guess Precious Doe would be the one I have the most feelings for. — KWH

  2. Michael Krauss

    Thank you for a wonderful memorial.

    I would so love to know what has happened to David Cash. He deserves not to escape the ignominy of his behavior.

  3. Deek

    I hope david cash is dead.

    • Ann


      What David Cash did was wrong and he was just as much a criminal as Jeremy Strohmeyer.

      In the future, when leaving comments on my site, please do not “wish anyone dead.”

      Believe me, they will pay for their crimes, whether or not we are there to see justice meted out to them.

  4. Eileen

    The girl’s father was more to blame than Cash. The father took her into a casino late at night and abandoned her to go and gamble. That is child neglect. And then there was the mother who didn’t want the little girl around. What kind of mother was she? Horrible!

    • Niki

      You quoted the child’s father was more at blame, than David Cash. The difference was maybe the child was not properly supervised by her parents. They did not intend murder for her as did JEREMY STROHMEYER . David Cash, on other hand was criminally neglectful, when it came to alerting the authorities, of this gruesome heinous act upon a child, that he was a witness to, an act committed by his best friend JEREMY STROHMEYER. In my opinion. That made him David Cash, worse then her mother who you claimed did not want her around. JEREMY STROHMEYER did not have any right, no matter who was at fault to bring an end to a Precious Child’s life. Never the less the Child was out with her Family, and was allowed to be in the arcade inside the casino.

    • Mrs Adams

      I cannot believe the ignorance of the person who posted this comment. To say such harsh things about a father who was raising his child. This man will pay for the mistake of using bad judgment for the rest of his life. Your comment is not warranted and saddens my heart. Cash walked in on his friend committing a heinous crime and was also informed of a child being molested and left for dead and you think that a father making a bad decision is worse than witnessing a murder and not telling a sole. Where her mother was played no relevance on what happened to her. What Cash did is almost worse than Jeremy Strohmeyer it shows a lack of concern for human life I lived in Vegas at the time of this murder and it really brings back sad memories of this crime. My heart goes out to the Iverson family may God and Peace be with your family. Would the person (Eileen) who made this post think the same about John Walshes wife you let her child play in the toy department while she shopped at a department store when he was abducted? It doesn’t make her a bad mother. It was a bad decision and as far as I know I’ve never met a perfect person. Thank you for this site RIP SHERRICE IVERSON you will never be forgotten.

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  6. Bianca

    This was a very scary situation and 2 think this could of happen 2 any other child. She would of been my age today. Its sad and I hope her family is doing well and I hope that they will always have her in their hearts. I thank the person who made this website without it we wouldn’t have this information. Until now i have never recalled hearing about her and that upsets me. This stoy never die out. It should be heard again for the safety of everyone.

  7. leilai resee

    i hope that everyday in prison for this young man is spent as some big black man”s b***h!!!!!!! and as for the other i hope where ever he is his punnishment is jus as greaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mooka

    Jeremy strohmeyer&david cash is people with no remorse.david cash doesnt realize that he basically was justifying that the crime was o.k he know he could have told someone what’s so hard about that.

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  11. Ralph

    Sweet little angel. May she rest in peace.

  12. Gigi

    I knew Sherrice Iverson we went to the same Elementary School. I have had this website saved on my computer for quite some time now. I just like to look at her picture and watch the tribute video. She died 5 days after my birthday. She was the sweetest little girl and so playful. She was so full of life. She was 7 and I was 8. May you continue to rest in peace little angel.

  13. DeeAnna Parris

    Such a tragedy, my heart broke for Sherrice and more for her family left behind, I had a daughter the same age at the time and this horrific act caused me to never let my children out of my sight again. My heart still breaks for the Iverson Family. God Bless Sherrice.

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