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The object of life is not to be “happy”.

The object of life is to make society a better place in which to live for all human beings.

Everyone of us has something to offer. In the words of G. B. Stern:

 “Both the optimists and the pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane. The pessimist invents the parachute.”

Pardon me, everyone, while I hold onto, maintain, and keep in proper working order, my parachute.

Apollo 15 descends to splashdown.jpg

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 When you think of a soldier, what image comes to mind?

Many people think of men when they think of the military, especially in times of combat. And most definitely is this also seen when injuries are taken into consideration.

The response towards men who lose limbs in combat is different from the response towards women who lose limbs in combat.

When men are injured, they carry their wounds and battle scars proudly as testament to their surviving a roadside bomb (IED). When men lose an appendage and civilians see them going about their daily lives, people look at military men with pride that these brave soldiers were willing to put their lives on the line knowing what could happen to them in battle.

When women are injured in battle, it is different for them.

The scars that women soldiers are left with are not something they show-off. Not saying that men do, but, women are more reticent when it comes to their battle scars.

And unlike men, women are looked at for their physical attributes more so than men. For a wounded woman warrior, healing can be complex and painful, physically as well as psychologically. Women soldiers are invisible, and treated as if they are some sort of anamoly. Many women soldiers suffer in silence because their combat injuries are dismissed as not being as important than the injuries of men soldiers. Then there is the biggest insult of all—–that these brave women are not soldiers in the truest sense—-that these women who have put their lives on the line for their country are not soldiers, but, just little girls playing dress-up as soldiers.

Society wants women to look a certain way, and when they lose an arm or leg in combat, that hits home strongly. Add to the fact that society still persists in viewing women in a way that pidgeon-holes them into a concept of what is considered feminine (i.e., judging a woman on her looks [beauty, softness, demure], cooking skills, female nurturing, etc.), and it is easy to see how many cannot equate women with war, combat, limbs blown off, or even death at the hands of the enemy.

And injured military women are a side of this war that many people do not see.

The women soldiers do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves just as the men soldiers do not, and these brave women move on with their lives, but, moving on is harder for women soldier amputees because they do not get the instant recognition or moral support that many men soldiers get.

When people see a young man who has lost a limb, is wearing an “Operation Free Iraq” t-shirt, or is sitting in a wheelchair because he is a double-leg amputee, most people may go up to him and may ask him, “Did you serve our country?” But, women soldier amputees do not get this recognition. But, then again, how many people think of women soldiers when they think of military amputees?

That’s also partly because there is a difference in how men and women soldiers wear their wounds.

For men, their war wounds are a badge of courage. For many women soldiers, they try to cover up or blend in with their wounds. Many men soldiers are seen wearing shorts that reveal a prosthetic leg, or an arm that shows a prosthetic hook. Women soldiers injured are more likely to wear a life-like looking prosthetic arm out in public. These women are not ashamed of their injuries, they wear their scars on the inside as well, but, I am sure there are times when they must be overwhelmed not just from their physical scars, but, also their psychological scars. I am sure that there must be times when for these women the psychological pain of what they have experience can get to them, just as it does the men soldiers.

I can only imagine what it must be like for them to lose an arm or leg.

Their injuries may be forever, but, still, they are all determined to battle the inner scars, as well as the physical scars, that hopefully in time, will heal.

On the issue of the Iraqi women, yes, they are all but forgotten in this unjust war. This so-called WMD war. This war for oil travesty.

Thousands of Iraqi women have been killed by this war, many along with their children.

The mental anguish this toll is taking on them is also lost in the shuffle.

Seeing husbands, sons and daughters shot to death and blown to bits before their eyes is unimaginable.

Iraqi civilians are the forgotten ones in this so-called war: unnamed and unnoticed. And this callous disregard is shown by the media and by some American military commanders. Especially what this general stated during the Afghan War.

From the mouth of General Tommy Franks:

“We don’t do body counts.”

Cost of war.
Collateral damage.
Torture lite.

