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SEPTEMBER 24, 2006

Tomorrow, almost a year to the day, is my 1ST Year Anniversary of my blogsite!

I cannot believe that I am still blogging at 12 months later, but, I am.

Before I go any further, I would like to thank the following commentors for their support, both on my blog, and off:

Rachel of Rachels Tavern, Stephanie of Stephanie’s Journal, Yolanda of The Primary Contradiction, ABW of The Angry Black Woman, Sylvia of The Anti-Essentialist, Aulelia of Charcoal Ink, Black Womb, Queer Thinker, The Blog and the Bullet (for all those wonderful shoutouts for my essays), and the many, many other bloggers who have given me support on their blogs, and the commentors who have taken the time to stop by.  Thanks so much to you all. My apologies if I left anyone out.

I originally started my blog to just list the historical accomplishments of black women, information that many people, non-black AND black did not know about black women.  But, as my blogging grew, I began to discuss the many issues that still affect black women:



-discrimination in the workplace

-fighting the many negative stereotypes that seek to undermine black women

But, when you really think about it, overall, black women are still seen in a very positive light, despite all the bad press, especially the hateful haranguers that black women face from the likes of those haters of the world who envy black women, no matter what race they may come in. Black women are still seen as strivers, achievers, education-oriented, hard-working, talented, upwardly-mobile, desirable, loving, warm, responsible, family-oriented nurturers.

Despite all that we have endured in America, we still keep on keeping on.

When I started my blog a year ago, I expected to just give mini-history lessons, maybe once a day, or even once a week. But, as I began to see that there were events happening that affected black women in the 21ST Century, I realized that giving history lessons would not be enough. I realized that whatever impacted black women’s lives in both a negative or positive way, needed to be addressed as well.

One must never forget their history, that is true. But, one must also acknowledge how the present day shapes and molds their future outlook on life.

My original blog was on Blogger:

 My original post, the  very first essay I wrote, was in honor and praising of black women of America. Here is an excerpt:

 Sunday, September 24, 2006

 Reinventing Themselves   

“. . .she had nothing to fall back on; not maleness; not whiteness, not ladyhood, not anything.  And out of the profound desolation of her reality she may well have invented herself.”

Toni Morrison

Black women in America are among its most unique citizens. They have survived the horrors and degradations of slavery, the failure of Reconstruction and the dehumanization of Jim Crow/segregation. But through all that they have survived, black women are still waging their war to live in this world and as the only group of women who have had a tremendous impact upon race, and sex, in America, they all have voices that should , and must be heard.

So beautiful to the eyes of W.E.B. Dubois was black women’s survival of the ravages of slavery, and of the white society all around them that sought to tear black women apart, that he said in his marvel of the black women of his time:

“I most sincerely doubt if any other race of women could have brought its fineness up through so devilish a fire.”

Yes, black women are the phoenixs who time and time again, rise and triumph over the most greatest of odds. Reinventing themselves. Creating so much out of so many travails.

Black women have made tremendous impacts on America, both in the past, and in the present.
And black women are still making their voices be heard. They have shown America that what does not destroy us, most certainly will make us stronger. Therefore, I sing in praise of black women.”

As the months went by, I wrote of the good and the bad, the proud and the profane that has been the history and impact that black women have had on America. I eventually went to, and the rest as they say, is history.

I look forward to another year of blogging, and I hope that this first year of blogging has made a difference in the lives of black women. I hope that something I have written has made a postive impact on the life of at least one black girl, of at least one black woman.

Yes. Black women. Beautiful. Resilient. Indominatable.

And as a last note, I will return to the words of W.E.B. Dubois. No more beautiful words have ever been spoken of black women then…and now:

“I have always felt like bowing myself in all abasement, searching to bring some tribute to these long-suffering. . ., these burdened sisters of mine. . .I have known the women of many lands and nations,—I have known and seen and lived beside them, but none have I known more sweetly feminine, more unswervingly loyal, more desparately earnest, and more instinctively pure in body and in soul than the daughters of my black mothers.

“This, then,–a little thing—to their memory and inspiration.”

This, then, I also say to the many black women and girls in America who continue to press on and who continue to be the best there is bar none.  You are unique. Believe that. Live it. Be it.

For beautiful, also, are the souls of my black sisters.

