I have given posts/links on some of my favourite fellow bloggers over a period of time:

Rachel of Rachels Tavern (

Stephanie of Stephanies Journal  (

And many others.

There is one fellow blogger whom I want to send a shout-out to for all the outstanding work (and then some…) she has done in the blog-o-sphere.


Here are some links for you to read over at Brownfemipower’s blog, “Woman of Color Blog” :

Please go over and check the above links out.  This is just a tidbit of the wealth of knowledge you will receive. If you have not had the joy of reading Brownfemipower’s blog, then by all means, hurry over and obtain a wellspring of knowledge and truth.

Then learn of the power of Brownfemipower.


Yours always in the struggle.


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  1. ann–know that you have my utmost respect and admiration always.

    much love.

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