The casualties of this war concentrate mainly on dead American military, and ignore the enormous loss of life the Iraqi people have suffered. Years of “anniversary” articles in the American media adding up the so-called “cost of the war” in Iraq have focused exclusively on Americans killed, American dollars spent, American military hardware destroyed, with barely a mention of the Iraqi dead as part of that “cost.”

Publishing or pronouncing the names of the American dead everyday without ever mentioning the names of the Iraqi dead sends a powerful message that only American dead, or dying matters.

American soldiers pictures are shown in the media.

But, not so the faces of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed.

American soldiers names are said on the nightly news.

But not any mention of the many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers who have lost loved ones to this senseless and un-called for war.

But, thankfully, there are watch groups which do keep an accounting of how this savage war is taking its horrific toll on the many Iraqis whose country has been torn apart by this so-called war started by President Shrub.

Those organizations are the following:

If anything, by all indicators, the quality of life for the Iraqis is worse today than they were in the last 5 to 10 years of Saddam’s rule.

Coalition forces have killed more Iraqi civilians than the insurgents did in the early months of the war, now insurgents are killing many more civilians than coalition forces.

Of course this does not matter to many of the average Americans.

But it should matter.

America wrongly entered into this war against Iraq looking for terror that was supposed to be from the reign of Saddam.

America has only created more terror, more misery, more suffering for the Iraqi people.

And nowhere is that more evident than in the tremendous loss of Iraqi civilian life, and the psychological torment that American women in combat face, ever since this so-called war was started by that cowboy in the White House.


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Much thanks, and a hat-tip, to Stephanie of Stephanie’s Journal, a blog written by a lovely black woman who speaks up for black women and champions their cause to be respected, loved and cherished as women, and as human beings, for posting a link to a story from last year on the rape/attempted murder of a little 15-year-old black girl. Many of you reading my blog know by now of the horrific crime that a 2o-year-old West Virginia black woman suffered at the hands of  6 sadistic criminals who kidnapped, raped, tortured, beat, and attempted to murder this young woman.

Stephanie went back into her blog archives and found another crime against a defenseless young black woman who too, was subjected to cruel sexualized gendered racial violence at the hands of white men.

The young lady was just all of 15 years of age, when she was kidnapped and raped by two white men who stabbed her and attempted to murder her.

Here is an excerpt of the original article as it was posted at Stephanie’s blog:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on the Racial Hate Crime in S.C.

More on the Racial Hate Crime in S.C.

It does matter’
Sheriff’s Dept., NAACP talk through hate crimes
By Brian Jarvis

BRIAN JARVIS/Manning Times

Chief Investigator Tommy Burgess of the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Dept. answers questions regarding recent assaults on two African-American women. Nearly 100 concerned citizens showed up for the joint meeting of the Clarendon and Manning chapters of the NAACP Sunday at the Society Hill A.M.E. Church.
The Manning and Clarendon branches of the NAACP deviated from their normal program Sunday to hear representatives from the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Dept. discuss a pressing concern: the sexual assault of two African-American women in the last month and whether the culprits responsible committed a hate crime.

“We’re all aware of recent events,” said Bobby Fleming, president of the Manning branch of the NAACP, to a packed house at the Society Hill A.M.E. Church. “What shocked me was hearing the comments of what was said by one of (the suspects).”

Jeremy Sweat, 24, of Quail Trail Circle and Dustin Evans, 21, of Raccoon Road, both white males, were charged with two counts each of kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and battery with attempt to kill a 45-year old Summerton woman and a 15-year old girl from Manning less than two weeks later. Both crimes were noted for their brutal and serial nature, and one suspect claimed affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan.

“There’s definitely racial issues that we’re looking at,” said Chief Investigator Tommy Burgess, who first began to classify the attacks as hate crimes after a round table discussion with the U.S. Marshall Service and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Outlining the chronology of events leading up to the July 3 assault, Burgess noted the Sheriff’s Dept. had one of the suspects in custody within 12 hours due to tip-offs from neighbors and residents.