 Cake with rose.jpg


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I found out on Wednesday this update on the young black West Virginia woman who was kidnapped, brutally raped, and tortured.

Read the story here:


 As if she has not suffered enough.

At the time I read the news article, all I could think of was:  “When will it ever end? When will this sexualized gendered racist hatred of black women end?” The thing is, I knew that I could answer that question unequivocally:

“When black women are wiped off the face of the earth by all those who seek the destruction of black women. That is when this madness against black women will end.”

I held off putting my post up on what she has recently gone through (I was going to post on it anyway, just needed to catch my breath from the verbal and physical assaults black women and girls are reeling from that is normal in America for us), but, a commentor (Krl) on my blog left a comment concerning what the police and the news media (which I read about in the article) are doing to this young woman who just barely came back home into the safe and loving arms of her mother, to only be hit with this public pilloring. I decided to right away go ahead and post on what this young lady is being put through. It saddens and hurts me that this young woman is given no humane consideration for what she just went through, and survived. It does not surprise me, the cold and callous behaviour of the police in their mad rush to arrest her for the charges she is accused of.

What the hell, she’s just another black woman?

Who cares about her feelings?

Who cares about the physical and psychological trauma she has just recently come through?

Only a week ago she was stabbed, raped repeatedly by two males, had hot water poured on her, racial obscenities screamed at her, kept in a tool shed at night, and forced to eat dog and rat feces.

Forced to drink from a toilet, lick the toes, lick the vagina and lick the feces-covered anus of one of the female attackers.

And now this.

As if the police could not have given her a chance to regain her human diginity after the horrific depravities she recently suffered. As if the police could not give her a month to at least begin to try and recuperate from the vicious abominations done to her body and mind. As if the police could not have held off running at full speed ahead to her home to arrest her; as if the police could not allow her to turn herself in on her own recognizance concerning these charges.

She hasn’t had a chance to get up, before she is now being beaten back down.

The assault goes on.

The beat down goes on.

The use of black women as the perpetual Everlast bag, goes on.

UPDATED LINKS  [9/23/2007]:

(Clarification:  The young lady was arraigned in court for the worthless check charges and was released on an $8,000.oo bond, the day she appeared in court, per the news article.)



Here are links courtesy of Rachel’s Tavern that the young lady was held for a month instead of the stated one week, by these humans who tortured, raped, stabbed, beat, and planned on killing her:

The following is the police transcript of the young lady describing her torturous ordeal at the hands of her would-be murderers.

WARNING: Contains harsh language and graphic descriptions of inhumane mistreatment of this innocent young woman:


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That these women who sought to harm no one, but, instead, were vilified and castigated because of their attacker’s hatred, while he still walks free, and they languish in prison, is unconscionable.  Deemed a so-called “hate crime” against this straight male, every possible racist, anti-woman, anti-LGBT and anti-youth tactic was hurled against these women by the state of New York, and that they lived in a working-class black-majority city of Newark, N.J., and their gender expressions and body structures, was dehumanized, and demonized, in the eyes of the public, and ultimately, the jury that decided against them, is concrete proof that LGBT people have rights that no heterosexual is bound to respect.

On August 18, 2006, seven young black American lesbians traveled to the West Village, New York, from their homes in Newark for a regular night out. When walking down the street, a male bystander assaulted them with sexist and homophobic comments. The women tried to defend themselves, and a fight broke out. Thus began the women’s nightmare for almost a year. Three of the women accepted plea offers. On June 14th, 2007 Venice Brown (19), Terrain Dandridge (20), Patreese Johnson (20), and Renata Hill (24) received sentences ranging from 3 ½ to 11 years in prison.

On June 14, 2007, four black lesbian women out for a night on the town with their three friends, to enjoy the sights and fun of the city, were  attacked, and for defending themselves, were sentenced to cruel and unfathomable prison terms for the audacity of defending themselves against attack from a heterosexual male who sought to degrade and destroy them for daring to live in this world that seeks to marginalize and annihilate those who do not fit the heterosexist paradigm of denying themselves agency, autonomy and self-actualization.

Four women who were minding their own business while just simply being themselves—four women who have a right to live in this world with the right to move about freely in this society that supposedly states they all had the right to live without fear of harm, the right to enjoy their freedom to safely be what they are, instead of what some hateful, racist, sexist, misogynistic human felt he had the right to do, when these four women were attacked and defended themselves.

