A great thanks and a hat-tip to Ms. Phyllis Du’gas (UniversalWriter –  –  ) for her hard work in keeping the story of Ms. Megan Williams in the public’s mind. If you have not paid a visit to Ms. Du’gas’s site,  please do. She has a wonderful site dedicated to Ms. Williams, and a blog which discusses many relevant issues that are pertinent to Ms. Williams’s case.

I am updating more links on Ms. Williams, courtesy of Universal Writer:

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sent a delegation consisting of Attorney Abdul Arif Muhammad, editor-in-chief of The Final Call newspaper, Student in the Ministry Abdul Khadir Muhammad of Washington, D.C. and Final Call Contributing Writer Ashahed M. Muhammad to Charleston, West Virginia to determine the facts of the case, and also to minister unto the family of the young woman who was the victim of this heinous and barbaric attack.

What follows is an exclusive interview with Megan Williams and her adopted mother,

Carmen Williams, conducted on Thursday, October 4, 2007, at their home. For the first time here you will see, in Megan Williams’ own words, the description of this repugnantly vicious assault.

The Final Call (FC):

There are actually two articles – here is the link


“The charges pending against these individuals now are quite serious and could result in lengthy prison sentences, if not life in prison,” Miller said. “We’ve tried to use federal statutes as creatively as we can, if it fits the facts. But we can’t make a statute fit something it wasn’t intended to do.”

Source – WSAZ – News, Charleston – October 22, 2007

Update: National Hate Crime March to Help Megan Williams (INCLUDES VIDEO)


West Virginia Hate Crime law statute states, here it is:

§61-6-21. Prohibiting violations of an individual’s civil rights; penalties.

Black Ministerial Alliance will not endorse March

Source – Charleston Daily Mail


Leader says they are honoring wishes of abuse victim’s family

The NAACP, the Charleston Black Ministerial Alliance and the West Virginia Council on Churches announced Friday they will not endorse a march planned for November 3rd.

The black community in Charleston has sought guidance from its ministers on whether to march, Hill said.

“We felt like we needed to answer that question,” Hill said. “After our discussion, we believe our responsibility is to the community. If anyone is going to be leading them it should be us.”

A march against hate made members feel like the real issue, the well-being of the Williams family, was being forgotten, he said.

Source – Saturday Gazette Mail CharlestonState Journal
October 27, 2007


If you want to send a card or letter to Megan, the address is as follows:

Megan Williams
c/o General Division
501 Morris St.
Charleston, WV 25301

Megan’s mother commented in an interview that Megan cries every time she receives something in the mail and has received gifts from as far away as Iraq. So if you’d like to show your love, this is the address.



The meeting held at the church in Charleston between Malik Shabazz and the Black Ministerial Alliance got very heated!

 You can watch the video by clicking this link.





I am more than worried about all the public exposure Ms. Williams is going through on her telling the public and the news media of the cruel attacks that were done to her. Perhaps her mother thought this would give a more human face on her daughter and that she would not be just another statistic in many people’s minds. But, now, after so much media exposure, after retelling again, and again, what happened to her, I cannot help but feel that she is damaging her case against these brutish humans who harmed her so sadistically.

What she states now can, and just may come back to be used against her, when this case goes to trial.

Even right after people heard of this case, white supremacists were spewing forth their venom that this young woman was a liar. Later on, many people were saying that there is no evidence of a hate-crime, because Ms. Williams knew one of her male attackers, and that he had been arrested on a prior domestic abuse case against her, as if that negates the atrocities committed against her.

I am sure Ms.Williams may think that her publically discussing the particulars of her case may help people empathize with her. In many ways, it does.

But, I cannot help but feel that she has spoken too much and that whatever legal counsel she does have obviously did not pay attention in law school. Do not allow your client to speak directly to the public. This may damage your case irreparably. I cannot understand why her lawyer, Malik Shabazz, (co-founder of Black Lawyers for Justice and a former chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, which is organizing the march, which is set for Nov. 3) would allow her to speak so much and so publically on facts/evidence that may be compromised and contested later on when a trial does occur. But then, this is the so-called “New Black Panthers” who are leading this event and I have very little faith or trust in them. They in no way resemble the original Black Panthers, and as far as I am concerned, this so-called New Black Panthers are not worthy enough to wipe the spit from the shoes of the original Black Panthers.

Of course by revealing her daughter’s name, and face, Carmen Williams may have felt she did her daughter a justice.

I cannot help but feel that this was the wrong way to go to give her daughter the much needed humanity that she deserved to have validation and worth as a black woman in the eyes of America.

I cannot help but feel that the supposed lawyers who have scheduled the up-coming protest rally-march for November the 3rd, are thinking more of themselves and not a damn about Ms. Williams.

Ms. Williams needs to be resting and healing from this terrible physical and psychological assault.

For this group of  black “lawyers” to be using her for their own gains is unconscionable and reprehensible.

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