“You would not believe the outpouring we’ve had from this community, and that’s what we need,” he said.

Burgess also said that during an interview, Sweat claimed that he placed little value on the lives of the targets because they were black and poor. Due to their race, the suspect felt, law enforcement would say the crimes simply didn’t matter.

“Well, folks, it does matter,” Burgess insisted. “These guys are violent. They don’t deserve to be on the street.”
Read the rest of the story at:

Black women and girls have been under assault from white-run America for centuries. What this young woman of 2007, and what this little 15-year-old girl suffered suffered at the hands of white men is nothing new.

And that the young lady of West Virginia was so brutally and viciously attacked left no question in the mind of everyone that black women’s lives are cheap and devalued in America.

And that this young lady knew some of the attackers surprised many people.

But, I’m waiting for the inevitable spin on that, where even their public defender will turn it around and say that she willingly put herself into harm’s way:

“She should not have gone there. She should not have been wearing certain types of clothing. She should not have spoken to them a certain way. She provoked them in some way. She had NO RIGHT TO EXIST IN THEIR WORLD.”

  Many people should know the fact that many victims know their attackers, and this has been documented by law enforcement evidence. Those who are most likely to harm us are the ones we know, the ones we love—the ones we trust.

Victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault (incest), date/acquiantance rape bear this out. Because she knew her attackers this will lend itself to the old “blame the victim” mentality: she willingly went with them, as if that lessens the wrongs that they did to this young woman.

 And don’t count out white privilege, and the high position that white skin holds in the racial heirarchy in America not giving these attackers protection.

Especially once this case gets to court.

The whiteness of these attackers will take them very, very far.

Black life is still cheap in America. You  cannot undue overnight over 450+ years of racial hatred, especially 450+ years of sexualized gendered racism, from all the malicious and vicious racist lies told by white men on black women:

-They are all born sluts; UNRAPEABLE; lascivious, wanton whores

-They all have lax morals, will fuck at the drop of a hat;

When a rational person knows who the real whores, sluts and wanton rapacious creatures during slavery and Jim Crow segregation were not black women and girls.

Yes, white privilege will carry these humans far, and I prefer to call them humans which is not intended as a sign of respect. To call them animals would be the ultimate insult to animals as animals have more respect and civilized behaviour amongst themselves compared to humans.

The white men in this case will be painted in the courtroom as innocent victims who were “assaulted” by yet another wild, lascivious black woman who could not control herself in the company of white men; another sexually lax individual who forced the minding his own business poor innocent put-upon white man. We all know that it was black women who raped poor defenseless white men during slavery and segregation.

Is that not what white men have been saying about black women all these centuries?

Have not white men been the final arbiters of what black women have suffered in this country? Have they not appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioner over the lives of black women for generations?

Have they not proclaimed themselves gods who have the final say on whether or not black women have the right to live in this country?

(See my post, “Who Am I?”, )

In the case of the white women who participated in this savage attack?

Why is it on some blogs I visited many women are surprised that other women would participate in such a vicious assault upon another woman with men?

This behaviour is not an aberration.

White women during slavery were only too glad that the white master, his sons, and  his white male friends who visited the plantation had free unencumbered sexual access to black slave women. This cruelty spared many a white woman from sexual depravities which could have been visited upon her, but, were instead done to the defensless black woman. Not to mention this cruel white male hatred of black women went on all the way up into segregation. Many white women during slavery directed their hatred against enslaved black women because those white women had not the guts to go up against their white husbands. White women stood by another 100 years and watched the brutal sexualized gendered racism take its oll on black women and girls, during segregation.

 White men and women have exacted the worst kinds of cruelty on black women and girls for over 400 years.

With the white man raping black women and girls on a daily constant basis, the white woman did not have to fear rape from white men, or any man for that matter. Because of white men’s rapes of black women during segregation, very few white women were raped by white men.

Since this country already devalues all women, this behaviour of the female members of that family is not too far a stone’s throw from America’s devaluation of women.