The insult that they were indicted, convicted and imprisoned for defending themselves against a human being who attacked them out of homophobic harrassment, is one of the most egregious and damnable miscarriages of justice ever.

Injustice. To be honest. Injustice in that the attacking male comes off as the hurt and damaged victim, when it was he who started the attack.

Read the story here:

That these women could not go to this area of town as if they had no right to be there (per the district attorney who prosecuted their case) reeks of society’s desire to segregate and suffocate these women for what they are. Lesbians.


The organization, FIERCE!,  ( ) is fighting a campaign to free these women who have been unjustly imprisoned for having the temerity to be themselves in a lesbian, homosexual-hating society.

Please do not forget the Newark Women.

Contact FIERCE! to lend your help for these unjustly accused women in their fight for justice.

Give them your solidarity, your support, and let them know that they are not forgotten. Let them know that respect and dignity are the rights of all people:  black, white, male, female, heterosexual—and lesbian and homosexual.

Yours always in the struggle.



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Isaiah Thomas. Don Imus. Snoopy Dog. Nelly Tip Drill. Russell Simmons. George Wallace. Cole Blease. Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman. Strom Thurmond. Orval Faubus. Eugene “Bull” Connor. Eddie Murphy. Martin Lawrence.

These are just a few of the names of “men” who have shown their hatred of black women and girls.  Since the history of race-based slavery, segregation and the reality of media and popular culture that devalues black women and girls, black women have fought a long hard battle to be given the same rights to womanhood as women of other races.

But, how can black women ever obtain respect, love, and adoration if there are people who look like “men”, walk upright like “men” but in reality are not men, so-called “men” who go out of their way to tear down and destroy black women, physically, verbally and with slanderous, libelous lies?

Gangsta rap lyrics and videos that would make a pornographer blush.

Literature that marginalizes and renders black women invisible.

Bitch, whore, slut, skank, skeezer, cunt, wench, nigger bitch, ho’, chickenhead, hoodrat.

These are the hateful slurs that have been hurled into the faces of black women and girls by white men, men of other races, and black men.

Black women have suffered at the hands of men of many races ever since they were brought here against their will.

Free black women during the early years of slavery-indentured servitude in the 17TH Century had their able-bodied labor taxed by the white-run colonial patriarchy. Talk about the so-called “black tax”; black women were the first victims of this term. (1)

Before race-based slavery came into full force, the child of a woman took the race of the father. After race-based American slavery was legalized in 1641 in Massachusetts, white men enacted the law specifying that the child inherited the status of its mother and therefore its legal and racial status was to follow the race of the MOTHER, rather than the race of the father, reversing English common law. Ergo, if a child was born of a free white woman, that child was henceforth and forever free.(1)

Not so the children of a black enslaved woman. Any child who came from her womb was doomed to live her or his life as a slave. It did not matter who the father was:  black male slave, free black man, Indian, poor white man, rich white man. By white men decreeing that children from an enslaved black mother were to be slaves was to destine the offspring of all men with a black woman to be slaves until they died.  Virginia later passed the same law in 1662. All other states in America passed this law as well.  (1)

“Good Wives, Nasty Wenches, and Anxious Patriarchs:  Gender, Race, and Power in Colonial Virginia”, by Kathleen M. Brown, (Chappel Hill, N.C., 1996), 107–109, 112-113.

During the height of slavery, black women were raped with impunity by any and every man on the slave plantation:  the slave master, his sons, his friends, his neighbors, the white overseer, the black overseer—any man. Because a black enslaved woman could not have redress against rapists, nothing she said or did could prevent her honor and chastity from being destroyed by all men in the community, both on the plantation and off.

During segregation, black women faced more of the same evils of sexualized gendered racism from both white men and black men. White men were not the only men who raped black women. Black women suffered from sexual abuse and degradation from the black men of their communites, even when these same black women had to go out and work menial wage jobs to keep the black family out of starvation because the white man refused gainful employment to the black man. Black women had to go into the houses of white men as domestics to work for $2-3 a day and face rape and sexual humiliation to help bring home money. All the while black women were suffering at the hands of white men, they were also suffering from sexual degradations at the hands of black men:  rape, sodomy, incest, beatings, murders.

