Black women in America are treated contemptuously by America daily. Nowhere is that more apparant than in this case of a defenseless black woman who was driving along, with her children after leaving  from a shopping trip to a local JC Penny department store. Ms. Yvette Hays, five months pregnant, was pulled over, forced out of her car, had police draw down on her with their guns pointed in her face whereupon she was ordered by the police to the ground on the side of a busy highway.

This morning on ABC Good Morning America, Fred Mills, Chief of Police in Independence, Missouri, who was questioned by the reporter on this story, hemmed and hawed over the callous disrespectful way Ms. Hays was treated. He said over and over that his officers behaved rightfully in how they handled this case of mistaken identity. He even said, when asked by the reporter, “If this was your wife in this situation, would you have considered this treatment of her as wrong?” Chief Mills stated, that he would have had no problem if his wife endured the same treatment that Ms. Hays received.

The reporter upon hearing this, just shook his head in dismay and disbelief, and said:  “Really?”

Watch the ABC Good Morning America video and you decide if the police were truly compassionate in their treatment of Ms. Hays. Decide after listening to Chief Mills if the police officers who detained Ms. Hays were ready to CTA after they realized they had accosted Ms. Hays on wrong information given to them.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

“If this was a white woman, would she have been mistreated so monstrously? Would she have been so disrespected in front of her children”?

“If she was a pregnant white woman, would the police have treated her as a dangerous criminal?”



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  1. It’s very obvious that the police officer was treating her with gross disrespect. That incident was caught on tape. However, there are thousands of Black women around the country that are abused and disrespected by the police every single day like the pregnant woman tasered by Las Vegas police last year, Faith Evans, the popular R&B singer in Atlanta 10 years ago, the Tyiesha Miller murder in Riverside CA., the callous treatment of a S.C. Black woman 13 years ago. Some of them were raped during arrest. There was an old article in now-defunct Honey that detailed the racial/sexual abuse Black women endured at the hands of NYPD police officers. Black men aren’t the only victims of police brutality. Black women are also victims.

    My sympathies lies with the pregnant Ms. Hays and her family. I hope she gets all the treatment for everything she went through and I hope she sues the PD for the harrasment and abuse.

    Stephanie B.

  2. prego

    I lived in independence in 04… the police there are horrible. There was a special story on local news a while back about the independence police… it was about trying to file a complaint against an officer. There was a man who asked for the form to file a complaint against an officer, and he was dragged to the ground and arrested for it. yeah, i’m not surprised that they would mistreat a pregnant woman as well. the independence police department is known for that kind of behavior. btw- I googled police brutality against pregnant women;I can’t find a single story about a white woman.

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  4. simena jones

    independence mo police are thugs and criminals i hope a hero steps up. . . .

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