Especially black women.

We have been attacked, spit on, vilified by practically every group in this country, and that devaluation of black women started with all the white male lies, hatred, slander, rapes, sodomy, forced impregnations, beatings, lynchings and written language that sought to crucify and tear to pieces ALL black women who have lived in this country.

Yes, I am sure these innocent white men will be painted as the offended party.

Isn’t that what it has always has been?

That it was the innocent white man who was always wronged by the big, bad evil black woman?

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Rachel of Rachel’s Tavern ( posted this news article on the brutal kidnapping/rape/attempted murder of a young black woman. Here is her post:

I’m not sure that I can find words to adequately describe the brutality of this crime.  You can read more details below.  Here’s the initial report:

Authorities are investigating whether a woman who was tortured in a southern West Virginia home for more than a week may have been lured there by a man she met on the Internet.Police were still looking for two people they suspect drove the 23-year-old Charleston woman about 50 miles to the Big Creek home where she was abused, said Logan County Chief Deputy V.K. Dingess.There, according to police, she was beaten, sexually assaulted and humiliated.Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham said police are investigating the possible Internet connection into what some are calling one of the most shocking crimes in the county’s recent history.In 30 years of law enforcement, Logan County Sheriff W.E. Hunter said he’s never seen anything like this.It’s “something that would have come out of a horror movie,” he said Tuesday.Deputies were interviewing the victim Tuesday morning and are scheduled to meet later in the day to discuss the case with Abraham, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office. The officials may decide then whether to file hate crimes charges.Bill Crowley, spokesman for the FBI in Pittsburgh, confirmed that the agency is looking into possible civil rights violations.Six Logan County residents, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, remained in custody Tuesday on $100,000 bonds each. They are charged in the weeklong kidnapping and abuse of the woman.All six are white. The victim, who was being treated Tuesday at the Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital, is black.“Every one of these people who were arrested are no strangers to law enforcement,” Hunter said.Deputies found the woman Saturday after going to the home in Big Creek to investigate an anonymous tip from someone who had witnessed the abuse, Sgt. Sonya Porter said Tuesday.One of the suspects, Frankie Brewster, was sitting on the front porch and told deputies she was alone, but moments later the victim limped toward the door, her arms outstretched, saying, “Help me,” the sheriff’s department said in a news release.Besides being sexually assaulted, the victim had been stabbed four times in the left leg and beaten, Porter said. Both of her eyes were black and blue. The woman’s wounds were inflicted at least a week ago, deputies said.During her capture, the victim was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from the toilet, according to the criminal complaint filed in magistrate court. The woman also had been choked with a cable cord and her hair cut, it alleges.One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman’s ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.“We have all been praying and asking the Lord to take us through this,” the victim’s mother told The Charleston Gazette on Monday. “It’s hard to deal with it. We are very angry. … She will be scarred for a long time.“She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, ’Mommy,”’ the mother said. “What’s really bad is that we don’t know everything they did to her. She is crying all the time.” 

Update: The AP, in a rather suspect move, is reporting the victim’s name, which will not be appearing on my site.  They are saying they have permission; however, to me it feels like they are taking advantage of this young woman, who will likely get a bunch of hate mail and death threats from white supremacists. 

Some evidence suggests that the crime was racially motivated.  We’ll have to watch the details as they come out. 

That this woman has suffered from such a heinous crime does not surprise me. Yes, it hurts me how this society stills degrades, denigrates and hates black women. Violence  against black women and girls is as American as cherry pie. My response to Rachel’s post is as follows:

“Six Logan County residents, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, remained in custody Tuesday on $100,000 bonds each. They are charged in the weeklong kidnapping and abuse of the woman.”

“Authorities are investigating whether a woman who was tortured in a southern West Virginia home for more than a week may have been lured there by a man she met on the Internet.”

America’s devaluation of black women.

From the news report, there is some evidence that this is a racially-motivated hate crime, with possible civil rights violations, rape, attempted murder, as well as federal charges of imprisonment and kidnapping:

“One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman’s ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.”