Because of over 450+ years of racist and sexist hatred by white men against black women, many black men, such as Isaiah Thomas, have internalized racist, sexist hatred against black women.

“If it’s good enough for Massa, then it’s good enough for me.”

“If Massa does it, then that must make it right.”

Does not matter all the many black women who have put their lives on the line for black men during slavery, during Reconstruction, during segregation. Does not matter that black women risked their lives to save black men from the lynch rope and the burning stake. Does not matter the many black women who stood with black men in the battle to desegregate the armed forces, to work the grassroots level and all the way up into the upper echelons of the Civil Rights Movement to benefit both black women and black men.

Does not matter all that black women have suffered and endured to help black men find their rightful place in this world.

Does not matter that so many black women have stood back, and took so less, so little, for so many years, so that the black man could get on his feet and stand among men.

Does not matter.

All that matters in the eyes of some black men, those like Isaiah Thomas, is that they are more than willing to beat down, spit on, shit on, and curse to their faces women who have put their lives on the line for a race of men who were told time and time again they were not men. Men whom black women refused to give up on. Men who black women refused to throw the towel in on. Men whom black women refused to write off as if they were so much trash to be thrown aside. Men whom black women have taken a bullet for, both figuratively, and literally.

And all that black women have done, for what?

For what?

To be treated as less than a human by the likes of Isaiah Thomas just so he can curry favor with white-run America? Here is what he stated on the usage of the word “bitch” when used by a white man as opposed to when a black man uses it:

Knicks Exec Explains Use of Vulgar Term

By PAT MILTON, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – To New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas, hearing a white man refer to a black woman using a certain vulgar term would be “highly offensive.”

But he said he wouldn’t be so offended if he heard a black man use the same term to refer to a black woman.

“I do make a distinction,” Thomas said in a videotaped deposition played for a jury Monday in his sexual harassment trial.

A former female team executive, Anucha Browne Sanders, is seeking $10 million in damages on her claim that she was fired because she accused Thomas of harassment. She has said that Thomas repeatedly called her by the word, “bitch,” which the Knicks coach was addressing in the videotaped deposition.

He denied calling Browne Sanders vulgar names.

“I never cursed at Miss Sanders,” a mild-mannered Thomas said in the tape, which was projected on a big screen in a packed federal courtroom in the second week of the widely publicized trial.

“Now have I ever used curse words around her, yes, but at her? No,” Thomas said in response to questions posed by attorneys.

(Read the rest of the article here: )

He states that he has never called the woman suing him the word bitch, but, why should he expect anyone to believe him when he stated that a black man calling a black woman a bitch is not “highly offensive”, but, when a white man says it, it is offensive?

When a white man says it, it’s scream all the way to high heaven wrong, but, when a black man says it, it’s sorta, kinda alright?

When a white man says it, it’s “Let’s tear him to pieces for degrading our women!” But, when a black man says it, it’s  “That’s okay, they’re just black bitches, who cares about them?” “What the hell, let’s call black women bitches before the eyes of the world. All the world knows that many of us black men do not give a damn about black women. All the world sees how hatefully we mistreat our black women and girls. All the world sees how there are so many black men who are destroying so many black women and girls in the black community.

“All the world says, publically (but, mostly) privately:

“Look at how those black men hate on and beat down the women of their race. Why do they seek to destroy a race of women who have had their backs since the beginning of race-based slavery in America? Who else will have those black men’s backs if not black women? Who else will stand by the black man with the type of loyalty that black women have? Loyalty that is the envy of the world?”

 It has been a hell of a history for black women in America when white men would rape and then lynch a black woman, all the while screaming the words “nigger bitch” in her face. It has been a hell of a history for black women when white men would torture and burn black women all the while calling them “nigger wench”, “black bitch”. It has been a hell of a history that black women have suffered from mass rapes and legally sanctioned gang rapes to come to this?

Vicious hatred from black men like Thomas?

What was the use of all those centuries, decades and generations for that black women put their lives on the line just so that so-called “men” such as Thomas could insult and defile them just because they are men and not women?

Just because they are not BLACK WOMEN?

 But, I err in calling people like Isaiah Thomas a “man”.

