Is America ready to finally face up to its racist past and learn to look upon the capabilities of a qualifed presidential candidate who happens to be black (though he is not a true black American since his father is Kenyan and his mother is a white American) but—-if he is just as good a contender as a white candidate? Is America ready to give the power of the highest office in the land over into the hands of a black president? Is America ready to stop viewing their fellow black citizens as not intelligent enough to lead this country resolutely with the best interests in mind that would safeguard this country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

Is America ready to let go of the belief that only a white male can have the right to reside in the White House?

Is America ready for a black First Lady?

Is America ready to let go of its 400 year history of degrading concepts of the belief that black people are inferior to whites and all others enough to put a black president  into the White House?

Is America ready to give a black candidate a chance, just as much a chance when it is so often ready to give a white candidate chance, after chance, after chance? After so many screw-ups and plunging this nation into destruction and depravity?

From the book,  “One Hundred Years of Lynching”, is this quote from a New York Times article. I doubt that America is that ready for a black president, but, then 46 years ago this person certainly thought that a possibility of seeing a black president was something that could happen:


May 27, 1961


WASHINGTON, May 26—Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, in a broadcast to the world over the Voice of America, today acknowledged the United States’ imperfections in the areas of equal rights for Negroes. He said, however, that progress was being made in that area so rapidly that “there’s no question that in the next thirty or forty years a Negro can achieve the position. . . .of President of the United States.”

Even Esquire magazine, before Kennedy’s comments came out,  wrote about the possibility of a black president in America in 1958, an unheard of idea for a publication with the virulent racism abounding in America against blacks.

Here is the link:
Is America truly ready to have the guts, the constitution, the resolve, the will….the backbone to vote into office a black citizen to lead America?

Even if Obama is elected, we will still be waiting for a black president, if Obama the pseudo-black senator from Illinois attains the office of president.

But, in the meantime with this man who has been declared as black, even though he is bi-racial, is America ready for a black president?




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  1. Ann,

    I’ll be totally honest. America doesn’t want a Black president. Nonblack Americans like the idea of a Black president but when it comes down to voting on the election day, they prefer the status quo, i.e. a white male as president. Many nonblack Americans still have deep racism against Black people in general and don’t even know it.

    As for having Michelle Obama as the Black First Lady in the White House, it would be great. But, once again, given the institutional gendered racism against Black women in America, nonblack Americans would be against Barack Obama because having a Black president and first lady would challenge deeply held beliefs about Blacks in general, Black women in particular.

    Nonblack liberals are among the biggest hypocrites in the area of race. They like to use rhetoric of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism but practice segregation and closet racism for life. They are little different from conservatives who are out and out racists.

    What are your thoughts?

    Stephanie B.

  2. Victor

    America is not ready for a black american to be the President of the United States.

    President of the United States…leader of the Free World? America just recently grasped the concept of a black quarterback in the NFL as the fulltime leader of a team. And that concept is STILL debated at times(natural athleticism v. intelligence).

    In my opinion, the closest that America will ever get to having a black american as President is by watching Dennis Haysbert in the oval office in reruns of 24! That’s the closest that we will get when it comes to that position.

    I just wonder when we will actually see a black american running for the office of President of the United States again.

    There isn’t a black american candidate in the running for the 2008 nomination.

    Obama aint a “black american”.
    That’s why racist, “tolerant”,non-black liberals adore him so.

  3. Ro

    I agree with you Stephanie B.

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