This young woman was missing for more than a week.

Looking at a time frame on when she disappeared, when her relatives, or close friends/relatives reported her missing, I wonder how long it took the law authorities who were alerted by any relatives to look into investigating this young woman’s disappearance or to start searching for this young black woman?

“Deputies found the woman Saturday after going to the home in Big Creek to investigate an anonymous tip from someone who had witnessed the abuse, Sgt. Sonya Porter said Tuesday.”

From the New York Times report on this story on September 12, 2007 concerning the “witness” who alerted law authorities:

“On Saturday, Logan County deputies received a tip about a woman being held against her will at the Brewster residence. A person working in the area had heard disturbing noises coming from the trailer and seen the victim with cuts on her leg through the window, the police said.”

If not for this witness, God only knows what more could have happened to this young woman. She could be lying right now in some abandoned shallow grave, dead, after having suffered unspeakable horrors.

And many people still refuse to believe that black women’s lives are still held so cheaply in this country. Some people around the blogoshpere and on news websites are calling the state of Virginia a hotbed of racist haters, when the truth of reality is that racist pogrom violence against black Americans has occurred all across America in small towns, in urban areas, in suburbs, in New York, California, Utah, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia—EVERYWHERE, throughout the entire history of this country.Black Codes, Black Laws of the Old Northwest. Racial covenants. Sundown Towns. Lynchings. Genetic violence. Ethnic cleansing. Mass gang rapes.

America the, Great Whore of Babylon, has shown nothing but hateful depravities towards her black citizens.

These histories of depravities committed against black people are nothing new. This is business as usual in the life history of black Americans. This is a legacy of  hatred of black people that started back in 1619 when the first black Africans were brought here against their will.

That black life has been held in such contempt, from the rulers at the top, all the way down to the individual,  should come as no surprise to anyone.

No one state, or community, or geographical area holds a monopoly on the degradation and destruction of black Americans.

Violence is as American as cherry pie.

And violence is ingrained into the fabric of American culture,  violence that cheapens and holds no sanctity nor human regard for black American life.

Especially violence done towards black women and girls.

Last year it was a little 15-year-old black girl who was brutally raped by two white men, one of whom stated:

“She’s someone no one will miss.”

And this long history of relegating blackness to something that is sub-human, as something that has no rights that America is bound to respect is normal in how America regards, or better yet, disregards her black citizens.

“Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.”

“All six are white. The victim, who was being treated Tuesday at the Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital, is black.

“Every one of these people who were arrested are no strangers to law enforcement,” Hunter said.

According to the news article, these are the KNOWN crimes that these people have been charged with. There is no telling what other unknown criminal atrocities they may have committed against someone else.

The depravities and atrocities done to this young woman is nothing short of sick, perverted and sadistic.

“Update: The AP, in a rather suspect move, is reporting the victim’s name, which will not be appearing on my site. They are saying they have permission; however, to me it feels like they are taking advantage of this young woman, who will likely get a bunch of hate mail and death threats from white supremacists.”

From the news article:

“The Associated Press generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault and is not identifying the mother to protect the identity of her daughter.”

Maybe I missed it but, I did not see the young woman’s name in the article you linked to, Rachel. Is there some related article that previously gave out her name? (Please e-mail me this information.)

It is illegal to divulge the names of sexual assault victims, be they adults or minors.

This is possibly precedent for a lawsuit against the newswire for revealing the victim’s name, if so. If she wasn’t black would they have revealed her name to the public?

“She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, ’Mommy,”’ the mother said. “What’s really bad is that we don’t know everything they did to her. She is crying all the time.”

Yes, the family does not know ALL of what their daughter suffered. Their daughter’s physical scars may heal and can possibly be covered with clothing.

She will have psychological scars from this nightmare for the rest of her life.

That this young woman possibly met this human on the internet has to also be taken into consideration.

Her life became jeopardized when she did not meet this person in a public setting, if according to the article she met him on the internet.