A real man would not call the women of his race bitches or any vile derogatory epithet.

A real man would not viciously tear down the women of his race hoping to curry favor with the dominant in power race.

A real man would not be so dead inside as to consider the women of his race as less than a female dog.

That is what a weak, spineless, gutless wonder does.

Not a real man.

Black “men” like Isaiah Thomas do not have the balls to call women of other races, bitches, ho’s and sluts.  Black men like Thomas do not have the balls to verbally attack and maliciously malign women of other races. Black men like Thomas know better than to attack the women of other races because they know that women of other races are PROTECTED in this society whereas black women have NEVER been protected in this society from the rapes and degradation against black women that started in slavery.

Black men like Thomas know that if they were to call a white woman, an Asian woman, an Arab woman, etc., a bitch, ho’ or slut, they would be torn to pieces for debasing those women of other races. But, it’s all okay to insult and shit on black women.

And why?

Because white men have been doing this cruelty for over 450+ years that is supposed to make it acceptable? Because white men have shit on black women that makes it right for black men to ape the worst kind of mistreatment that any race of men have ever done to a race of women in this country?

Black women have stood against much horror from the white race that has sought to annihilate black men, and even when black men were tearing us down and defiling our image in rap videos and hateful misogynistic lyrics and hateful Sapphire images in movies, we still stood in their corner, against the world.

When black men are under siege from race hatred, black women are the first ones in the trenches to fight the battles against race hatred that seek to destroy the black man. When black men are demonized as savage monsters, black women are the first to stand up against the assaults against black men’s honor and integrity. When black men are depicted as stereotypical criminals in movies and television, black women write letter campaigns to the media to cease and desist their negative portrayals of black men.

But, when black women are under attack, from black men, where are the black men to speak up for us?

When black women are raped and terrorized like the mother of Dunbar Village, like the young black West Virginia woman, and the young women of Newark, where are the black men who take to the streets championing their cause? Why is it that black men only scream and howl when a white man harms a black woman, but, say next to nothing when the perpetrator of crime against a black woman is a black man, whether that crime is by his hands or his mouth?

Black women are sick to death of the drive-by-verbal-assaults that we have suffered by the mistreatment of black men like Thomas.

When people of other races see how black men rip to pieces, insult, curse, and destroy the women of their race, what in the world makes those same black men think that men of other races will let a black man even near their women?

When some black men do not even give a damn about the women of their own race, when black men do not even respect the women of their own race, how do black men like Isaiah Thomas expect respect when they so hatefully will not give it to the women of their own race?

So-called “men” like Thomas have internalized racist sexist hatred of black women. So-called black men like Thomas feel that if they tear black women to pieces in the eyes of white-run America, that this will build them up in the eyes of non-blacks.

It does not.

This sick sadistic, pychotic hatred only shows the world how much black men like Thomas suffer from the worst kind of self-hatred known to man and woman.

Black men like Thomas show to the world that their self-hatred is vile and sickening and festers like a disease, a disease that ensnares and soul murders everyone in its midst. No sane man of another race would want men like Thomas near their female relatives.

No SANE man.

For if you cannot treat the women of your own race as human beings—as WOMEN—how in God’s name can the world expect you to treat women of other races as human beings, as women?

How can you expect the rest of the world to treat the women of your own race when you so willfully destroy them before the eyes of the rest of the world?

A well-known black man said these words in 1964 about the black man’s taking the black woman for granted. About the black men (those who know who they are), continually crying for respect from everyone around them, but, on the other hand, showing the least amount of respect for those who have had his back for centuries, for generations.

And that person who has had his back in many ways than he can remember, is the black woman.

The black men (those who mistreat and disrespect the black woman), need to heed and live by this great man’s words, words said to the abusive black women-hating, sellout Isaiah Thomas’s of his day, and his words still hold true:

“The black man is going around saying he wants respect; well, the black man will never get anybody’s respect until he first learns to respect his own women! The black man needs to start today to shelter and protect and respect his black women!”

Malcolm X, from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, as told to Alex Haley, Ballantine Books, New York, 1965, pg. 241.

Black women do not need to fear the white man calling them bitches and hos. What black woman has to dread hearing those words when there are men like Thomas who can say those words for the white man?

The white man does not have to disparage, slander or libel the character and integrity of black women, publically.

He has so-called “men” like Thomas to do that for him.


It does not take a genius to see who the bitch is.

If Isaiah Thomas is not sure of what a real bitch looks like, he can go and look into a mirror.

That is what a bitch looks like.


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Robert Gould Shaw Memorial.jpg

Memorial to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the 54TH Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment by the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens


“One Gallant Rush: Robert Gould Shaw and His Brave Black Regiment”, by Peter Burchard, St. Martins Press, Movie Tie-in Edition, 1990.

“Lay This Laurel”, by Lincoln Kirstein and Richard Benson, Eakins Press Foundation, 2001.

“Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune: The Civil War Letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw”, University of Georgia Press, 1999.

“A Voice of  Thunder: A Black Soldier’s Civil War (Blacks in the New World)”, by Sgt. George E. Stephens, University of Illinois Press, 1998.

“A Grand Army of Black Men: Letters From African-American Soldiers in the Union Army 1861-1865 (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture)”, by Edwin S. Redkey, Cambridge University Press, 1992.

“On the Altar of Freedom”, by Cpl. James Henry Gooding.

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1.  U. S. pastors deal with fearful immigrants after tribal raid.

Even though this story addresses immigrants who sought sanctuary in a nonrecognized American Indian tribe, I could not help but think of the Cherokee Freedmen/women who were kicked out of the Cherokee nation early this year in March, 2007. That these immigrants would buy their way into an Indian tribe to obtain U.S. citizenship, when the Freedmen/women have worked all their lives as citizens of the Cherokee nation, only to be disenfranchised of their rightful citizenship, galls me to no end.


2.  Study:  Race matters in nursing home care

This article covers a study that speaks of the disparity of care that is received by black and white residents in some nursing homes in America. The article discusses the poor care that black Medicare patients receive in these homes, and analyzed the quality and racial makeup of nursing homes. The differences between quality of nursing home care that blacks received as opposed to whites, was related largely to where they received their care. And the surprise to many people is that the South fared better in this study.


3. No girls, please, we’re Indian

Indian-American groups condemn fertility clinics ads which promote favored sex-selection in Indian media, claiming it causes sex-selection of boys over girls.


 4.  Racial disparities in home mortgage lending

  Black and Latino home buyers are targeted more than whites by predatory lenders, according to the ACORN study, revealing racial and income disparities in mortgage lending.


5.  Black studies as an AP program

  Should Advance Placement programs in public schools offer black American history as an elective just as those schools offer Latin, Chinese language, calculus and European history?

6.   Congress holds hearing on hip-hop

So, supposedly, sometime around September 25, 2007, “reason” and “sanity” are going to finally surface against the hated lies, myths and stereotypical degradation that black women have faced in this country? Supposedly, the media, the music industry, and this country, that disparages, denigrates, defiles, debases, and degrades black women is going to straighten up and fly right? Supposedly, black women are finally going to get respect, consideration, adoration, and admiration as human beings and as WOMEN?

Yeah, right.

I’ll believe all of the above when Hell freezes over, and pigs learn to fly.

(But, anyway, I went ahead and mailed my letter, emailed and faxed my questions to both my senators and my state representatives on what they will do to show respect towards me as one of their constituents concerning vicious racist, sexist vitriol against me and all black women. I do believe that as public servants they are to look out for my safety and well-being. And I am holding them to that.)

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I like flying, flying kites.
Flying kites, flying kites.
Kites are fun.
See my kite it’s fun,
See my kite, it’s green and white
Laughing in its distant flight
All that’s between us is a little yellow string,
But we like each other more than anything
And we run along together  through the field behind my house
And the little drops of rain caress her face and wash my blouse
And we’d like to be a zillion miles away from everyone
‘Cause Mom and Dad and Uncle Bill don’t realize:
Kites are fun.


See my kite, it’s green and white
Laughing in its distant flight
All that’s between us is a little yellow string,
But we like each other more than anything
And we run along together  through the field behind my house
And the little drops of rain caress her face and wash my blouse
And we’d like to be a zillion miles away from everyone
‘Cause Mom and Dad and Uncle Bill don’t realize:

I like flying, flying kites.
Flying kites, flying kites.
Kites are fun.


From the album, “Kites Are Fun”, by The Free Design, 1967.

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