Per the article:

“Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham said police are investigating the possible Internet connection into what some are calling one of the most shocking crimes in the county’s recent history.”

“We’ll have to watch the details as they come out.”

I agree.

Forensics and SANE evidence will have to be thoroughly gathered to help the prosecution in this case.

Let’s hope that the police do not drop the ball on this young woman’s case.

She deserves to have justice for what was savagely done to her.





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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

American Airlines, Flight 11

United Airlines, Flight  175


Wtc arial march2001.jpg

American Airlines, Flight 77


 United Airlines, Flight 93, crashed near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania, 150 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.




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LaVena portrait


LaVena uniform with beret


They come from all walks of life.

Black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American.

They are the young women and men who enlist in the U.S. military to make the world, and America,  safe for democracy.

But, the horrible, hateful way that these young people who serve our country are treated is downright wrong and sadistic.

Pfc. Lavena Johnson was a young black woman from the St. Louis suburb of Florissant. She was an honor roll student, who loved playing the violin. She donated blood and volunteered for American Heart Association walks. Because she wanted to proudly serve her country in the armed forces, she elected to put off college for a while and joined the Army immediately after getting out of school. At Fort Campbell, KY, she was assigned as a weapons supply manager to the 129th Corps Support Battalion.

LaVena Johnson, private first class,  died near Balad, Iraq, on July 19, 2005, just eight days shy of her twentieth birthday. She was the first woman soldier from Missouri to die while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

That this beautiful young woman’s story is so unheard of by so many people is reprehensible. Many people have certainly heard of Cpl. Pat Tillman, the soldier whose story was in many papers when it turned out he was killed by friendly fire.

Dr. John Johnson,  Lavena’s father, was initially told by an Army representative, that his daughter  “died of self-inflicted, noncombat injuries,” but initially added that it was not a suicide. The subsequent Army investigation reversed this finding and declared LaVena’s death a suicide, a finding refuted by the soldier’s family. In an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dr. Johnson pointed to indications that his daughter had endured a physical struggle before she died – two loose front teeth, a “busted lip” that had to be reconstructed by the funeral home – suggesting that “someone might have punched her in the mouth.”

Very little coverage has been given to Lavena’s story, until a St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV news station aired a story which revealed details not previously made public – details which go against the Army’s contention that this young lady took her own life.

Parents question their daughter’s mysterious death in Iraq


10:27 PM CST on Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Click here to watch News 4 coverage(KMOV) — A year and a half ago, a 19-year-old Florissant woman became the first female from Missouri to die during the Iraq war.

Private Lavena Johnson

The military was quick to point out that her death was not combat related.

Since then, her parents have struggled to find out what really happened to their daughter.

News 4’s Matt Sczesny took a close look at the evidence gathered by the military and asks the question, “was it murder or suicide?”

Among the thousands of graves at Jefferson Barracks cemetery there are stories of bravery, heroism, and proud service.

Among the thousands is the grave of Private Lavena Johnson, whose story is clouded in mystery and according to her parents, marred by murder and cover-up.

Lavena’s father, Dr. John Johnson, has waged his own personal crusade to find out what really happened to his daughter in Iraq on July 19, 2005.

The army ruled her death a suicide, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head.

In documents and autopsy photos obtained by the Johnson family and shared with News 4, more questions are raised than answered.

One strange fact was that Lavena was apparently abused, physically, and the autopsy didn’t address the physical trauma to her body.

Military documents also show no apparent indication of suicide, her company commander wrote that Johnson was clearly happy and healthy physically and emotionally, something her mother knew by a phone conversation the day before she died.

Johnson’s parents also question how their daughter at 5’1”, could handle a 40 inch M-16 to kill herself while sitting.

In fact, a military laboratory even concluded that based on a gunshot residue test, Johnson may not have even handled the weapon.

Additionally, Johnson’s military debit card was never found, even though she used it two hours before her death to buy candy.

No bullet was ever found where she died, and a trail of blood is seen in photos outside the tent. Even stranger, it appears as if someone tried to set her body on fire.

So if it wasn’t a suicide as the Army maintains, then how did Lavena Johnson die?

Based on the autopsy photos, her father believes that she was raped.

The military is unconvinced and consider the case closed.

A Pentagon spokesman says that the case was investigated thoroughly and that there is no evidence to reopen.

News 4 tried for weeks to get the Army to say more about the death of Private Johnson, but they’re only response is that the investigation is closed.

Certainly the documents military investigators have gathered seem to say a lot more.

Johnson’s father is now trying to have her body exhumed at Jefferson Barracks to have an independent autopsy performed.”

 The video of the report is available on the KMOV website.

Reporter Matt Sczesny spoke with LaVena’s father and examined documents and photos sent by Army investigators. So far from supporting the claim that LaVena died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the documents provided elements of another scenario altogether:


  • Indications of physical abuse that went unremarked by the autopsy
  • The absence of psychological indicators of suicidal thoughts; indeed, testimony that LaVena was happy and healthy prior to her death
  • Indications, via residue tests, that LaVena may not even have handled the weapon that killed her
  • A blood trail outside the tent where Lavena’s body was found
  • Indications that someone attenpted to set LaVena’s body on fire

The Army has resisted calls by Dr. Johnson and by KMOV to reopen its investigation.

There have been other military deaths that the Army has handled incompetently, most infamously that of Army Ranger and former professional football player Cpl. Pat Tillman, with the Army has engaging in an insulting game of deny, delay, dispute, when it comes to uncovering embarrassing facts that cost young soldiers their lives. Only when public and official attention is brought to bear on the matter – as happened, eventually and with great effort, with the case of Cpl. Tillman – do painful revelations come to light.

That it takes moral outrage, family vocalization, and community involvement to the government, to bring to bear upon the Army to find the truth, to tell the truth, to honor the men and women who put on the uniform to serve their country, says alot about the callousness of this country which saw fit to send these young women and men into a war with a country which has done no aggression against America. No huge outcry has yet come to bear in the case of LaVena. There are no loud chorus of voices demanding that the military be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof in the mishandling of this young woman’s case. Anyone, and everyone, can and should, speak for her.  It may seem that the comparision between the cases of LaVena Johnson and Pat Tillman may seem unrelated, but both cases are the same. In both cases, the death of a young soldier in a dangerous place, in an unjustly declared rogue war,  was not explained to the families they left behind, the families that gave them up to go halfway around the world to fight a war for oil, to put their lives on the line for those of us here in America. The Army should not be so cold and heartless in how it disregards its soldiers. It is not too much to ask that the Army take into consideration all evidence of this young woman’s death.  (The attempt to set her body on fire; the trail of blood found outside of her living area.) That her family has many unanswered questions surrounding her death, and the inept handling of Lavena’s case (judging by the evidence left at the scene of her death )by the military, speaks volumes to military injustice in how it treats, or rather, mistreats its soldiers.

Please do not let this young soldier’s death be in vain. She took it upon herself to serve her country, with honor. Let her be honored by not letting her story fall into silence.

1. Sign the online petition to the Armed Services Committees in Congress asking them to direct the Army to reinvestigate the death of LaVena Johnson.

2. Find your Senator or Representative on the Armed Services Committees list and contact them directly about LaVena. (Thanks to the blogsite, for his outstanding work to keep Lavena in the public’s mind.)

3. For background on Lavena Johnson, please view the KMOV-TV news report from 02.21.07.


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From a public access program from Atlanta, here is a gem of a video starring Alexyss Tylor’s talk, “If you want to earn your man, you have to learn your man.”

Heck, I learned some things I didn’t know:

Hitting the bottom?



And I want to know,  just what drives a woman to toys?

Plate full of shrimp at Long John’s Silver:  $2.99

Mouth full of sperm, rectum full of sperm:  Priceless

(Oh. That lady sitting next to Alexyss during the talk. That’s her mother!)


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